Astronomy Journal Club

Aug 27: Xinyu Dai

"A Weak-Lensing Mass Reconstruction of the Large-Scale Filament Feeding the Massive Galaxy Cluster MACSJ0717.5+3745" Mathilde Jauzac, Eric Jullo, Jean-Paul Kneib, Harald Ebeling, Alexie Leauthaud, Cheng-Jiun Ma, Marceau Limousin, Richard Massey, Johan Richard, arXiv:1208.4323

Sept 10: Bin Chen

"X-ray Polarization from Accreting Black holes: The Thermal State", Schnittman and Krolik, 2009, ApJ, 701, 1175

Sept 17: Aaron Morris

"Update on the correlation of the highest energy cosmic rays with nearby extragalactic matter" The Pierre Auger Collaboration, 2010, Astro. Part. Phys., 34:5, 314-326

Sept 24: Paul Canton

"The Merger Rate of Binary White Dwarfs in the Galactic Disk", Badenes and Maoz 2012, ApJ, 749, L11

Oct 1: Rhiannon Griffin

"Measuring the Ultimate Mass of Galaxy Clusters: Redshifts and Mass Profiles from the Hectospec Cluster Survey (HeCS)", Rines, Kenneth; Geller, Margaret J.; Diaferio, Antonaldo; Kurtz, Michael J., arXiv:1209.3786

Oct 8: Sara Barber

"Internal Gravity Waves Modulate the Apparent Misalignment of Exoplanets around Hot Stars" T. M. Rogers, D. N. C. Lin, H. H. B. Lau, arXiv:1209.2435

Oct 15: Brian Fiesen

"On the Origin of the Type Ia Supernova Width-Luminosity Relation" Kasen & Woosley 2007, ApJ, 656, 661

Oct 22: Malia Jenks

"On the Nature of the Progenitor of the Type Ia SN2011fe in M101" Jifeng Liu, Rosanne Di Stefano, Tao Wang, Maxwell Moe, arXiv:1110.2506

Oct 29: Jeremy Lust

"The Long-Lived UV "Plateau" of SN 2012aw" Amanda J. Bayless, Tyler Pritchard, Peter W. A. Roming, Paul Kuin, Peter J. Brown, Maria Teresa Botticella, Massimo Dall'Ora, Lucille H. Frey, Wesley Even, Chris L. Fryer, Justyn R. Maund, Morgan Fraser, arXiv:1210.5496

Nov 5: Alex Gianninas

"Recent Developments in the Study of Extremely Low Mass White Dwarfs"

Nov 12: Mi Dai

"A More General Model for the Intrinsic Scatter in Type Ia Supernova Distance Moduli" Marriner, John; Bernstein, J. P.; Kessler, Richard; Lampeitl, Hubert; Miquel, Ramon; Mosher, Jennifer; Nichol, Robert C.; Sako, Masao; Schneider, Donald P.; Smith, Mathew, arXiv:1107.4631

Nov 19: Erin Cooper

"M94 As A Unique Testbed for Black Hole Mass Estimates and AGN Activity At Low Luminosities" Anca Constantin (James Madison Univ.), Anil Seth (Univ. of Utah), arXiv:1112.3668

"A transition mass for black holes to show broad emission lines" Susmita Chakravorty, Martin Elvis, Gary Ferland, arXiv:1211.3208

Nov 26: John Wisniewski

"The Fomalhaut b Identify Crisis"Currie et al (2012), ApJL, 760, 32; Galicher et al (2012), astro-ph/1210.6745; Janson et al (2012), ApJ, 747, 116

Dec 3: Tim Miller

"What does the interplanetary hydrogen tell us about the heliospheric interface?" F.E. Vincent, L. Ben-Jaffel, and W.M. Harris,