SPM Lab Collaborations

The SPM Lab has been fortunate to be involved with a wide variety of collaborations with in groups at OU and external to OU. Below is a list of collaborations past and present.
Prof. M. Keil with Kyle Copeland. Physics and Astronomy OU Atomic fluorine beam etching.
Prof. M.B. Santos with Drs. S-J Chung and W.K. Liu.Physics and AstronomyOUSPM of MBE of III-Vs.
Prof. P.J. McCann with Dr. X.M. Fung, Dr. Wu, T. Chatterjee, and Brian Strecker.Electrical EngineeringOUSPM of IV-VIs and Fluorides on Silicon.
Prof. R.E. Doezema and Dr. N. Dai.Physics and Astronomy OUIII-Vs Materials.
Prof. R.T. CollinsPhysicsColorado School of Mines Scanning Probe Lithography.
Dr. J.-P. BourgoinMolecular ChemistryCEA, FranceElectron Beam Lithography.
Prof. R.J. HauensteinPhysicsOklahoma State UniversitySPM of MBE-grown Nitrides.
Prof. J.J. SongPhysicsOklahoma State UniversitySPM of MBE-grown Nitrides.
Dr. H.M.W. SaleminkResearch Staff MemberIBM Research, ZurichXSTM of III-V Heterostructures.
D. BrehmCrystal EngineerICM (Int. Crystal Manufacturing), OK.Surface Roughness of Quartz Oscillator Crystals.
Dr. D. F. Register Senior Research AssociatePhillips Petroleum, Bartlesville, OK. Studies of Surface Roughness of Polymer Films.

AFM images of NSOM generated patterns
Top down SEM view of fluorine etched trenches in PMGI on Si
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