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More Selected Reprints

Near-Threshold Electron-Molecule Scattering,
Michael A. Morrison,
Advances in Atomic and Molecular Physics 24, 51 (1988).

Rotational and vibrational excitation of nitrogen by electron impact.
A. G. Robertson, M. T. Elford, R. W. Crompton, Michael A. Morrison, W. Sun and W. K. Trail,
Australian Journal of Physics, 50,  441-72 (1997).

`The separable representation of exchange in electron-molecule scattering I: Elastic scattering and rotational excitation,
Grahame Danby, Brian K. Elza, Michael A. Morrison and W.~K.~Trail,
Journal of Physics B, 29, 2665  (1996). PDF

Analytic Born completion in the calculation of electron-molecule differential cross sections,
William A. Isaacs and Michael A. Morrison,
Physical Review A, 53, 4215  (1996). PDF
Erratum: Physical Review A, 54, 3697  (1996). PDF

A detailed theoretical and experimental analysis of low energy electron--N2 scattering,
Weiguo Sun, Michael A. Morrison, William A. Isaacs, Wayne K. Trail, Dean T. Alle, R. J. Gulley, Michael J. Brennan, and Stephen J. Buckman,
Physical Review A 52, 1229 (1995).  PDF

Low-energy electron collisions with sodium: Scattering of spin-polarized electrons,
Hsiao-Ling Zhou, Barbara L. Whitten, Wayne K. Trail, Michael A. Morrison, Keith B. MacAdam, Klaus Bartschat, and David W. Norcross,
Physical Review A 52, 1152 (1995).  PDF

Alignment in two-step pulsed laser excitation of Rydberg levels in light atoms,
Keith B. MacAdam and Michael. A. Morrison,
Physical Review A 48, 1345 (1993).  PDF

The importance of bound-free correlation effects for vibrational excitation of molecules by electron impact: A sensitivity analysis,
Michael A. Morrison and Wayne K. Trail,
Physical Review A , 48, 2874, (1993). PDF

Improved  accuracy in adiabatic cross sections for low-energy rotational and vibrational excitation of molecules by electron impact
Michael A. Morrison, Mehran Abdolsalami, and Brian K. Elza,
Physical Review A, 43, 3440, (1991). PDF

A simple procedure for including vibrational effects in the calculation of electron-molecule cross sections,
Wayne K. Trail, Michael A. Morrison, William A. Isaacs, and Bidhan C. Saha,
Physical Review A, 41, 4868, (1990).  PDF

Near-threshold vibrational excitation of H2 by electron impact:
resolution of discrepancies between experiment and theory,
Stephen J. Buckman, M. J. Brunger, D. S. Newman, G. Snitchler, S. Alston, D. W. Norcross, Michael A. Morrison, B. C. Saha, G. Danby, and W. K. Trail,
Physical Review Letters, 65, 3253, (1990). PDF

For a complete list of papers etc., please see my Vita.

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