Bob Twist

Bob Twist - PhD 1979, at OU 1963-1979, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
As of Mar 17, 2010:

1995-2008 MWD Survey Systems, Inc. owner, build magnetic calibration laboratories in which to calibrate magnetic borehole survey tools used in directional drilling. customers: BJ Services in Calgary, Canada and Sperry-Sundrilling services, Houston, Texas. in addition, built magnetic Quality Assurance facilities in Stavanger, Norwas, Aberdeen, Scotland, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Anaco, Venezuela. installed nuclear logging calibration facilities in Dead Horse (Prudoe Bay), Alaska. 1993-1994: performed research on a neutron porosity nuclear well logging tool for Baker-Hughes, Houston, Texas 1988-1992 performed research on nuclear density and porosity well loging tools, devised a method of determining when a drill string was rotating un-centered in the borehole and of detecting whirling of the drill string. Results: 2 US patents granted and 4 foreign patent filings. 1981-1988: measured the optical excitation function for low energy electron collisions on low pressure HgBr2. Work was related to project Emerald Green having to do with communications with submerged submarines. employer: UES, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. worked for UES, Beaver Creek Ohio. US government contact person: Dr. Alan Garscadden, Chief Scientist, Propulsion Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. 1979-1981: measured the drift and diffusion of selected ions in dilute rare gases. this was a post doc position at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, worked for Professor Earl McDaniel 1971-1979: Graduate School, Physics Dept. University of Oklahoma. 1967-1968: Platoon leader/Site commander in the Southern Highlands of Vietnam. First Lt. in the Army Signal Corps.