Sep 10, 2020 3:45 pm - Virtual - Colloquium
Carlos Wagner - Chicago
Open Questions in Particle Physics

The Standard Model of Particle Physics is perhaps the most successful theory developed in the history of mankind.  It explains a large diversity of physical phenomena, from what holds atoms and nuclei together, to the accurate prediction of the transformation (decay) of heavy particles into lighter ones, and of observables that have been measured with a precision of more than a part in a billion. Moreover, the discovery of the Higgs confirms the Standard Model explanation of the origin of the mass of elementary particles. This amazing theory, however, leaves many open questions. The most puzzling feature is that the Standard Model could have in principle answered many of them, but missed its chance to do so. I will discuss these missed opportunities, thereby describing the properties of this beautiful but complex theory. I will also briefly present the paths we have taken to solve these mysteries of nature by going beyond the Standard Model description. 


Link to view (copy & paste to brower): https://mymedia.ou.edu/media/Carlos+Wagner-+Colloquium+9+10/1_miqatp7x