Colloquium Schedule - Spring 2020

Thursdays - 3:45 pm in Nielsen Hall 170.

Coffee and cookies are served at 3:15 pm in the Nielsen Hall Atrium.

The Physics and Astronomy colloquium is a forum for invited scientists to present modern research in a fashion accessible to those with a background in physics, but who are not experts in the field. Talks are aimed at a graduate level.

If you have questions about our colloquia, please contact Ferah Munshi at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)




Jan 14 Mark Jen-Hao Ku Exploring Quantum Materials with Atomic Qubit Sensor
Santos Harvard University and University of Maryland
Jan 16 Bihui Zhu Exploring quantum many-body physics in dipolar systems
Blume Harvard University
Jan 21 Itamar Kimchi 'Dirty' Quantum Magnets
Blume University of Colorado, Boulder
Jan 23 Richard Schmidt Exploring polarons: From cold atoms to two-dimensional materials
Blume Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Garching
Jan 28 Julia Wildeboer Quantum many-body physics beyond the ground state
Blume Arizona State University
Jan 30 Thomas G. Folland Infrared Polaritonics: Coupling Long Wavelength Light to Quantum Systems
Santos Vanderbilt University
Feb 11 Madalina Furis A Condensed Matter Physics Perspective on Small Molecule Electronics
Santos University of Vermont
Feb 13 Nicholas Laurita Shining Light On Quantum Materials
Santos Caltech
Feb 18 Chong Zu Quantum sensing at high pressures
Marino University of California, Berkeley
Feb 20 Wenchao Xu Quantum nonlinear medium engineering with Rydberg polaritons
Marino MIT
Feb 27 Qiyu Liang Simulating the quantum world with ultracold atoms
Marino University of Maryland / NIST
Mar 05 Holland Ford Hubble Troubles: From the Space Shuttle Challenger Tragedy to Spherical Aberration
Gutierrez Distinguished Alumni
Mar 12 Tuguldur Sukhbold Islands of Explosions in a Sea of Implosions: THIS TALK HAS BEEN CANCELED AND WILL HOPEFULLY BE RESCHEDULED IN THE FALL!!!
Baron Ohio State University
Apr 09 Jessica Metcalfe Multi-Boson Physics at the Large Hadron Collider
Stupak Argonne National Lab

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