Alumni Information

You can view the information provided by any of our alumni below. You can limit the people shown by using the category tabs above. Or, you can use our Alumni Search page to narrow your choices. We would also welcome you to add or update your information by using our Alumni Information Form.

Arthur Altshiller, BS 1961-1963
Kanwaldip Anant, BS 1983-1987
Hilary Appen, BS 1980-1985
Steven Babin, BS 1972-1980
Gregory Benford, BS 1959-1963
Roger Berry, BS 1983-1990
Christy Blankenship, BS 1987-1994
Myra Blaylock, BS 1995-1999
Michelle Bullard, BS 1991-1997
Eric Butcher, BS 1987-1993
Matt Cagle, BS 1994-1999
Mike Calkins, BS 1983-1987
Andy Kher Win Cheng, BS 1994-1996
Bob Coleman, BS 1956-1960
Kevin Conley, BS 1986-1990

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