Robert Wiley Deal

Graduate Student


B.S. University of Wisconsin - Madison 2015



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Office: 356 Nielsen Hall


Research Area

High Energy Particle Physics

Research Description

My research interests lie at the interface of particle physics and cosmology. The Standard Model of particle physics has proven to be a remarkably predictable and accurate framework. However, it leaves many questions unanswered, such as:
-why is there so much matter but so little antimatter in the universe?
-we have observed CP violation in electroweak interactions, but not in QCD. QCD on its own provides no reason to be CP-conserving, so why does CP appear to be conserved?
-dark matter is measured to outnumber normal matter by about 5-to-1, so what is it?
-the expansion of the universe is accelerating, implying a non-zero cosmological constant. Why is its value ~10^-120 times smaller than what we expect?
Many models involving supersymmetry, axions, sterile neutrinos, and additional scalars have been introduced in an effort to explain these phenomena. I am interested in studying and building motivated, minimal models that extend the Standard Model to address as many of these questions as possible and help answer why the universe exists in its current form.


In Research Group

Howie Baer, Homer L. Dodge Professor of High Energy Physics

Dibyashree Sengupta, Graduate Student
Mohammed Shadman Salam, Graduate Student