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Useful Free Software
What it is & why you'll need it Go get it

The Adobe Acrobat Reader lets you view and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files. You will need this for Study Guides, Homework, Notes, and other material. For help, go to the on-line guide at Adobe. This site has information about PDF documents, how to install Acrobat Reader, and how to use it once you've installed it. If you need more help, contact me soon!

Download Acrobat Reader
Eudora Light is a freeware EMAIL client software. You will need it to send and receive EMAIL and to submit Mathematica notebooks as attachments. In previous years, students who used Netscape or Internet Explorer to submit notebooks have had considerable difficulties, so I urge you to use Eudora, at least for this course. For help, go to the Eudora documentation site. Download Eudora Lite
MathReader is a viewer for notebooks created with Mathematica. With it you can display and print Mathematica notebooks, animate graphics, play sounds, and copy information from notebooks to other documents. Unless you own (or choose to buy) Mathematica, you will need MathReader to view and execute sample notebooks I will prepare for you.

WinZip is a straightforward zipping and unzipping utility. You use WinZip to compress (shrink the size of) files or to uncompress files that have been zipped (restore to their original state). You will need this (or an equivalent utility) to compress Mathematica notebooks before submission via EMAIL.For help, go to the WinZip documentation site.

Download WinZip
You do not have to buy Mathematica! OU has a site license, so this software should be available on university computers all over campus (e.g., in the Physics Department PC lab). In previous years, however, many students have decided, after some experience, that they want their own copy. Students can purchase a copy at the OU computer store at a huge discount over the list cost. The link at the right will take you to a page at Wolfram Research where you can find info about the student version.
Netscape Navigator 4.0 or above (current version is 4.7) or Internet Explorer 5.0 or above (current version is 5.01) Some of the pages for this course use features that are not supported by earlier versions. I urge you to use the most current version of whichever browser you prefer; in general, theses pages display best in IE.
Download Internet Explorer Download Netscape