Astronomy Journal Club

Jan 28: Xinyu Dai

Overview of Swift BAT AGN Studies

X-ray properties of the Northern Galactic Cap AGNs in the 58-month Swift-BAT catalog, Vasudevan et al. 2012, arXiv:1212.2957

Feb 4: Sara Barber

Asteroid Belts in Debris Disk Twins: VEGA and FOMALHAUT, Kate et al. 2013, arXiv:1301.1331

Feb 11: Ferah Munshi

Star Formation in N-Body Galaxy Simulations

Reproducing the Stellar Mass/Halo Mass Relation in Simulated LCDM Galaxies: Theory vs Observational Estimates, Munshi et al. 2012, arXiv:1209.1389

Feb 18: Brian Fiesen

Spectropolarimetry of the Type Ia Supernova 2012fr, Maund et al. 2013, arXiv:1302.0166

Feb 25: Tim Miller, Adrian Lucy

Testing for Azimuthal Abundance Gradients in M101, Li et al. 2013, arXiv:1302.0094

Concurrent Supermassive Black Hole and Galaxy Growth: Linking Environment and Nuclear Activity in z = 2.23 Hα Emitter, Lehmer et al. 2013, arXiv:1301.3992

Mar 4: Erin Cooper

High-Resolution Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies, Farrah et al. 2007, ApJ, 667, 149

Mar 11: Malia Jenks

Supernova Type Ia progenitors from merging double white dwarfs. Using a new population synthesis model, Toonen et al. 2012, A&A, 546, 70

Mar 25: Jeff Andrews

Common Proper Motion Wide White Dwarf Binaries Selected From The Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Andrews et al. 2012, arXiv:1209.0175

Apr 1: Bin Chen

The actual Rees-Sciama effect from the local universe, Maturi et al. 2007, A&A, 476, 83

Large-scale Density Inhomogeneities in the Universe, Rees and Schiama 1968, Natur, 217, 511

Apr 8: Jeremy Lust

MARAC meeting report

Apr 15: Alex Gianninas

Characterizing the Cool KOIs. V. KOI-256: A Mutually Eclipsing Post-common Envelope Binary, Muirhead et al. 2013, ApJ, 767, 111

Apr 22: Shuang Wang

Supernova Constraints and Systematic Uncertainties from the First 3 Years of the Supernova Legacy Survey, Conley et al. 2011, ApJS, 192, 1

Apr 29: Rhiannon Griffin

Distant galaxy clusters in the XMM Large Scale Structure Survey, Willis et al. 2012, arXiv:1212.4185

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