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This will hopefully grow as other former alumni send us photos.

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Dr. Indestructo Video

Dr Indestructo (aka OU emeritus David Ross Boyd professor Dr Stu Ryan) presented a final performance of his physics demo extravaganza on Oct 24, 2014 at the Homer L. Dodge Department of Physics & Astronomy reunion event.


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Where Are They Now?

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Arthur Altshiller, BS 1961-1963
Kanwaldip Anant, BS 1983-1987
Hilary Appen, BS 1980-1985
Steven Babin, BS 1972-1980
Gregory Benford, BS 1959-1963
Roger Berry, BS 1983-1990
Christy Blankenship, BS 1987-1994
Myra Blaylock, BS 1995-1999
Michelle Bullard, BS 1991-1997
Eric Butcher, BS 1987-1993
Matt Cagle, BS 1994-1999
Mike Calkins, BS 1983-1987
Andy Kher Win Cheng, BS 1994-1996
Bob Coleman, BS 1956-1960
Kevin Conley, BS 1986-1990

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