Courses Taught Regularly:

Life in the Universe (ASTR 1523): A one-semester freshman-level gen-ed course in astrobiology. The course combines topics in astronomy, geology, and biology to address the question of where is life possible in the Universe. Taught during spring semester of odd numbered years.

Musical Acoustics (PHYS 1453): A one-semester freshman-level course focusing on the physics of waves and vibrations as it applies to the creation, propagation, and perception of musical sounds. Taught each fall, beginning 2000.

General Astronomy (ASTR 1504): A one-semester survey course for
non-science students covering all major astronomical topics. Over 3000 students served, since 1984.

Intermediate Astronomy I and II (ASTR 3103/3113): A two-semester
sequence covering all major topics of general astronomy and
astrophysics intended for astrophysics majors. Taught intermittently since 1987.

Interstellar Medium (ASTR 5513): A one-semester graduate level
course covering the physics of gaseous nebulae with applications to extragalactic abundance studies. Taught  periodically since 1987.

Galactic Astronomy (ASTR 5443): A one-semester graduate level
course covering numerous advanced topics on galaxies, including the Milky Way, with emphasis on chemical evolution. Taught intermittently since 1999.

Courses Whimsically Taught Now And Then:

Changes Over Time: A two-week seminar
taught in the University of Oklahoma College of Liberal Studies.  The seminar was an
intense treatment of evolutionary processes, both physical and
biological.  The course was team-taught with Jim Estes from Botany in
winter, 1990.

Universal Evolution: This course had the same theme as Changes Over time and was with Bedford Vestal in Zoology as both a Liberal Studies seminar in summer, 1991, and as an honors course during spring, 1992.

Deep Time, Deep Space (HON 3993): An Honors course taught cooperatively with Doug Elmore in Geology, this course looks at evolution in the physical universe.

History of the Earth and Sky: An intense course on the important historical events in geology and astronomy, taught with Ken Taylor from History of Science for College of Liberal Studies (winter, 1993).

The Sky, The Universe, And Human Beliefs: Scientific And Cultural Astronomy: Taught with Ross Hassig from Anthropology, this course dealt with the cultural impact of astronomy, College of Liberal Studies (winter, 1994).

Are We Alone: The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence: An intense one-week, three credit course taught in connection with the ``Summer In Santa Fe'' program run by the OU College of Continuing Education summer, 1999. The course explores the scientific evidence for life elsewhere and evaluates the probability that it exists.

Down-To-Earth Astronomy: An intense one-week, three credit course taught in connection with the ``Summer In Santa Fe'' program run by the OU College of Continuing Education.  The class covers naked-eye astronomical phenomena and their cultural relevance. This course was taught several times in the summer during the 1990's.