NanoLab Schedule Spring 2007
Week Beginning Tuesday
lab period
Reading Assigment
#1 Tues #2 Thurs
16 Jan no class introduction Merkle & Whitesides articles
23 Jan
EL lamp technology overview
cleanroom training www based info on EL
30 Jan EL lamp photolithography activity EL lamp assembly activity  
05 Feb
Structure of Crystals and Crystal Surfaces
web based resources
12 Feb

  Nanoparticle Growth

Optics of Nanoparticles


20 Feb

Nanoparticle Optics Activities

  • Extinction Spectra
  • Light Scattering


27 Feb
SPM: STM and AFM & AFM Lithography
06 Mar
(Bumm@APS meeting)
SEM & TEM (Bumm@APS meeting)  
13 Mar
NanoLab Group Projects
20 Mar
Spring Break
27 Mar X-ray Diffraction: Nanostructured Materials (Bumm@ACS meeting)  
03 Apr



10 Apr      
17 Apr


24 Apr Carbon Nanotubes  
01 May Group project presentations NanoLab Wrap up  


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