Daniel Vagie

Graduate Student


B.S. East Stroudsburg University 2015



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Office: 406 Nielsen Hall


Research Area

High Energy Particle Physics

Research Description

The primary focus of my studies is to investigate the role gravitational waves may play in discovering new physics. My research can be broken down into two main topics: pursuing a deeper understanding of gravitational waves originating from phase transitions in the early universe and using gravitational waves to probe hidden scalar sectors. I am interested in using new physics models to determine the parameter space that can produce a strongly first order phase transition and have a signal to noise ratio above the threshold of detection by future space based detectors such as LISA. There are still many uncertainties that need to be settled and I plan to develop a better understanding of the dynamics of phase transitions and their role in generating gravitational waves, particularly in an expanding universe. Early universe gravitational waves not only offer an opportunity to understand early universe cosmology but also complement collider search experiments. I am also broadly interested in physics beyond the Standard Model in areas such as dark matter, the strong CP problem, cosmic strings, extended Higgs sectors and boson stars.

List of my recent papers may be found at https://inspirehep.net/authors/1722660 .

In Research Group

Kuver Sinha, Assistant Professor, Carl T. Bush Professor of Theoretical Physics

Huaike Guo, Post Doc