ATLAS Meetings  
OU ATLAS      
    condor (JobFlavor)  
Happy newyear 2019      
ATLAS Software & Computing Week #61  12/10/2018 bash-if-flags
SUSY Machine Learning Workshop 10 Dec 2018 Live Sunday   ExpZ-2018 (b±σ)  (susy_bkg) slides jira-higgsino-108
      jira ATLAS SUSY DPD Production
  DAST Shift Crew  ggus_helpdesk DerivationProductionTeam walker/athena
OU Supercomputing Symposium 9/25-26/2018 bash_pipe_summary ATLAS Software Git Workflow How_to_run_the_SUSY_derivation_package
ASG Tutorial July, 2018   SUSYMcRequestProcedure MC16CampaignOverview
SUSY2018 Barcelona  conf   Atlas MC Production Group MC tutorial link Pat used last year (2017)
    osgConnect Machine learning
    -- ASP2018 --- Tutorial   Deep Learning
CAF Tutorial 2018   Writing on GitHub --- ML Forum
  Dast Shift   --- B-Tagging   Algorythms subgroup
     DL1  MV2
      --- E-Gamma
2'nd IML Machine Learning Workshop  Live-Webcast   more on TTree  more_on_TFile
more again on TTrees
  1712.08119 SUSY Cmpr-Elwk     pdf root 5.34 reference manual  
ATLAS S&C Week      
SUSY_BKG_rerun_mc? CERN_ROOT_TMVA user_guide Config_options
ATLAS_Week_Feb18     ML Beyond TMVA
    Dosar jira susy

Happy Newyear 2018      
    GroupData   PathResolver  
  Carolin Crawford lectures (15) Astronomy +   NUHM2_SUSY16 p2952      
  Skilling's Bayesian code   jira HIGGSINO
ATLAS SW Tutorial Sept 2017      
Atlas S&C Week   Thesis Plot Standards SUSY Higgsinos Run 2
  OU-alerts  it-news    
EU-HEP School 2017   jupyter notebook server  
ATLAS SW Tutorial July 2017
Coding Standards  xtra AnalysisBase Tutorial   QuickStart(CMake)
Atlas Status      
ATLAS Week 06/2017   MadGraph5_aMC@NLO for ATLAS
 Problems with run_card.dat in newer releases
    (known_issues)  (black_listed_caches)
ATLAS Software & Computing Week in Valencia June, 2017
ADC Sessions
  MadGraphInProdSys   (monash) HistFitterReleaseNotes
MS Office 13   TruthDAODTutorial  

      intro-032017 meeting  
ASG Software and Computing Week March 2017 asg ATLAS Software Tutorial 2017
  intro-022717 meeting  
      SUSY SS3L intro  bkg+yeald  FAR_SR  
    PathResolver SS/3L Cutflow_v50  
      SUSYbkg  git+cmake=soon  c++  
SUSY + Leptons (ss2,3L) Meeting
      SUSY PAR  

DeepMind  dqn_code        
  Higgsino Searches in Run 2 twiki   ss3l-intro 11/07/2016 ss3l-at a glance
  Higgsino jira sample      

Academic_lectures: Detectors _1, _2, _3, _4   giessen-lumi Conf Note Draft
    GRL 2015  ilumi Note May 12, 2016
  ROOT colorPalettes eg GRL 2016  ilumi Note July 15, 2016
    GRL Download  
monopoles with the MoEDAL
Computing Security
2016 Data Summary    
      Pileup_Reweighting Extended Mu_Talk Snipip Lumi3-Atlas-Note
ATLAS Software Tutorial June 2016
Python  _1 _2 _3 _4 _5 _6 _7 Othmane's new group
      SUSY xAOD Derivations in Release 20

Earthquake Map    USGS

Software and Computing Workshop 2/2016   ATLAS Experiment AOD & ESD 17.2.X CentralMC15ProductionList
ATLAS Week 2/2016            
ATLAS Software Tutorial 2/2016   IsolationSelectionTool Atlas Offline Software Release Status  
  Future of AI SUSYToolsV7_twiki  svn   Jet Smearing 02162016  pdf
ATLAS Meetings Bell's Inequality theorem      
OU ATLAS CERN Webcast NUHM2-JIRA-1758   SS/3L Cutflow

PA-tools (indico)
CERN/ATLAS Safty Training
--AnalysisBase   BTaggingBenchmarks MV2c20
  AnalysisReleaseShifter Othmane rc LHAPDF abs/1412.7420 SS/3L EOYE  (CMS)

2016 ^
(Happy New Year!)
  GitLab@CERN ATLAS wide recommendations SS3L-Supporting Note  
Software Technical Meeting        
      Statistics Tools in ATLAS  
ATLAS Week 10/2015 CERN_Box cloud Core Software    
      SUSY_BKG_FORUM_susy07: 11/10/2015  indco-see-deriv-prod  
Software & Computing Workshop
Git-Hub Bejarne Sutter
Data 2015 Periods SUSY 2015 Blinding Period E+  
Dist-Comput-ELog     SUSY Statistics (Forum(indico))  
  LaTeX cTan-net
LaTeX-Polt Style    
OU 2015 Fall Semester see 25ns PRW files
  H->mumu Run II (Haifeng)      
Atlas_Poster_Template     HistFitter  (webpage) (paper) (svn) (Tutorial 5/22/2015, slides) (Tutorial twiki)  
(code_snippit for adhock xAOD::eventinfo)    
      SUSYSignalUncertainties (xsect)  
      SUSY Cutflows (1st week data)  
ATLAS SW Week   ExtendedPileupReweighting (note)    
Fermilab/CERN HCP Summer School 2015     SampleHandler-Accessing Grid Samples Remotely  
SingleTopColorCode First Data Run II (2015) data_summary 2015    
Lumi_calc_GRL ximo  kho0_1  khoo_2  (First Data)
  ATLAS Operations ExtendedPileupReweighting2015 (See Note)    
Atlas-PubComPlotStyle Data 2015 Periods   JIRA 1489 NUHM2  Prod-Task-3425  
--Physics Policy PDF
    SUSY MC15 EVGEN MC15 evgen production   EvtGen  
ATLAS Software Tutorial
 May 2015
      See Useful Links  SUSY_EWK
CERN Live Webcast        
      MadGraphInProdSys   ->MC_GridPack  
ATLAS Meetings  Phys     MadGraphForATLAS  MadAna[]->  
  Visual Studio Code David Bertsche  2012  jPsi SUSYMadGraph  
WhichPeriod   Top11 Running Generators
APOD el-ph-4L-corr
Dopplar   Mu_Preformance    
USGS.GOV      Maps       
NASA  Solve  TV ----->
Messanger (mercury)   ------Susy_Obj_Def
------Jet_Calib_pScale 14
Norman Road Conditions  pdg_id   SUSYSameSignLeptonsJetsRun2
 (Xino's NTuples) 3-Lepton/Jets walkthrough  Talk  WalkThroughNote
Atlas Status        
OP Visitars  (IT-Display)      HSG2xAODMigration  
CP Guid 2012 Muon Ele
PhysicsResults-SUS-14001 (CMS-SUS-2015) SUSYAnalysisWalkthroughs2015
    AnalysisFramework (SUSY)  SusyToolsV5    ST_TBD  
Bjarne C++14 @ Microsoft  QA SoftwareTutorial - xAODAnalysisInROOT SusyObjectDefinitionsr1913TeV
A Tour of C++ (Bjarne)
Also: The C++ Programming Language, Fourth Edition (TC++PL4) [Stroustrup,2013]
Bjarne Stroustrup - The Essence of C++   SUSY xAOD Derivations  
DC14 Data
SUSYxAODDerivations DerivationFramework
  TrigBphysOfflineValidation (shift) DC14 Data and MC Sample Information svn-Derivation_FW  
ATLAS Week - Ready for Data        
    TeV Graphics   0.mp4 PATUserAnalysisTools  
ADC_SWC_WS Feb 2015 Sim_WS     SampleHandler  
XRootD Workshop @ UCSD   rucio_basics   Rucio-How-To    
  DAST-Panda-Chris   AnalysisBase  
Mathmatica local DAST-site-dashboard PyAMI AthAnalysisBase
Atlas-AGIS (twiki)      Boost root_core CERN_xAOD_Tutorial Analysis_Framework_BNL
Happy New Year 2015
MatLab/help  Git  c++ AMI use grid cert AtlasProductionGroupMC14a 110401
  ATLAS Computing and Software  C++Standards xAOD-Code  EventLoop MultiDraw EDM ROOT JIRA-Request-931  
Software and Computing Workshops     MC14 svn Job Options
           -   Facilities/Shifting 12/3,4,5/2014   DAST Shift Schedule    New Link
DAST gmail
Known dq2->rucio issues SUSY Monte Carlo Request Procedure  
  DAST Local PANDA- Sites ATLAS EWK SUSY subgroup  
    DAST archive       
    DAST forum  SW lnm:outlook SUSY Electroweak Meeting  
XAODMiniTutorial    DAST-Skype    SUSY + Leptons (ss2,3L) Meeting  
     DAST-Meetings  twiki HWWlvqqSamples    
  BeginningDAST   DQ2ClientsHowTo  
SW& Cmping Wrkshop DAST Main Page   SoftwareTutorialGettingDatasets  
  DAST Local Page   eos AtlasStorage  
  DreakSpark MS-devstudio Solor Weather(gov) Now    
ATLAS Software Development Tutorial
(sept 2014)
#0 +v v-stl #1 #2 #3
GIT Hub isocpp c++
CERN EDH (2014 user)   SUSYFitter (HistFitter) Tutorial  
      JMR Jet Mass Resolution  << dR  
xAOD Workshop (BNL)  toot        
  Suskind Lectures   TtbarTauJets8TeV (Hasib)  
US ATLAS Workshop 2014        
OU_hardcore GSF-Electrons Usage (2011 data);  tracking; trk2; reco; medium-1; IsEM;
ICHEP 2014 Callie-tot-Pole Mass-LaTeXiT   CERN Certificate Authority (8/1/2014)  
ATLAS Week 06/16/2014 timetable   LuminosityOfflineCool  OnlineCool nhn isajet  
o3-vs2013v2 take1 DreamSpark   TopGRLs Data Transfer Request Interface (DaTRI) twiki  pdf  
Bjarna Stroustrup C++14   HSG6 Winter 2012 TopAtlasPhysicsCache (Athina _pTags)  
mit_ocw ai     js fractle landscape online  
  Polycom/Tanberg instuctions      
ATLAS Meetings  Phys     BNL Cyber Security passed 04092014
  Ganglia  13      
OCHEP grid Links
OUHEP monitor   ms-office advisory (2953095)   
    TopMC12DiJetSamples (TOP-MC)
 2012(MC12)   2011(MC11)
ttbar->tau (susy link)  
    TauSystematicsWinterConf2012 svn_ttbar_tau_Note  checkout  
TauWG indico     cds note  
    ApplyJetCalibration2012  2011    
CERN Account (new pw 02202014) JetSelectorTools 00-00-16 TopJetLiaison
    JES Uncerftanties  2011   Profile examp_svn svn_ApplyJetCalibration  
WWG(cern) signed vo 02/20/2014        
b_sf_systo    BTag_Calib  COM_NOTE
ATLAS Week 2/2014  
cern webcast
GRL- Jpsi      
~2014   TTbar_Systematics    
Town Meeting     svn_Physics  
    ROOT ClassDef  Adding a Class pdf    
     ATLAS sw Dev Wrkbk APOD  
SW-Computer Workshop 8/2013 Subversion (SVN) in ATLAS
  python tk SVN Acss Mgr. Users Manual The Linux Programmer's Guide  
CHEP2013 timetbl vidyo svn-admin
ATLAS Week  webcast   svn-my-projects Majorana Fermions  
WebSVN svnweb_atlas-walker
SW/Cmp Workshop scarlet-panda   Dopplar  
    TopGRLs USGS.GOV      Maps       
NASA  Solve  TV
    TopCommonObjects2011 Norman Road Conditions  
PAT HSG6Winter2012      
 OU ATLAS   HSG3-WW-lvqq_espace Rocks Getting Started  
PIXEL subsystem OUhrdwr        
FALL 2013 Class Map  OZONE  OU        
    m-prong-sf-serban vidyo Management  
ATLAS Workshop 2013 Argonne        
  RocksClusters.Org puppet labs    
Stanford: youtube        
      svn_atlasoff_phyAnal    Top_Utils  
  ROOT GIU A B      
ATLAS Week 06/17/2013     TopSystematicUncertainties for Winter 2012 (rel17) 5 fb-1 analyses  
Software & Computing Workshop 06/2013     TopCommonObjects  
  Minuit minyoueee HWWlnujjPreselection egammaAnalysisUtils-00-03-99  
yolinux VT100-ESC ROOT Hist DrawOptions
OUHEP monitor linux-about      

LA Tech indico     svn trac atlasusr Rikard Sandstrom
OU_ATLAS TauRecommendationsSummerConf2011    
IT-ssb (CERN-IT status board)     ATLAS Stats
    Ossama AbouZeid
group.phys-higgs. _p1328_ HWW_2.17_lvqq0.06_0_Nominal/
ATLAS VO Registration
(Decomissioned,  use -->)
  HFOR Tool   Kenimatic Fit Higgs-bb  Talk
    Hasib svn user  
OU Brand Guid Colors ou-higgs-news (linux)  
CERN Computer Security  CERN Computing Rules      
    nice root overview  
Mathmatica   functions      
2013 OU-Library Hours svn/howto    libsvn  

  HSG6Winter2012 Phys 5213  


Vidyo Portal Top MC11  Top Reco MultijetJESUncertaintyProviderTop(2011) ApplyJetCalibration2011 Large-R Jets pdf     Joel Young
TopJetLiaison   2011R17  
Grid/Tier2-Page New package 11+12 JetUncertainties   Dell Support Chat Plug in the service tag: HH7ZML1
    Histitter   Dev  
  Okla_SkimSlim (slides) pdf1 pdf2 i1 i2 i3 i4 i5   OU-IT-Software
OtpShiftClasses  atlas-otp   StoreGate  
DAST-Shifting Meetings GRL_LUMI.txt   DQ Mon   usatlas-bnl-IntegrationProgram
 OtpClasses   2   3          
    PDG-constants  PDG-home ADC-Monitoring
panda-chris     panda-twiki HSG3lvqq2012    
2012 Africa Grid School Materials Tue Morning Demo    
evoGate   new taskforce egroup: atlas-phys-sm-softqcd-mbue8tev
 OU ATLAS JetElectronQCDModel TopCommonObjects Minimum Bias 8 Analysis
HiggsWWCommonAnalysisPackages MinimumBiasMeasurements
Atlas Status US Atlas svn_HSG3  Hass_lvqq MinimumBias8Samples
  ATLAS C++ Coding Standards  PDF  twiki  
TopFakes   PolyCom

  OU ATLAS/OCHEP/Grid/Tier 2   Analysis17   svn browser    
BNL FTS Monitor page HSG3WH2012 svn_trac_usr bash prompt  
usatlas grid  Common Code 2011-last tag  vs2012 rc bernius_svn_trac
ATLAS Meetings  Phys asircar_svn_trac    
AMI SM-D3PD panda

The mission of the Energy Department is to ensure America's security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.

The mission of the High Energy Physics program is to understand how our universe works at its most fundamental level. We do this by discovering the most elementary constituents of matter and energy, exploring the basic nature of space and time itself, and probing the interactions between them. These fundamental ideas are at the heart of physics and hence all of the physical sciences. To enable these discoveries, HEP supports theoretical and experimental research in both elementary particle physics and fundamental accelerator science and technology. HEP underpins and advances the DOE missions and objectives through this research, and by the development of key technologies and trained manpower needed to work at the cutting edge of science.

Indico [Physics]      
Atlas Collaboration      
CERN User  Account     baron python home ATLAS Data Preparation   tbd: download windows versions
Atlas Status US Atlas DPDProdTeam  Nurcan slides    
CDS Web Document Server
 Bill's Tau_Code 
~walker  UOHepRootTutorials
DOE HEP Home DOE        
Integration Program BNL Dilip @ BNL (journal)
Norman Public Library (Pioneer) 21698007071083        
HistFitter (previously known as SusyFitter)
OUStaff Week        
        Bjarne Stroustrup: C++11 Style
  run-query   C++AMP       addictive tips  outlook query        
OSG (OIM)   RooTube   phys 4990
OSG GRID Limit Setting CLs  astro-athena 
      Exotics Stat Workbook 
   XML-Stat  Stat-Tutorial
  phys 4970
  svn:WWdil     ~Feldt Class
Dosar verify Account       morrison/mathmatica/latex/links
Tau + Jets twiki UTub-Mathmatica-FreeForm
  2012 OU    oZONE     Fortran Manuel
OU Observatory Fortran Wiki  GNU_Wiki
    HiggsGamGam (HSG1)   LaPack  lug
  HiggsWWCommonAnalysisPackages     twik-HSG6
Dopplar   PAT Workbook   wolfram
USGS.GOV Panda    Dilip grace_guide   Xmgr
MS DreamSpark Expression-Studio4 notes ms gallery    
  HiggsWWCommonAnalysis Packages 2011/12 TMVA    

atlas-phys-higgs-hww-winter2012 join

  atlas-phys-higgs-hww-prod home   Indico [Physics] wikipedia
Atlas Status US Atlas Atlas Collaboration wiktionary
  CERN User  Account  
PDG    periodic_table     bnl video bnl_youtube
  ttbar to tau    
HSG3  X-Informal PIXEL evoGate nova cern.html
PAT Workshop/a> GPU_TOOL-802T channel 9     Facebook
   vs-11  C++AMP  .NET 4.5
code-cast     Charlie_Calvert  
  jquery      html5labs MS App Hub  
  jquery ui LA Times   

albahari   tbd:
NVIDIA GPU Tech Conference  Search (Search ATLAS) atlas (watch here)
nvida developer api ref
  MS D3D11 pdc09 directcompute   mathmatica video, can only watch here

Boston Atlas Workshop      
Grenoble  Indico CODATA (NIST) Nature Magazine Minimum Mean_Square Error
      Root Mean Squar
    Root Talk Mean Squar Error
  Synt Maker   OUHEP

Limit Setting WWsemilep MuonEffCorr-00-02-06
HtotautautolhLimitSetting MCPAnalysisGuidelinesPLHC2011 HowToClean Jet and MET
    TauCleaning Jet Met

    DaTRI---twiki CERN Shuttle Service  Aitport  
susy_D3PDs susy_D3PD_Reader
susy_production susy_d3pd susy_grl SVN_Institutes  

CERN User CERN MAP Lite      _ _GS_ _
    translate-google games-cern   ADCoS sift info
evoGate home Atlas Status Atlas Collaboration
LINUX Linux - Oreilly Linux-Newbie Linux-PixleBeat Linux-bash
  Shell prg in Linux advanced shell linux      
      BTagging Calibration Data Interface gsl sci lib     
Baseline Cuts for WW dilepton analysis for PLHC, using 2011 data only
atlas collaberation operation   PileupReweighting   Code   Tables Using_ROOT_on_Windows [10:42:19] Jim Hopkins flags (root--config --incdir --libs)    
Atlas Collaboration General Atlas Status      [10:42:29] Jim Hopkins g++ $1.cxx -o $1 -I$flags    
Indico [Physics] home HiggsWW dil ConfNote2011Summer  +     AC       Egamma EfficiencyMeasurements      
CERN Public Transport   Higgs WG Subgroup: H->WW (gg, VBF, WH, ttH, VBF invisible H)        

HiggsWW semilep ConfNote2011Summer   +      AC      

Higgs Cross Sections for the LHC (BNL workshop)            
      EgammaMC10aNom PileupReweighting    
    evoGate MC10-b production CaloIsolationCorrections    
SUSYD3PDSnippets SUSYMC10aSamples
      SUSYEtmissNoLepton Physics Analysis    
Arlington Jamboree 2011   berlitz publishing        
pileup redefinition      
        Higgs Cutflow  Higgs Chalange    
    norman library   Muon Electron Proof Demo home Indico [Physics] Rel 16 Efficiancies search
Atlas Status Atlas Collaboration     Freiburg wwd3pd_MC.cfg   HowToStartUsingPROOF-Lite
Freiburg/StandardModel svn trunk RegularComputingProof
    wikipedia   svn ...PhysicsAnalysis/MuonID/.../Cut.C    
US Atlas   wiktionary Atlantis EventDisplays svn Freiburg WWAna.cxx   Skarlet Presentation
  evoGate     svn Freiburg   Public Results
PDG    periodic_table   bnl video bnl_youtube   MuonIDAnalysis   hep luminosity search
        ATLAS analysis links   Lecture 7
Atlas Status nova cern.html   MuonIDAnalysis   LuminosityOnlineMonitor
        svn MuonIDAnalysis Analysis   total luminosity search
Indico [Physics]       svn MuonID CutFlow.C    
        svn MuonID Cut.C    
      CERN Public Transport   PDG
        Face Book periodic_table
     fastmerge    ELISSI    Python Tools   2 lepton channel discussion board   chart of nucliotides
    Data10 Comparison 1 lepton      
    Workbook Event Display    
    bnl video bnl_youtube   cern mail services  
    cern map search       
        a bank  



TBD: From Scott, From AbbottFrom Abbott







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SUSY D3PD stuff from users on afs


Long64_t Merge(TCollection* list)

TH1 1-Dim histogram base class