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My current research is focused on “Nodal Materials” which are correlated electron systems where the Fermi sea can be collapsed into a set of points or lines. The most famous example of such a system is graphene, an allotropic form of carbon, which consists of a giant molecule formed by a single atomic layer of graphite. Other interesting examples include topological/Chern insulators, and more recently, a new class of three dimensional materials known as Weyl and Dirac semimetals, which mimic electronic properties of relativistic particles in 3+1 dimensions. 

In Dirac materials, I am particularly interested in the problem of electron-electron interactions, and in the possible emergence of new quantum states of matter with possible topological order.  An overview in the problem of electron-electron interactions in graphene can be found in my recent review paper in Reviews of Modern Physics. 

I have been working in a variety of problems in theoretical Condensed Matter physics, including Many body effects in systems with Dirac-like quasiparticles, Superconductivity in exotic systems, Quantum Hall effects, Quantum criticality in low dimensions and topological effects.   My interests span also over layered materials with exotic Fermi surfaces, and atomic multilayered crystals, which offer a wire range of possibilities for the emergence of new quantum phenomena. More recently I have been interested in hyperhoneycomb and Lieb lattices, which could host interesting new interesting topological states.

Associate Professor

University of Oklahoma, OK

Assistant Professor

University of Oklahoma, OK

Posdoctoral Fellow

University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

Postdoctoral Visiting Scholar

Boston University, MA

Postdoctoral Fellow

National Synchrotron Lab, LNLS, Brazil

PhD in Physics

State University of Campinas, Brazil

and Boston University, MA

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Selected Publications        

Ferromagnetic Mott state in twisted graphene bilayers at the magic angle

  1. K.Seo, V. N. Kotov, B. Uchoa

Physical Review Letters 122, 246402 (2019)

Anomalous density fluctuations in a strange metal

  1. M.Mitrano, A. A. Husain, S. Vig, A. Kogar, M. S. Rak, S. I. Rubeck, J. Schmalian, B. Uchoa

J. Schneeloch, R. Zhong, G. D. Gu, P. Abbamonte

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115, 5392 (2018)

Designing quantum spin-orbital liquids in artificial Mott insulators

X. Dou, V. N. Kotov, B. Uchoa

Scientific Reports 6, 31737 (2016)

Line of Dirac nodes in hyperhoneycomb lattices

K. Mullen, B.  Uchoa, D. Glatzhofer

Physical Review Letters 115, 026403 (2015)

Superconducting states in the pseudo-Landau levels of strained graphene

B. Uchoa, Y. Barlas

Physical Review Letters 111, 046602 (2013)

Electron-electron interactions in graphene: current status and perspectives

V. N. Kotov, B. Uchoa Uchoa, V. M. Pereira, F. Guinea, A. H. Castro Neto

Reviews of Modern Physics (2012)

Transport Through Andreev Bound States in a Graphene Quantum Dot

T Dirks, T. L. Hugues, S. Lal, B. Uchoa, Y.-F. Chen, C. Chialvo, P. M. Goldbart, N. Mason

Nature Physics 7, 286 (2011)

Kondo quantum criticality of magnetic adatoms in graphene

B Uchoa, T. G. Rappoport, A. H. Castro Neto

Physical Review Letters 106, 016801 (2011)

The effective fine structure constant of free standing graphene measured in graphite

J P Reed, B. Uchoa, Y. Il Joe, D. Casa, E. Fradkin, P. Abbamonte

Science 330, 805 (2010) [press release]

Theory of scanning tunneling spectroscopy for magnetic adatoms in graphene

B Uchoa, C. Ling, S. -W. Tsai, N. M. R. Peres, A. H. Castro Neto

Physical Review  Letters 103, 206804 (2009)

Localized magnetic states in graphene

B Uchoa, V. N. Kotov, N. M. R. Peres, A. H. Castro Neto

Selected for Virtual Journal of Science and Technology 18 (3) (2008)

Physical Review Letters 101, 026805 (2008)

Superconducting states of pure and doped graphene

B Uchoa, A. H. Castro Neto

Physical Review Letters 98, 146801 (2007)



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