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Advanced Condensed Matter:

The goal of this course is to give the student competence in solid state physics. My goals for the class include:

  • Reviewing basic concepts as phonons, and band structure, giving you a feeling for the state of the art.
  • Going beyond these simple pictures to discuss interactions of electrons with electron or with phonons.
  • Discussing fundamental systems such as metals, insulators, and semiconductors.
  • Examining simple manybody theory.
  • Looking at some topics of current interest. Possible topics include: the quantum Hall effect, Luttinger liquids, magnetic materials, or mesocopic physics.

This is the most advanced formal class most of you will have on topics that you have chosen for your career. This means that we will move rapidly and you are expected to work hard. It also means that you must learn how to use many references to master the material, including other textbooks, faculty within our department as well as internet resources.


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