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Aug 06, 2018 - Marino wins NSF CAREER grant

OU physics professor Alberto Marino is the recipient of a National Science Foundation CAREER (Faculty Early Career Development Program) Award in the amount of $500,000. Alberto will study new possibilities for the use of the spatial degree of freedom in applications ranging from long-distance quantum communications to quantum imaging. The use of that degree of freedom in long-distance quantum networks can bring about a revolution to the field of quantum information science by making it possible to transmit large amounts of information through a quantum channel. The implementation of a source with such capability has a wide range of transformative applications, such as secure communications, information processing and distributed quantum computing.

This research will be integrated with an education program that will develop the problem-solving skills of undergraduate students through participation in research and teaching laboratories. Another outreach opportunity will involve high school teachers from the NSF Research in Engineering and Teaching Program. Efforts will be made to involve underrepresented groups in the research program. 


Aug 01, 2018 - The Formation and Evolution of Multiple Protostar Systems

Dr. Nathan Kaib has been awarded $287,987.00 by the National Science Foundation

Aug 01, 2018 - Spin and Spatial Correlations of Few-body Systems

Dr. Doerte Blume has been awarded $95,380.00 by the National Science Foundation

Jul 01, 2018 - Infrared Detectors with Narrow Turnable Linewidths

Dr. Michael Santos has been awarded $45,000.00 by OCAST-OARS

Jul 01, 2018 - CAREER: Control of Spatial Quantum Correlations for Enhanced Quantum Networks

Dr. Alberto Marino has been awarded $105,401.00 by the National Science Foundation.

Jun 07, 2018 - Dabbieri named 2018 Astronaut Scholar

HDL student Collin Dabbieri has been named one of the 2018/19 Astronaut Scholars of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF). This scholarship recognizes an elite group of students in the US with exemplary academic performance, ingenuity and unique aptitude for research.

The incoming Astronaut Scholars are invited to attend the ASF Innovators Gala in Washington DC in September, where they will receive the Neil Armstrong Award of Excellence, recognizing their achievements. An astronaut will present all Astronaut Scholars with their award on stage during the Saturday night gala.  

Congrats Collin!

May 16, 2018 - EW Step 2: Understanding the Evolution of the Primordial Kuiper Belt During the Solary System’s Earl

Dr. Nathan Kaib has been awarded $115,000.00 by NASA Headquarters

May 07, 2018 - Matt Clements leads work exploring the early history of Mars

A University of Oklahoma astrophysics team led by Matt Clement explains why the growth of Mars was stunted by an orbital instability among the outer solar system's giant planets in a new study on the evolution of the young solar system.  Read more about the press release 

Apr 11, 2018 - Matthew Peters named 2018 Goldwater Scholar

OU physics/astronomy major Matthew Peters has been named a 2018 Goldwater Scholar.  Read more about Matthew's success here: Goldwater Scholar.  Congrats Matthew!!

Apr 01, 2018 - Linking the Jet, Inner Disk, and Outer Disk of HD163296

Dr. John Wisniewski has been awarder $77,000.00 by the Space Telescope Science Institute

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