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I'm working half time for Boston College's Institute for Scientific Research, for the Space Vehicle Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory, in Albuquerque, after 20 years of full time work at BC. I go to AFRL every other month from home on Hilton Head Island, SC (off the coast of Savannah). At the lab, I mostly utilize an apparatus originally built at OU, which is still turning out data on new processes, and a high-temperature version put together by some ex-OU people: Jeff Friedman, Melani Menendez, and me. Most all of that work through 2011 has been summarized in chapters in Advances in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics: "Thermal electron attachment and detachment in gases," 51, 299-342 (2005), and "Teaching an old dog new tricks: Using the flowing afterglow to measure kinetics of electron attachment to radicals, ion-ion mutual neutralization, and electron-catalyzed mutual neutralization," 61, 209-293 (2012). I still see a few ex-OU people now and then, like Jeff, Diane Powell, Chun Lin, and A.T. Stair, and try to get to OU every 5 years or so. This might be an appropriate place to plug the OU films "Women in Physics (1975)" and "Women in Physics at Work (1978)" on YouTube: , or just search YouTube for "University of Oklahoma Women in Physics". Also, Stu Ryan and me on TV in 1988 on YouTube: .