Yun Wang



Fellow of the American Physical Society

Regents' Award for Superior Research & Creative Activity

NSF Career Award



B.S. 1985 Tsinghua Univ., P.R. China

Ph.D. 1991 Carnegie-Mellon



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Office: 327 Nielsen Hall


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Research Area

Astrophysics and Cosmology

Research Description

My research has focused on extracting fundamental physics from cosmological data, in particular, probing dark energy and early universe physics using supernovae (SNe), cosmic microwave background anisotropy (CMB), and cosmic large scale structure data.

Our Universe has been observed to be undergoing accelerated expansion today. The unknown reason for this cosmic acceleration is referred to as "dark energy". At present, we do not know whether it is a new energy component of the Universe with negative pressure, or a modification of Einstein's theory of gravity (i.e., general relativity). Solving the mystery of the nature of dark energy is the most important problem in cosmology today. Dark energy can be probed using various techniques, most notably, using Type la supernovae (SNe la) as cosmological standard candles. I have done fundamental work in the use of supernovae to probe dark energy. My work has ranged from survey strategy, optimal data analysis, to the modeling of weak lensing effects. In the last several years, I have focused on using galaxy redshift surveys to probe dark energy and test gravity theories.

I am involved with observational projects to probe dark energy from both space and ground. I am a member of the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) Science Definition Team, and a member of the LSST Supernova Science Collaboration. I served as the U.S. Representative on the Science Advisory Team for Euclid-NIS, and am now a member of the Euclid Consortium.


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