Jul 19, 2018 7:00 pm - Sam Noble Museum of Natural History - Postcards from the Universe
Dr. Nate Kaib - OU
The Solar System's Adolescent Years

Although our Solar System’s properties are nearly unchanged over human timescales, this is not necessarily the case over geological or astronomical timescales. Over the last two decades, a great deal of evidence has emerged that our solar system’s planets, comets, and asteroids have gone through at least one period of upheaval that led to major changes in their orbits. In particular, after our outer giant planets finished forming, we believe that they passed through a violent instability that led to the ejection of one or more planets to interstellar space. This instability also had major effects on the inner solar system where Earth is located. In this talk, I will review the evidence for this instability and discuss recent research on exactly when it occurred.