Nielsen Hall

Homer L. Dodge Department
of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Oklahoma

High Energy Physics Seminars - Spring 2010

Thursdays - 1:30 pm in Nielsen Hall 103

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Chung Kao, at or by phone at (405) 325-3961.

Date Speaker, Institution, OU or OSU Title/Abstract
Jan 21 Dr. Azar Mustafayev SUSY seesaw and neutralino Dark Matter (abstract)

University of Minnesota, (OU)
Jan 28 Seminar Cancelled - Snow Storm (abstract)

Feb 4 Prof. Yuri Gershtein Searches for Hidden Valleys (abstract)

Rutgers University, (OU)
Feb 11 Prof. Satya Nandi New mechanism for neutrino mass generation, and triply Charged Higgs boson at the LHC (abstract)

Oklahoma State University, (OSU)
Feb 18 Dr. Leanne Duffy Axion Dark Matter (abstract)

Los Alamos National Laboratory, (OU)
Feb 25 TBA (OSU) (abstract)

Mar 4 TBA (OU) (abstract)

Mar 11 Prof. Pierre Ramond (abstract)

University of Florida, (OSU)
Mar 18 No Seminar - Spring Break (abstract)

Mar 25 Dr. Pat Lukens (abstract)

Fermilab/CDF, (OU)
Apr 1 TBA (OSU) (abstract)

Apr 8 Prof. Sandip Pakvasa (abstract)

University of Hawaii, (OSU)
April 15 Prof. Stuart Raby (abstract)

Ohio State University, (OU)
April 22 Prof. Sally Dawson (abstract)

Brookhaven National Laboratory, (OSU)
April 29 TBA (OU) (abstract)

May 6 Prof. Bharat Ratra (abstract)

Kansas State University (OU)
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