Publications for Kim Milton

Journal Article: "On-chip Casimir effect ," K. A. Milton, Nature Photonics, 11, 73-74, (2017) DOI: doi:10.1038/nphoton.2016.277
Journal Article: "Casimir Self-Entropy of an Electromagnetic Thin Sheet," Yang Li, K. A. Milton, Pushpa Kalauni, Prachi Parashar, Phys. Rev. D, 94, 085010, (2016) ADS: 2016PhRvD..94h5010L arXiv: 1607.07900 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.94.085010
Journal Article: "Casimir Friction Between Polarizable Particle and Half-Space with Radiation Damping at Zero Temperature ," J. S. Hoye, I. Brevik and K. A. Milton, J. Phys. A: Math. Theor., 48, 365004, (2015) ADS: 2015JPhA...48J5004H arXiv: 1506.03937 DOI: 10.1088/1751-8113/48/36/365004
Journal Article: "Casimir-Polder repulsion: Three-body effects ," Kimball A. Milton, E. K. Abalo, Prachi Parashar, Nima Pourtolami, Iver Brevik, Simen A. Ellingsen, Stefan Yoshi Buhmann, and Stefan Scheel, Phys. Rev. , 91, 042510, (2015) ADS: 2015PhRvA..91d2510M arXiv: 1502.06129 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.91.042510
Journal Article: "How does Casimir energy fall? IV. Gravitational interaction of regularized quantum vacuum energy," K. A. Milton, K. V. Shajesh, S. A. Fulling, Prachi Parashar, Physical Review D, 88, 064027, (2014) ADS: 2014PhRvD..89f4027M arXiv: 1401.0784
Journal Article: "Investigations of the torque anomaly in an annular sector. II. Global calculations, electromagnetic case," K. A. Milton, Prachi Parashar, E.K. Abalo, Fardin Kheirandish, and Klaus Kirsten, Physical Review D, 88, 045030 , (2013) ADS: 2013PhRvD..88d5030M arXiv: 1307.2535
Journal Article: "Repulsive Casimir and Casimir-Polder Forces," K. A. Milton, E. K. Abalo, Prachi Parashar, Nima Pourtolami, Iver Brevik, and Simen A. Ellingsen, Journal of Physics A, 45, 374006, (2012) arXiv: 1202.6415
Journal Article: "The Casimir force: Feeling the heat," K. A. Milton, Nature Physics, 7, 190-191, (2011) ADS: 2011NatPh...7..190M
Journal Article: "Casimir Energies of Cylinders: Universal Function," E. K. Abalo, K. A. Milton, and L. Kaplan, Phys. Rev. D, 82, 125007, (2010) ADS: 2010PhRvD..82l5007A
Journal Article: "Casimir Effect for a Semitransparent Wedge and an Annular Piston," K. A. Milton, J. Wagner, and Klaus Kirsten, Phys. Rev. D, 80, 124028, (2009) ADS: 2009arXiv0911.1123M

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