Motivation and Format

It has been four years since the last conference dedicated to AGN outflows. Many interesting results based on Chandra, HST, FUSE and ground-based observations, as well as theoretical insight, were obtained over this period of time.

This is a small invitational workshop dedicated to the physical characteristics of AGN winds - the geometry, location, dynamics and kinetic luminosity. We exclude the influence of winds from the inner black hole on the galactic and intergalactic environments as a major topic; without a firm physical grasp of the wind mechanisms, the large-scale feedback remains speculative.

The workshop will have afternoons open, 'Aspen-style', to allow for informal discussions, and we have allowed time in the mornings for feedback from any such discussions. As the 'eco-resort' is quite isolated, we will see a lot of one another, either at the main open-air pavilion, at the beach or at the restaurant and bar. We hope this will foster an intense discussion.