Saesun Kim

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University of Minnesota Morris



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Saesun Kim was born and raised in South Korea. ​​He spent his childhood traveling and experiencing the world, learning to speak Mandarin in China, taking part in an exchange program in the States, performing street magic in Australia. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota, Morris, and received a B.A in physics, mathematics, and statistics. His undergraduate research included psycholinguistic studies on intercultural communication, parameter estimation using the B-Spline method, and a study of three-particle correlation using the hard-sphere model.

Saesun partook in campus government at the University of Minnesota, Morris, protesting against the international student tuition increase. He was recognized for his responsibility in student organizations and orientation and received the Outstanding Student Leadership Award in 2015. Later that year, Saesun saw that the truth was in the light and began his doctoral studies at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, joining the quantum optics group led by Dr. Alberto Marino. There he focused on the generation of bright entangled light using the four-wave mixing process. He is currently working on manipulating the process to generate an atomic resonant entangled light, and he is selected as an advocate for Qiskit which is an open-source framework for quantum computing at IBM

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In Research Group

Alberto Marino, Associate Professor, Ted S. Webb Presidential Professor

Javad Dowran, Graduate Student
Timothy Woodworth, Graduate Student