Colloquium Schedule - Fall 2019

Thursdays - 3:45 pm in Nielsen Hall 170.

Coffee and cookies are served at 3:15 pm in the Nielsen Hall Atrium.

The Physics and Astronomy colloquium is a forum for invited scientists to present modern research in a fashion accessible to those with a background in physics, but who are not experts in the field. Talks are aimed at a graduate level.

If you have questions about our colloquia, please contact Ferah Munshi at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)




Aug 29 Don Booth Measuring the electric dipole moment of the Radium-225 nucleus
Schwettmann ANL
Sep 05 Tim Bolton DUNE: the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
Stupak Kansas State
Sep 12 Othmane Rifki Higgs as a probe for dark matter
Abbott CERN
Sep 17 (Tuesday) Arne Schwettmann Harnessing entanglement in microwave-dressed sodium spinor Bose-Einstein condensates
Santos OU
Sep 19 Mateo Mitrano Controlling quantum materials with light
Uchoa Illinois
Sep 26 Krista Lynne Smith High-Energy Astrophysics with Exoplanet Satellites: AGN, Jets, and Blazars
Wisniewski/Dai Stanford
Oct 03 Rachael Beaton Engineering the Measurement of the Hubble Constant
Munshi Princeton
Oct 10 Heather Cegla Probing the surfaces of Sun-like stars using and 3D magnetohydrodynamical simulations and transiting planets
Baron Geneva
Oct 17 Dorival Gonçalves The Higgs gateway to new physics: First steps into terra incognita
Sinha OSU
Oct 24 Salahuddin Ahmad Clinical and Research opportunities of Medical Physics at OUHSC
Oct 31 Mayukh Lahiri Path Identity in Imaging and Quantum Information Science
Marino OSU
Nov 07 Tim Tait Searching for Particle Dark Matter
Sinha UC Irvine
Nov 14 Mark Saffman Scalable quantum computing with neutral atoms
Blume Wisconsin
Nov 21 Steven Girvin Introduction to Quantum Error Correction: Schrödinger meets Maxwell’s Demon
Mullen Yale
Dec 05 Gwen Eadie TBD
Munshi University of Toronto

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Apr 09, 2020 3:45 pm

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