Hora Mishra

Graduate Student


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Office: 144 Nielsen Hall


Research Area

Astrophysics and Cosmology

Research Description

My research interests lie in the areas of active galactic nuclei (AGNs), galaxy clusters, and the LSS. I study AGNs, that are the compact, central engines in most galaxies and the most luminous continuously emitting objects in the universe. In particular, my work is involves time-domain astrophysics with blazars (radio AGNs) and to study the interaction between supermassive black holes and their host galaxies and the larger galaxy cluster environments. Galaxy clusters are the most massive gravitationally bound objects. I am currently working on SWIFT cluster survey to select X-ray clusters. You can check out my website for more info: https://www.nhn.ou.edu/~mishra/main

In Research Group

Xinyu Dai, Associate Professor

Saloni Bhatiani, Graduate Student
Heechan Yuk, Graduate Student