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Many people have been important in the SPM Lab. First by helping to set it up and then by becoming involved in research. Nearly all the students started by doing their Capstone Project with me in their final year as undergraduates at OU. When that is the case, I list the year of their Capstone. The first group of people are still involved with the SPM Lab, while the second have graduated to different positions as listed.
Joel Keay Post-Doc Ph.D. Ohio U. '96, P.D. Vanderbilt
Preston LarsonPh.D. StudentCapstone '97
Shane LindstromM.S. StudentCapstone '96Boeing
Charles KelleyTechnicianCapstone '99
Mike BallEng. Phys.Capstone '99
Eric WolfPhysicsCapstone '00

Dan PetersenPhysicsCapstone '98
Max KnowltonEng. Phys.Capstone '98WorldCom/MCI
Jason HeimsEng, Phys.Capstone '98NASA
Sarah LemmingEng. Phys.Capstone '98OU Grad. Student
Rob CoffieEng. Phys.Capstone '97TriQuint/ now at UCSB
John RemingtonEng. Phys.Capstone '97

Cross-section of 1mm wide by 120mm deep Trench
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