Zsolt Szilagyi

Zsolt Szilagyi - MS 1963, at OU 1957-1962, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
As of May 11, 2008:

Retired; Formerly:Astrophysics: Analyzed the flight data of the rocket experiment detecting x-rays the very first time seen emanating from the outside of the solar system ('62). Codeveloped the first x-ray telescope, and proposed, designed, built and flown many of them on spaceflight experiments. Obtained the first soft x-ray photograph of the sun 10/15/63. Co-authored 7 scientific documents with R. Giaccomi, the '02 physics Nobel laureate. Electro-optics: co-inventor and patentee of "All Solid State Radiation Imagers" (filed 9/6/68) at Philips Labs. Left physics in '72 and became an optometrist.