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More Selected Reprints

Non-adiabaticity and other aspects of polarization in positron-molecule scattering
Brian K. Elza, Thomas L. Gibson, Michael A. Morrison, and Bidhan C. Saha
Journal of Physics B, 22,113 (1989). PDF

Calculating vibrational-excitation cross sections off the energy shell: A first-order adiabatic theory
Mehran Abdolsalami and Michael A. Morrison,
Physical Review A, 36,  5474 (1987). PDF

Electron-N2 scattering calculations with a parameter-free model polarization potential
Michael A. Morrison, Bidhan C. Saha, and Thomas L. Gibson,
Physical Review A, 36, 3682  (1987). PDF

A first-order non-degenerate adiabatic theory for calculating near-threshold cross sections for rovibrational excitation of molecules by electron impact
Michael A. Morrison,
Journal of Physics B, 19, L707  (1986). PDF

Investigation of parameter-free model polarization potentials for electron-molecule scattering calculations including the nuclear motion,
Michael A. Morrison and B. C. Saha,
Physical Review A, 34, 2786 (1986).  PDF

Validity of the adiabatic nuclei approximation for vibration: e-H2 collisions
Michael A. Morrison, B. C. Saha, and A. N. Feldt,
Physical Review A 30, 2811 (1984).  PDF

Polarization potentials for positron-molecule collisions: Positron-H2 scattering,
Michael A. Morrison, T. L. Gibson, and D. M. Austin,
Journal of Physics B 17, 2725 (1984).  PDF

Adiabatic approximation for nuclear excitation of molecules by low-energy electron impact: Rotational excitation of H2,
Michael A. Morrison, A. N. Feldt, and D. Austin
Physical Review A , 29, 2518, (1984). PDF

Ab-initio non-adiabatic polarization potentials for electron-molecule scattering: the e-H2 system,
T. L. Gibson and Michael A. Morrison
Physical Review A, 29, 2497, (1984). PDF

A scaled-adiabatic-nuclear-rotation (SANR) theory for near-threshold rotational-excitation in electron-molecule scattering,
A. N. Feldt and Michael A. Morrison,
Physical Review A, 29, 401, (1984).  PDF

Interpretation of the near-threshold behavior of cross sections for e-CO2 scattering,
Michael A. Morrison,
Physical Review A, 25, 1334, (1982). PDF

For a complete list of papers etc., please see my Vita.

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