Group Photo Archive

We have a collection of our departmental group photos here. Note that we only have those that have been provided to us, so there are many gaps before 1997 here. If you have a photo from any of our missing years, please send it to us! Those marked as such were scanned and sent to us by Tom Miller from Richard Fowler's book on the history of the department ("Late Start, Fast Finish", Hooper Printing Co., 1991). These may look better if you click on them or save them to a file and view them separately.

Following the sample below are controls to choose other photos.

J.R. Nielsen - 1957-1958?

When you choose a year below, the image is created so that placing the mouse cursor over a face (or tapping on a face for mouseless devices) will show the person's name (when known - please help us by identifying pictures marked with a question mark!). Also, those from 2003 and later have a higher resolution image available by clicking on the image somewhere not near a face.

On the other hand, if you search for a name, you will be presented with a list of matches which link to a photo with that person's image circled (like the image above).

We have two photos, one from the early 1960's and one from the 1950's for which the year is not known. If you know the year for either of these (as well as the names of any of the faces with question marks), please let us know!

Choose a year from the pages below to view that year, or search for a last name to view an image like the one above:

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