Group Links

Weiss Group (Penn State Univ)

J.C. Davis Group (Cornell)

H. E. Smith-Somerville Group (Univ Alabama)

STM Tutorial (Tit-Wah Hui, Dept of Chemisytry, Univ. Guelph)

What is UHV STM/AFM (Keck, Northwestern Univ)

Lieber Group (Harvard)

A Great Collection of Links to other groups, manufacturers, supplies, etc.

Quantum Corrals & More (IBM Almaden)

The Traveling Photon (SNOM at Univ. Basel)

Bonnell Group (Univ. Penn)

NIST Physics Laboratory

Wilson Ho Group (UC Irvine)


Basic Information

Molecular Expressions: Exploring the World of Optics and Microscopy
(An excellent primer on everything in microscopy.)

Digital Imaging in Optical Microscopy (Explains principles of optical detectors, including design, fabrication, and operation of CCDs and EMCCDs.)

Chem Guide

Surface Science Links from Queen Mary University of London

Animated Periodic Table

Water Structure and Behavior
(everything you ever wanted to know about water)

Upcoming Regional Meetings

Award Opportunities

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