Sep 03, 2020 3:45 pm - Virtual - Colloquium
Nate Kaib - OU
The Active Dynamical Histories of Planetary Systems (Ours and Others)

N-body simulations of planetary dynamics are a powerful tool to peer into the poorly constrained spatial regions and earlier epochs of our solar system as well as those of other planetary systems. Here I review recent work my group has undertaken to better understand the migration of our giant planets, the timing and nature of an orbital instability within the outer solar system, the formation of Mars, and the existence of an additional distant planet in our solar system. In addition, I will provide an overview of our ongoing studies of the dynamical evolution of planetary systems residing within multi-star systems, in particular weakly bound multiple stars within the galactic field environment as well as more tightly bound binary stars residing in star clusters.

link to view (please copy & paste to your browser): https://mymedia.ou.edu/media/Nathan+Kaib-+Colloquium+9+3/1_fdokwlsc