Department News

Dec 18, 2020 - Update from the Community and Inclusion Committee

The departmental Community and Inclusion Committee was formed in summer 2020. It currently has eight members: one undergraduate student, two graduate students, one postdoctoral researcher, one staff member, and three faculty members. The committee is proud to launch its website; please check it out at

The committee worked on a number of initiatives this semester, including creation and approval of a departmental Code of Conduct ( and a departmental “Drop Box” ( We look forward to receiving your suggestions, ideas, and feedback through the Drop Box or via email ( The Drop Box can also be used to submit anonymous comments on a sensitive subject, related to any member/aspect(s) of the department. The committee members would like to thank the faculty for comments and feedback on earlier drafts of the Code of Conduct and Drop Box.

The committee has also been working to promote the concept of shared leadership within the department. We are happy to report that the Undergraduate Studies Committee, the Graduate Studies Committee, and the Graduate Recruiting and Selection Committee now have student representation. Many thanks to Jamie Boyd, AJ Yates, Dave Hill, Geo Jose, Adam Moss, and Joe Muse for agreeing to serve on these committees!

Stay tuned for the first Town Hall meeting of the Community and Inclusion Committee, which will take place at the beginning of the Spring 2021 semester.

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