Fabrication Techniques

Many different fabrication techniques have been developed in the Thin Film Lab to aid with the fabrication of devices for researchers within the Solid-State Physics group, and the Laboratory for Electronic Properties of Materials LEPM). Currently in the Thin Film Lab we have the folloewing techniques available.
  • Multi-Source Thermal Evaporator: Mainly used for metal Ohmic and Schottky contacts including Cr/Au or Al/Au.
  • Magnetron-Sputter Deposition System for Deposition of Refractory materials, Oxides: Used for deposition of Indium-Tin Oxide (ITO) a conductive oxide, and SiO2 for gating InSb devices.
  • Annealing Station: Simple strip heater in reducing gas system with auxillary flashlamp. Used annealing contacts and not so rapid Rapid Thermal Annealling RTA.
  • Ellipsometer: For measuring thicknesses and quality of optically transparent layers.
  • Tube Furnace: For oxide growth and hight-temperature annealing to drive in spun-on or solid-vapor transported dopants.
  • Student STM: For simple investigations of surface morphology.
  • Student Photo-Lithography system: Good for large area lithography (linewidths down to 20 microns). Soon to be replaced by a Karl Suss MJB-3 system.

  • Publications

    Please (Click) on paper to get PDF version.
    1. "Visible Electoluminescence from Eu:CaF2 Layers grown by MBE on p-Si(100)," T. Chatterjee, P.J. McCann, X.M. Fang, J. Remmington, M.B. Johnson and C. Michellon, Appl. Phys. Lett 71, 3610 (1997)
    2. "Observation of excitonic transitions in InSb quantum wells," N.Dai, F. Brown, P. Basic, G.A. Khodaparast, R.E. Doezema, M.B. Johnson, S.J. Chung, K.J. Goldammer, and M.B. Santos, Appl. Phys. Lett. 73, 1101, (1998).
    3. "Characterization of electron beam induces modification of thermally grown SiO2," J.R. Barnes, A.C.F. Hoole, M.P. Murrell, M.E. Welland, A.N. Broers, J.P. Bourgoin, H. Biebuyck, M.B. Johnson, and B. Michel, Appl. Phys. Lett. 67, 1538, (1995).

    Visible Electoluminescence from Eu:CaF2 Layers on Si
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