Jan 14, 2020 3:45 pm - Nielsen Hall 170 (Neal F. Lane Auditorium) - Colloquium
Mark Jen-Hao Ku - Harvard University and University of Maryland
Exploring Quantum Materials with Atomic Qubit Sensor

We are witnessing a revolution in which quantum phenomena are being harnessed for next-generation technology. A central challenge in this effort is to gain detailed insights in the behaviors of electrons and spins in quantum materials and nano-devices. In this context, quantum sensing technology realized with nitrogen vacancy (NV) center in diamond has emerged as a powerful probe of advanced materials and devices due to its ability to sense magnetic field with high spatial resolution over wide temperature and dynamic range. In this talk, I will discuss our application of NV qubit magnetometry to study novel correlated electronic and spin phenomena. These include viscous flow of electron fluid in graphene, coherent spin-waves driven by spin-orbit torque, and low-dimensional superconductivity in few-layer cuprate. Looking forward, I will highlight opportunities for advancing the frontiers of quantum materials and quantum technology enabled by NVs and other solid-state atomic qubits.