The Shafer-Ray Atomic and Molecular Physics Laboratory

The University of Oklahoma






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Neil Shafer-Ray


BA 1986 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PhD 1990 Columbia University


Associate Professor of Physics

The University of Oklahoma

440 West Brooks Street

Norman, OK 73072

Tel  405-325-2890 x36123 please note my extension has changed recently !

Fax 405-325-7557


VISITOR: DMITRY BUDKER, U Cal Berkeley, March 30-31 2006


Research Interests


My current research interests cover four distinct areas of Atomic and Molecular Physics.  One area of research is Chemical Reaction Dynamics.  Here I study chemical reactivity as a scattering problem, investigating the exact manner reactants collide to form new chemical species.  A second area of interest is Spectroscopic Field Measurements.  Here I use molecules and highly excited atoms to probe electric and magnetic fields.  The techniques I develop are designed to meet a growing need for field control in both the electronics industry and modern physics experiments.  A third area is in the emerging field of Ultracold Molecular Physics. Here I seek to produce and trap molecules at temperatures well below 1 K.  Ultracold molecules may be used for precise spectroscopy, quantum computing, and navigational systems.  My fourth area of interest is Spectroscopy Beyond the Standard Model.  Here features in the precise quantum-beat spectroscopy of ultracold diatomic molecules are probed for effects that cannot be explained by the most widely accepted theory of particle interactions, i.e. the Standard Model.  Each of these areas are discussed on my  Research Description page.


My group is highly collaborative. Many of the projects discussed here are done in collaboration with Professors Kim Milton, Eric Abraham, George Kalbfleisch of OU, Victor Ezhov and Mikhail Kozlov of the St. Petersburg Institute for Nuclear Physics, and Marcis Auzinsch of the University of Latvia.


Research Description  of the Shafer-Ray Laboratory

    Chemical Reaction Dynamics

    Spectroscopic Field Measurements

    Ultracold Molecules

    Spectroscopy Beyond the Standard Model


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Papers / proposals in Progress

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