Apr 22, 2021 3:45 pm - Virtual - Colloquium
Amy V. Walker - UT Dallas
Building a New Materials Toolkit: Using Surface Chemistry to Direct the Morphology and Deposition of Thin Films and Nanoobjects

Novel and advanced materials and devices for sensors, actuators, molecular and organic electronics, photovoltaics have many exciting applications including in healthcare, electronics, and energy harvesting and generation. However, for these to become integrated into everyday practical devices there are many challenges to be addressed. Perhaps the largest challenge is to direct and control the deposition of materials from the molecular scale to the mesoscale. Further these materials, whether nano-objects or thin films must be integrated into complex functional structures in a predictable and controlled way. In this talk we will describe our recent progress in synthesizing in situ with precise placement both nano-objects and films of two-dimensional materials, in particular transition metal dichalcogenides. We exploit our understanding of the common features of gas-phase and solution-based deposition methods to formulate design guidelines to control the in situ synthesis and placement of these complex materials with nanoscale precision, and to develop new faster, precise deposition processes.