Evan Rich

Graduate Student


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Office: 257 Nielsen Hall


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Research Area

Astrophysics and Cosmology


"Thermal Infrared Imaging and Atmospheric Modeling of VHS J125601.92-125723.9 b: Evidence for Moderately Thick Clouds and Equilibrium Carbon Chemistry in a Hierarchical Triple System," Rich, E., Currie, T., Wisniewski, J., Hashimoto, J., Brandt, T., Carson, J., Kuzuhara, M., & Uyama, T., ApJ, in press, (2016)

"Near-IR Polarized Scattered Light Imagery of the DoAr 28 Transitional Disk," Rich, E., Wisniewski, J. et al, AJ, 150, 86, (2015) ADS: 2015AJ....150...86R

In Research Group

John Wisniewski, Presidential Professor, Associate Professor

Brennan Kerkstra, Graduate Student
Kellen Lawson, Graduate Student