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OU Physicists Predict Higgs Boson Mass From String Theory Landscape

Posted: February 20, 2018

Probability distribution for the Higgs boson mass from the string landscape.

OU Professors Howard Baer and Kuver Sinha, along with Professor Hasan Serce (Uuniversity of Central Oklahoma) and Professor Vernon Barger (University of Wisconsin), published the paper Higgs and superparticle mass predictions from the string theory landscape in the Journal of High Energy Physics. They show, using a statistical analysis of the supersymmetry breaking scale from the string theory landscape, that nature pulls towards large supersymmetry breaking masses along with an anthropic pull towards the 100 GeV weak scale.

These combined effects bring the predicted Higgs boson mass to about 125 GeV, in accord with measurements from LHC, and they push the superparticle masses beyond the current LHC reach. The high-energy upgrade of LHC from 13 to 27 TeV proton-proton collisions may be required to fully test weak scale supersymmetry based on the string landscape picture.