Doerte Blume




Fellow of the American Physical Society



B.S. 1995 Georg-August University

Ph. D. 1998 Georg-August University



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Ph: (405) 325-6079

Office: Lin Hall 214


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Research Description

My research interests fall into the area of cold atom and few-body physics. Specifically, I am interested in developing a bottom-up understanding of quantum mechanical systems in terms of a few key parameters. Cold atom systems provide excellent model systems in this quest. A key goal is to identify “building blocks” that provide an intuitive means to understand larger systems and/or serve as starting points for developing many-body theories. My research utilizes analytical and numerical techniques, and the development of new or improved algorithms is one the group’s strengths.

Selected Publications

"K-matrix formulation of two-particle scattering in a waveguide in the presence of one-dimensional spin-orbit coupling," S.-J. Wang, Q. Guan, and D. Blume, Phys. Rev. A, 98, 022708, (2018)

"Three-Boson Spectrum in the Presence of 1D Spin-Orbit Coupling: Efimov’s Generalized Radial Scaling Law," G. Guan and D. Blume, Phys. Rev. X, 8, 021057, (2018)

"Harmonically trapped four-boson system," D. Blume, M. W. C. Sze, and J. L. Bohn, Phys. Rev. A, 97, 033621, (2018)

"Hyperspherical lowest-order constrained-variational approximation to resonant Bose-Einstein condensates," M. W. C. Sze, A. G. Sykes, D. Blume, and J. L. Bohn, Phys. Rev. A, 97, 033608, (2018)

"Analytical coupled-channels treatment of two-body scattering in the presence of three-dimensional isotropic spin-orbit coupling," Q. Guan, D. Blume, Physics. Rev. A, 95, 020702, (2017)

"Path integral Monte Carlo determination of the fourth-order virial coefficient for unitary two-component Fermi gas with zero-range interactions," Yangqian Yan, D. Blume, Phys. Rev. Lett., 116, 230401, (2016)

"Scattering framework for two particles with isotropic spin-orbit coupling applicable to all energies," Q. Guan, D. Blume, Phys. Rev. A, 94, 022706, (2016)

See more publications.

See more publications.

Research Group

Jianwen Jie, Post Doc
Jugal Talukdar, Graduate Student