Oct 05, 2017 4:00 pm - Nielsen Hall 170 - Colloquium
Michael Ratz - UC Irvine
Towards a Unified Description of Nature

The standard model of particle physics yields an excellent description of
measurements at collider experiments. Yet it contains a large number of
continuous parameters that have to be adjusted to fit observations. On the other
hand, the structure of the standard model hints at a simpler scheme. In
particular, grand unified theories (GUTs) provide us with a more elegant
framework by unifying the symmetries and the matter content of the standard

In the talk, I will discuss the virtues and problems of GUTs. I will argue that
the problems can only be overcome with extra dimensions. I will then discuss how
the corresponding higher-dimensional GUTs are realized in explicit
string-derived models, which reproduce the (supersymmetric) standard model.
Finally I will comment on how one may conceivably probe such stringy models of
particle physics in future experiments.