Microscopy & Resolution (ppt)

SEM and TEM Schedule

Thursday 8 Mar and Tuesday 13 Mar ONLY

ABC 08 Mar Thur 15:30 08 Mar Thur 14:30
G 13 Mar Tue 14:30 13 Mar Tue 15:30
group 1 13 Mar Tue 16:30 13 Mar Tue 17:30
group 3 08 Mar Thur 14:30 08 Mar Thur 15:30
The Regulators 13 Mar Tue 15:30 13 Mar Tue 14:30

TEM & SEM Analysis Activity (revised!)

Electron Diffraction

Help for Histograms in Excel

example excel file with histogram

preparing samples for the TEM (ppt)

OU's Sam Roberts Noble Electron Microscopy Laboratory

How the Scanning Electron Microscope works (Museum of Science)

SEM (wikipedia)

Link to your SEM & TEM data!
NOTE: The original scans of the TEM films are in PICT format image files, which are 2+MB each. I have converted them to the smaller file size JPG images, which should be adequate for puposes of particle size histograms. Thus you do not need to download the PICT files unless you feel a need to do so. In a few cases QuickTime Picture Viewer could not export JPGs, so TIFFs were exported instead.

Image/J is an image processing program which may be useful to measure and manipulate you TEM/SEM images. It will run on Linux, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Windows, and the Sharp Zaurus PDA. (download Image/J here)

Molecular Expressions: Exploring the World of Optics and Microscopy
This is an excellent web resource. Particularly unique are the Interactive Java Tutorials on Microscopy.

See particluarly the Java tutorioals on :
Numerical Aperture Light Cones
Image Formation and Image Resolution
Airy Patterns and the Rayleigh Criterion

Zinc Oxide nanoparticles for sunscreen