Alumni Information

You can view the information provided by any of our alumni below. You can limit the people shown by using the category tabs above. Or, you can use our Alumni Search page to narrow your choices. We would also welcome you to add or update your information by using our Alumni Information Form.

Jeffrey Foster Friedman, PhD 1969-1992
Tom Gibson, PhD 1977-1982
Terry Goforth, PhD 1982-1990
Michael A. Goldman, PhD 1962-1967
John Goulden, PhD 1981-1988
Isaac Hall, PhD 1999-2007
Charles Hathaway, PhD 1959-1965
Chuck Hembree, PhD 1989-1993
Jim Hicks, PhD 1997-2004
Joseph Howard, PhD 1990-1998
William Isaacs, PhD 1989-1996
Robert Jayroe, PhD 1958-1972
John Jobe, PhD 1963-1968
Giti Khodaparast, PhD 1995-2001
John Kuehler, PhD 1988-1995

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