Omicron Scanning Probe Microscope

An Omicron Multiprobe S system consisting of a Mu-metal analysis chamber, an isolatable Scanned Probe chamber and a fast entry load/lock system was installed in February 1999. An upgrade is currently in progress to interconnect the SPM system with two existing Varian/Intervac MBE growth chambers and XPS/Auger analysis system. The upgraded system will allow the transfer, in UHV, of samples between the growth chambers and the SPM system for in situ analysis/modification of materials. The upgrade is expected to be completed in October of 1999.
Typical operating pressures are 2 x 10-10 Torr.

View of Omicron system facing south

Omicron South View

The Omicron SPM and analyis system are supported at three points by air legs (not visible). This enhances the vibration isolation provided by the standard Eddy Current Damping Stage supporting the SPM scanner. Platforms under the air legs further raise the center line height of the system to that of the MBE/Analysis units.

Our first STM image of Si(111) 7x7 - note the step edge.
Our next STM image of Si(111) 7x7
Non-Contact AFM image of Au on Silicon
Contact AFM image of Au on Silicon
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