Astronomy Journal Club

January 27: Bin Chen

"Discovery of Energy-dependent X-Ray Microlensing in Q2237+0305" Chen, B., Dai, X., et al. 2011, ApJ, 740, L34

"The Optical, Ultraviolet, and X-ray Structure of the Quasar HE 0435-1223" Blackburne, J., et al., 2011, arXiv:1112.0027

"A Large Chandra Monitoring Program of Gravitational Lenses In X-rays" Chen, B., Dai, X., et al. 2012, in preparation

February 3: Xinyu Dai

"The Dark Bursts population in a complete sample of bright Swift Long Gamma-Ray Bursts" Melandri, A., Sbarufatti, B., D'Avanzo, P., et al. 2011, arXiv:1112.4480

"The nature of ``dark'' gamma-ray bursts" Greiner, J., Kruhler, T., Klose, S., et al. 2011, A&A, 526, A30

February 10: Paul Canton

"Progenitors of type Ia supernovae: Binary stars with white dwarf companions" Parthasarathy, M., Branch, D., Jeffery, D. J., & Baron, E. 2007, New Astronomy, 51, 524

February 17: Albert Chuang

"A 2% Distance to z=0.35 by Reconstructing Baryon Acoustic Oscillations - I : Methods and Application to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey" Padmanabhan, Nikhil; Xu, Xiaoying; Eisenstein, Daniel J.; Scalzo, Richard; Cuesta, Antonio J.; Mehta, Kushal T.; Kazin, Eyal, arXiv:1202.0090

February 24: Sara Barber

"The Link Between Planetary Systems, Dusty White Dwarfs, and Metal Polluted White Dwarfs" J. Debes, K. Walsh, C. Stark, arXiv:1201.0756

March 2: Rhiannon Griffin

"EAZY: A Fast, Public Photometric Redshift Code" Brammer, Gabriel B.; van Dokkum, Pieter G.; Coppi, Paolo 2008, ApJ, 686, 1503

March 16: Leah Morabito

"The supermassive black hole in NGC4486a detected with SINFONI at the Very Large Telescope" Nowak, N.; Saglia, R. P.; Thomas, J.; Bender, R.; Pannella, M.; Gebhardt, K.; Davies, R. I. 2007, MNRAS, 379, 909

March 30: Brian Friesen

"On the Cellular Structure of Carbon Detonations" Timmes, F. X. et al. 2000, ApJ, 543, 938

April 6: Malia Jenks

"The most metal-poor damped Ly╬▒ systems: insights into chemical evolution in the very metal-poor regime" Cooke, Ryan; Pettini, Max; Steidel, Charles C.; Rudie, Gwen C.; Nissen, Poul E. 2011, MNRAS, 417, 1534

April 13: Jenna Nugent

"A Census of Baryons and Dark Matter in an Isolated, Milky Way Sized Elliptical Galaxy" Humphrey, Philip J.; Buote, David A.; Canizares, Claude R.; Fabian, Andrew C.; Miller, Jon M, 2011, ApJ, 729, 53

April 20: Karen Leighly

April 27: Aaron Morris

"Cosmological formation and chemical evolution of an elliptical galaxy" Colavitti, Pipino, Matteucci (2009), A&A 499:409-415