Introduction to Nanoparticles and Issues Important to Nanoparticles (ppt)

Homework (assigned 13 Feb 2007, due 20 Feb 2007)

Zinc Oxide nanoparticles for sunscreen

X-Ray Diffraction (ppt)

X-ray Analysis Activity

link to x-ray data

X-Ray Basics (UCSB MRL)

Bragg's Law Applet (Konstantin Lukin, SUNY Stoneybrook)

examples of diffraction and reciprocal space (Th. Proffen and R.B. Neder)

X-Ray Generation (University of Kansas), also explains Seigbahn notation (K alpha 1, K alpha 2, K beta 1, etc.)

Titanium Dioxide, rutile and anatase crystals (Polymer Science Learning Center)

Optics of Nanoparticles html

Spectrophotometry html ppt

Homework: Due 20 Feb 2007: Practice with Photometric Quantities

Size Determination of Gold Nanoparticles using Mie Theory and Extinction Spectra

Nanoparticle Optics: Light Scattering Activity

Animation of Angular Scattering intensity of Water Drop as a Function of Changing Droplet Radius

Homework: Due TBA: Light Scattering Concepts

Optics of the Water Drop (Philip Laven)

A good article about exponential laws: Light attenuation and exponential laws, Ian Garbett, Plus Magazine, 2001.

Down Load MiePlot (This is a zip file that includes refractive index data for polystyrene.)

Gold and Silver Nanoparticles html ppt

Brownian Motion (html)

Applet showing particle motion and particle paths (Einsteins Brownian Motion from Fowler's Physics Applets)

Brown Motion Applet showing particle paths (N. Betancort )

Brownian Motors and Ratchets

Maxwells Demon & Perpetual Motion Machines (UC Irvine, Chemistry)

Molecular Motors (Ashish Modi and Anoop Mullur at

Na+-translocating F1F0 ATPase (Dimroth group, ETH)

F1-ATPase: A Rotary Motor Made of a Single Molecule (Kinosita Lab, Waseda University)

Carbon Nanotube motor (Zettl Group, Berkeley)