PIRA 1000

		1000	C	MECHANICS			
		1A00.00	C	MEASUREMENT			
		1A10.00	C	Basic Units			
PIRA 1000	1A10.10	P	basic unit set			
PIRA 200	1A10.20	P	standards of mass		"Show students 1 lb, 1 kg, 1 slug masses."	
PIRA 500	1A10.30	P	standards of length			
PIRA 200	1A10.35	P	meter stick		Set out a standard meter.	
PIRA 1000	1A10.36	P	"""1 nsec"""			
PIRA 1000	1A10.38	P	body units			
PIRA 500	1A10.40	P	clocks			
PIRA 1000	1A10.45	P	WWV signal			
PIRA 1000	1A10.50	P	one liter cube			
PIRA 1000	1A10.55	P	"mass, volume, and density"			
PIRA 1000	1A10.60	P	Avogadro's number box			
PIRA 1000	1A10.65	P	mole samples			
PIRA 1000	1A10.70	P	density samples		
		1A20.00	C	Error and Accuracy		
PIRA 1000	1A20.10	P	Gaussian collision board		
PIRA 1000	1A20.20	P	coin flip		
PIRA 1000	1A20.25	P	dice		
PIRA 1000	1A20.50	P	weight judgment		
PIRA 1000	1A20.60	P	reaction time		
		1A30.00	C	Coordinate Systems		
PIRA 500	1A30.10	P	XYZ Axes		
PIRA 1000	1A30.30	P	polar coordinates		
PIRA 500	1A30.40	P	chalkboard globe		
PIRA 1000	1A30.41	P	blackboard hemisphere		
		1A40.00	C	Vectors		
PIRA 200	1A40.10	P	components of a vector		Arrows define a three dimensional coordinate system. An arbitrary vector is viewed in the three planes.
PIRA 1000	1A40.14	P	vector components animation		
PIRA 1000	1A40.20	P	folding rule		
PIRA 1000	1A40.25	P	tinker toys		
PIRA 1000	1A40.30	P	magnetic vector addition		
PIRA 1000	1A40.31	P	vector addition (parallelogram)		
PIRA 1000	1A40.33	P	vector addition (head to tail)		
PIRA 1000	1A40.35	P	Vernier Vector Addition II		
PIRA 1000	1A40.40	P	resultant of vectors		
PIRA 1000	1A40.70	P	vector dot products		
PIRA 1000	1A40.75	P	vector cross products		
		1A50.00	C	Math Topics		
PIRA 200	1A50.10	P	radian disc		A flexible strip of plastic equal to the radius is bent around the edge of a circle.
		1A60.00	C	Scalling		
PIRA 200	1A60.10	P	Powers of Ten		"""Powers of Ten"" is a film covering scales from the universe to sub-atomic."
PIRA 1000	1A60.20	P	scaling model for biological systems		
PIRA 1000	1A60.30	P	2:1 scaling		
PIRA 1000	1A60.40	P	scaling cube		
		1C10.00	C	Velocity		
PIRA 200	1C10.10	P	bulldozer on moving sheet/2D		A bulldozer runs at constant speed on a moving paper to show how velocities add and subtract.
PIRA 1000	1C10.20	P	PASCO dynamics cart		
PIRA 500	1C10.25	P	air track and glider		
PIRA 1000	1C10.27	P	velocity -air track and glider		
PIRA 1000	1C10.30	P	approaching instantaneous velocity		
PIRA 1000	1C10.60	P	muzzle velocity		
PIRA 1000	1C10.65	P	muzzle velocity - disc		
		1C20.00	C	Uniform Acceleration		
PIRA 200	1C20.10	P	penny and feather		"Drop a penny and feather in a glass tube, first full of air and then evacuated."
PIRA 1000	1C20.12	P	hammer and feather on Moom		
PIRA 1000	1C20.15	P	drop lead and cork balls		
PIRA 1000	1C20.16	P	drop ball and paper		
PIRA 500	1C20.20	P	equal time equal distance drop		
PIRA 500	1C20.30	P	inclined air track		
PIRA 500	1C20.40	P	blinky track		
PIRA 1000	1C20.41	P	blinky track with graphs		
		1C30.00	C	Measuring g		
PIRA 200	1C30.10	P	free fall timer		"A ball is timed as it drops .5m, 1m, 1.5m, or 2m."
PIRA 1000	1C30.15	P	little big ball dropper		
PIRA 1000	1C30.20	P	big big ball dropper		
PIRA 1000	1C30.40	P	falling drops		
PIRA 1000	1C30.55	P	catch a meter stick		
		1D10.00	C	Displacement in Two Dimensions		
PIRA 1000	1D10.10	P	ball in a tube		
PIRA 1000	1D10.20	P	cycloid generator		
PIRA 1000	1D10.40	P	mounted wheel		
PIRA 1000	1D10.50	P	ball on the edge of a disc		
		1D15.00	C	"Velocity, Position, and Acceler"		
PIRA 200	1D15.10	P	ultrasonic detector and students		"Have a student walk to and from a sonic ranger while observing plots of position, velocity, and acc."
PIRA 1000	1D15.12	P	Hobbie film loop - AAPT		
PIRA 1000	1D15.15	P	kick a moving ball		
PIRA 500	1D15.20	P	high road low road		
PIRA 1000	1D15.30	P	catching the train		
PIRA 1000	1D15.35	P	passing the train		
PIRA 1000	1D15.40	P	Galileo's circle		
PIRA 1000	1D15.41	P	sliding weights on triangle		
PIRA 1000	1D15.50	P	brachistochrone		
PIRA 1000	1D15.55	P	triple track		
		1D40.00	C	Motion of the Center of Mass		
PIRA 200	1D40.10	P	throw objects		A light disc contains a heavy slug that can be shifted from the center to side. Mark the center of mass.
PIRA 1000	1D40.15	P	loaded bolas		
PIRA 500	1D40.20	P	spinning block		
PIRA 1000	1D40.22	P	air table center of mass		
PIRA 1000	1D40.35	P	earth moon system		
PIRA 1000	1D40.50	P	air track pendulum glider		
PIRA 1000	1D40.55	P	air track inchworm		
		1D50.00	C	Central Forces		
PIRA 200	1D50.10	P	ball on a string		Tie a lightweight ball to a sting and twirl around in a vertical circle.
PIRA 1000	1D50.15	P	arrow on a disc		
PIRA 1000	1D50.20	P	whirligig		
PIRA 500	1D50.25	P	conical pendulum		
PIRA 1000	1D50.26	P	plane on a string		
PIRA 1000	1D50.30	P	carnival ride model		
PIRA 200	1D50.40	P	pail of water		Swing a bucket of water in a verticle circle over your head.
PIRA 1000	1D50.45	P	penny on a coat hanger		
PIRA 1000	1D50.48	P	balls on a propeller		
PIRA 1000	1D50.50	P	Welch centripetal force		
PIRA 1000	1D50.60	P	banked track		
PIRA 1000	1D50.70	P	rolling chain		
		1D52.00	C	Deformation by Central Forces		
PIRA 500	1D52.10	P	flattening earth		
PIRA 1000	1D52.20	P	water parabola		
PIRA 1000	1D52.21	P	rotating water troughs		
PIRA 1000	1D52.30	P	balls in water centrifuge		
PIRA 1000	1D52.35	P	water and mercury centrifuge		
PIRA 1000	1D52.40	P	rotating candle		
PIRA 1000	1D52.50	P	paper saw		
PIRA 1000	1D52.61	P	rotating rubber wheel		
		1D55.00	C	Centrifugal Escape		
PIRA 500	1D55.10	P	broken ring		
PIRA 1000	1D55.11	P	the big omega		
PIRA 500	1D55.15	P	release ball on a string		
PIRA 1000	1D55.20	P	grinding wheel		
PIRA 1000	1D55.23	P	spinning disc with water		
PIRA 1000	1D55.30	P	falling off the merry-go-round		
		1D60.00	C	Projectile Motion		
PIRA 1000	1D60.05	P	ball to throw		
PIRA 200	1D60.10	P	howitzer and tunnel		A ball fired vertically from cart moving horizontally falls back into the muzzle.
PIRA 1000	1D60.15	P	howitzer and tunnel on incline		
PIRA 1000	1D60.16	P	vertical gun on accelerated car		
PIRA 200	1D60.20	P	simultaneous fall		Two balls simultaneously dropped and projected horizontally hit the floor together.
PIRA 200	1D60.30	P	monkey and hunter		"A gun shoots at a target, released when the gun is fired. The ball hits the target in midair."
PIRA 500	1D60.40	P	range of a gun		
PIRA 1000	1D60.50	P	parabolic path through rings		
PIRA 1000	1D60.55	P	parabolic trajectory on incline		
PIRA 1000	1D60.60	P	parabolic trajectory		
PIRA 1000	1D60.65	P	water stream trajectory		
		1E10.00	C	Moving Reference Frames		
PIRA 500	1E10.10	P	crossing the river		
PIRA 500	1E10.20	P	Frames of Reference film		
		1E20.00	C	Rotating Reference Frames		
PIRA 500	1E20.10	P	Foucault pendulum		
PIRA 1000	1E20.20	P	Foucault pendulum model		
PIRA 1000	1E20.30	P	Foucault pendulum latitude model
PIRA 1000	1E20.50	P	rotating room
		1E30.00	C	Coriolis Effect
PIRA 1000	1E30.10	P	draw the coriolis curve - vertical
PIRA 1000	1E30.11	P	draw the coriolis curve
PIRA 1000	1E30.13	P	coriolis overhead transparency
PIRA 1000	1E30.20	P	coriolis gun
PIRA 1000	1E30.28	P	coriolis ball on turntable
PIRA 1000	1E30.50	P	rotating TV camera
		1F10.00	C	Measuring Inertia
PIRA 1000	1F10.10	P	inertia balance
PIRA 1000	1F10.11	P	inertia balance - leaf spring
PIRA 1000	1F10.20	P	inertia bongs
PIRA 1000	1F10.25	P	foam rocks
		1F20.00	C	Inertia of Rest
PIRA 200	1F20.10	P	inertia balls		Break the string on the top or bottom of a suspended mass.
PIRA 1000	1F20.11	P	bowling ball inertia balls		
PIRA 1000	1F20.15	P	inertia block		
PIRA 1000	1F20.20	P	smash your hand		
PIRA 1000	1F20.22	P	hit the nail on the head		
PIRA 1000	1F20.25	P	smash block on bed of nails		
PIRA 500	1F20.30	P	tablecloth pull		
PIRA 1000	1F20.33	P	inertia cylinder		
PIRA 1000	1F20.34	P	coin/card snap		
PIRA 500	1F20.35	P	eggs and pizza pan		
PIRA 1000	1F20.36	P	pin and embroidery hoop		
PIRA 1000	1F20.40	P	stick on wine glasses		
PIRA 1000	1F20.50	P	shifted air track inertia		
		1F30.00	C	Inertia of Motion		
PIRA 200	1F30.10	P	persistence of motion (air track)		A single cart on the air track.
PIRA 1000	1F30.21	P	water hammer		
PIRA 1000	1F30.30	P	car on cart on cart		
PIRA 1000	1F30.40	P	nail by hand		
PIRA 1000	1F30.50	P	pencil and plywood		
		1G10.00	C	"Force, Mass, and Acceleration"		
PIRA 500	1G10.10	P	"glider, mass, and pulley on air track"		
PIRA 1000	1G10.11	P	constant mass acceleration system		
PIRA 1000	1G10.15	P	roller cart and bunge loop		
PIRA 1000	1G10.16	P	Strang gage		
PIRA 1000	1G10.20	P	accelerated car		
PIRA 1000	1G10.22	P	accelerated instructor		
PIRA 1000	1G10.25	P	acceleration block		
PIRA 1000	1G10.30	P	mass on a scale		
PIRA 200	1G10.40	P	Atwood's machine		Two equal masses are hung from a light pulley. A small percentage of one mass is moved to the other side.
		1G20.00	C	Accelerated Reference Frames		
PIRA 1000	1G20.10	P	candle in a bottle		
PIRA 1000	1G20.20	P	ball in a thrown tube		
PIRA 1000	1G20.30	P	leaky pail drop		
PIRA 500	1G20.40	P	cup and weights		
PIRA 1000	1G20.45	P	dropped slinky		
PIRA 500	1G20.70	P	local vertical with acceleration		
PIRA 1000	1G20.76	P	suspended ball accelerometers		
PIRA 1000	1G20.80	P	cart and elastic band		
PIRA 1000	1G20.85	P	acceleration pendulum cart		
		1G30.00	C	Complex Systems		
PIRA 1000	1G30.20	P	"mass on spring, on balance"		
PIRA 1000	1G30.30	P	hourglass on a balance		
		1H10.00	C	Action and Reaction		
PIRA 200	1H10.10	P	push me pull me carts		Two people stand on roller carts and both pull on a rope or push with a long stick.
PIRA 1000	1H10.15	P	reaction air gliders		
PIRA 1000	1H10.20	P	Newton's sailboat		
PIRA 1000	1H10.25	P	heilicopter rotor		
		1H11.00	C	Recoil		
PIRA 500	1H11.10	P	floor cart and medicine ball		
PIRA 1000	1H11.11	P	stool on conveyor		
PIRA 200	1H11.20	P	tennis ball cannon		A cannon on wheels shoots a tennis ball.
PIRA 1000	1H11.30	P	liquid nitrogen cannon		
		1J10.00	C	Finding Center of Gravity		
PIRA 200	1J10.10	P	map of state		"Suspend a map of the state from holes drilled at large cities to find the ""center of the state""."
PIRA 1000	1J10.20	P	loaded beam - moving scales		
PIRA 500	1J10.25	P	center of gravity of a broom		
PIRA 1000	1J10.26	P	balance beam and bat		
PIRA 500	1J10.30	P	meter stick on fingers		
		1J11.00	C	Exceeding Center of Gravity		
PIRA 500	1J11.10	P	leaning tower of Pisa		
PIRA 1000	1J11.11	P	toppling cylinders		
PIRA 1000	1J11.12	P	irregular object center of mass		
PIRA 1000	1J11.15	P	tipping block on incline		
PIRA 200	1J11.20	P	leaning tower of Lire		Stack blocks stairstep fashion until the top block sticks out beyond any part of the bottom block.
PIRA 1000	1J11.40	P	male and female center of gravity		
PIRA 1000	1J11.50	P	double cone		
		1J20.00	C	"Stable, Unstab., and Neut. Equi"		
PIRA 500	1J20.10	P	bowling ball stability		
PIRA 1000	1J20.11	P	balance the cone		
PIRA 1000	1J20.12	P	wood block stability		
PIRA 1000	1J20.15	P	block on the cylinder		
PIRA 1000	1J20.17	P	block on curved surfaces		
PIRA 1000	1J20.20	P	"fork, spoon, and match"		
PIRA 1000	1J20.25	P	nine nails on one		
PIRA 500	1J20.30	P	sky hook		
PIRA 1000	1J20.32	P	spoon on nose		
PIRA 1000	1J20.35	P	horse and rider		
PIRA 500	1J20.45	P	tightrope walking		
PIRA 1000	1J20.46	P	tightrope walking model		
PIRA 1000	1J20.51	P	chair on a pedestal		
PIRA 1000	1J20.55	P	broom stand		
PIRA 500	1J20.60	P	wine butler		
		1J30.00	C	Resolution of Forces		
PIRA 200	1J30.10	P	suspended block		Forces parallel and perpendicular to the plane will support the car midair when the plane is removed.
PIRA 1000	1J30.15	P	normal force		
PIRA 500	1J30.20	P	tension in a string		
PIRA 200	1J30.25	P	rope and three students		Two large strong students pull on the ends of a rope and a small student pushes down in the middle.
PIRA 1000	1J30.26	P	rope and three weights		
PIRA 1000	1J30.27	P	deflect a rope		
PIRA 1000	1J30.30	P	break wire with hinge		
PIRA 1000	1J30.40	P	horizontal boom		
PIRA 500	1J30.50	P	blackboard force table		
PIRA 1000	1J30.55	P	human force table		
PIRA 1000	1J30.60	P	sail against the wind		
PIRA 1000	1J30.70	P	sand in a tube		
PIRA 1000	1J30.75	P	stand on an egg		
		1J40.00	C	Static Torque		
PIRA 200	1J40.10	P	grip bar		A thin rod mounted perpendicular to a broom handle holds a 1 Kg mass on a sliding collar.
PIRA 1000	1J40.15	P	torque wrench		
PIRA 1000	1J40.16	P	different length wrenches		
PIRA 200	1J40.20	P	meter stick balance		Hang weights from a beam that pivots in the center on a knife edge.
PIRA 1000	1J40.21	P	hinge board		
PIRA 1000	1J40.24	P	walking the plank		
PIRA 1000	1J40.25	P	torque wheel		
PIRA 1000	1J40.27	P	torque double wheel		
PIRA 1000	1J40.30	P	opening a door		
PIRA 1000	1J40.32	P	opening a trapdoor		
PIRA 500	1J40.40	P	loaded beam		
PIRA 1000	1J40.45	P	Galileo lever		
PIRA 500	1J40.50	P	Roberval balance		
PIRA 1000	1J40.60	P	suspended ladder		
PIRA 1000	1J40.65	P	hanging gate		
PIRA 1000	1J40.70	P	crane boom		
PIRA 1000	1J40.75	P	arm model		
		1K10.00	C	Dynamic Torque		
PIRA 500	1K10.10	P	tipping block		
PIRA 1000	1K10.11	P	tipping blocks		
PIRA 200	1K10.20	P	ladder against a wall		Set a model ladder against a box and move a weight up a rung at a time.
PIRA 1000	1K10.25	P	forces on a ladder - full scale		
PIRA 200	1K10.30	P	walking the spool		Pull at various angles on the cord wrapped around the hub of a spool  to move the spool forward or back.
PIRA 1000	1K10.40	P	pull the bike pedal		
PIRA 1000	1K10.41	P	traction force roller		
PIRA 1000	1K10.42	P	extended traction force		
PIRA 1000	1K10.50	P	rolling uphill		
		1K20.00	C	Friction		
PIRA 1000	1K20.05	P	washboard friction model		
PIRA 200	1K20.10	P	friction blocks - surface material		Pull a block with four different surfaces with a spring scale.
PIRA 500	1K20.15	P	weight dependence of friction		
PIRA 500	1K20.20	P	area dependence of friction		
PIRA 200	1K20.30	P	static vs. sliding friction		Use a spring scale and block to show that static friction is greater than sliding friction .
PIRA 500	1K20.35	P	angle of repose		
PIRA 500	1K20.40	P	front and rear brakes		
PIRA 1000	1K20.42	P	friction roller		
PIRA 1000	1K20.45	P	frictional force rotator		
PIRA 1000	1K20.70	P	falling flask capstan		
PIRA 1000	1K20.90	P	air track friction		
		1K30.00	C	Pressure		
PIRA 200	1K30.10	P	bed of nails		"Lie down on a bed of 16d nails on 1"" centers."
PIRA 1000	1K30.20	P	pop the balloons		
		1L00.00	C	GRAVITY		
		1L10.00	C	Univ. Gravitational Constant		
PIRA 200	1L10.10	P	Cavendish balance film loop		Time lapse of the Cavendish experiment.
PIRA 1000	1L10.20	P	Cavendish balance model		
PIRA 500	1L10.30	P	Cavendish balance		
PIRA 1000	1L10.50	P	gravitational field model		
		1L20.00	C	Orbits		
PIRA 1000	1L20.10	P	gravitational well - rubber diaphragm		
PIRA 1000	1L20.36	P	"film ""Motion of Attracting Bodies"""		
PIRA 1000	1L20.40	P	conic sections		
PIRA 1000	1L20.50	P	ellipse drawer		
PIRA 1000	1L20.71	P	"film ""Planetary Motion and Kepler's Laws"""		
		1M10.00	C	Work		
PIRA 1000	1M10.10	P	shelf and block		
PIRA 1000	1M10.15	P	block on table		
PIRA 1000	1M10.16	P	carry a block		
PIRA 200	1M10.20	P	pile driver		Drive a nail into a block of wood with a model pile driver.
PIRA 1000	1M10.25	P	pile driver with pop cans		
		1M20.00	C	Simple Machines		
PIRA 1000	1M20.01	P	simple machine collection		
PIRA 500	1M20.10	P	pulleys		
PIRA 1000	1M20.11	P	pulley advantage		
PIRA 1000	1M20.15	P	pulley and scales		
PIRA 500	1M20.20	P	bosun's chair		
PIRA 1000	1M20.25	P	monkey and bananas		
PIRA 500	1M20.30	P	incline plane		
PIRA 1000	1M20.35	P	big screw as incline plane		
PIRA 1000	1M20.40	P	levers		
PIRA 1000	1M20.45	P	body levers		
		1M30.00	C	Non-Conservative Forces		
PIRA 1000	1M30.10	P	air track collision/sliding mass		
		1M40.00	C	Conservation of Energy		
PIRA 200	1M40.10	P	nose basher		A bowling ball pendulum is held against the nose and allowed to swing out and back.
PIRA 200	1M40.15	P	stopped pendulum		A pendulum started at the height of a reference line reaches the same height when a stop is inserted.
PIRA 200	1M40.20	P	loop the loop		A ball rools down an incline and then around a vertical circle.
PIRA 1000	1M40.23	P	reverse loop the loop		
PIRA 1000	1M40.25	P	energy well track		
PIRA 1000	1M40.30	P	ball in a trough		
PIRA 1000	1M40.33	P	triple track		
PIRA 1000	1M40.35	P	roller coaster		
PIRA 500	1M40.40	P	ballistic pendulum with .22		
PIRA 1000	1M40.41	P	Beck ballistic pendulum		
PIRA 500	1M40.50	P	big yo-yo		
PIRA 500	1M40.60	P	height of a ball		
PIRA 1000	1M40.61	P	1-D trampoline		
PIRA 1000	1M40.63	P	x-squared spring energy dependence		
PIRA 1000	1M40.64	P	spring ping pong gun		
PIRA 1000	1M40.65	P	height of a spring launched ball		
PIRA 1000	1M40.66	P	mechanical jumping bean		
PIRA 1000	1M40.67	P	spring jumper		
PIRA 1000	1M40.75	P	obedient can		
PIRA 1000	1M40.90	P	rattleback		
PIRA 1000	1M40.91	P	high bounce paradox		
		1M50.00	C	Mechanical Power		
PIRA 1000	1M50.10	P	Prony brake		
		1N10.00	C	Impulse and Thrust		
PIRA 1000	1N10.10	P	collision time pendula		
PIRA 500	1N10.15	P	silicone ball on blackboard		
PIRA 200	1N10.20	P	egg in sheet		Throw an egg into a sheet held by two students.
PIRA 500	1N10.25	P	drop egg in water		
PIRA 500	1N10.30	P	pile driver with foam rubber		
PIRA 1000	1N10.35	P	car crashes		
PIRA 1000	1N10.40	P	auto collision videodisc		
PIRA 1000	1N10.70	P	model rocket impulse		
PIRA 1000	1N10.80	P	fire extinguisher thrust		
		1N20.00	C	Conservation of Linear Momentum		
PIRA 500	1N20.10	P	see-saw center of mass		
PIRA 1000	1N20.15	P	car on a rolling board		
PIRA 200	1N20.20	P	sprring apart air track gliders		Burn a string holding a compressed spring between two air gliders.
PIRA 1000	1N20.25	P	elastic band reaction carts		
		1N21.00	C	Mass and Momentum Transfer		
PIRA 500	1N21.10	P	floor carts and medicine ball		
PIRA 1000	1N21.20	P	catapult from cart to cart		
PIRA 1000	1N21.30	P	ballistic air glider		
PIRA 1000	1N21.40	P	drop sandbag on cart		
PIRA 1000	1N21.45	P	vertical catapult from moving cart		
		1N22.00	C	Rockets		
PIRA 200	1N22.10	P	fire extinguisher wagon		Mount a fire extinguisher on a cart and take a ride.
PIRA 1000	1N22.15	P	rocket lift-off video		
PIRA 200	1N22.20	P	water rocket		"Pump a toy water rocket the same number of times, first with only air, and then with water."
PIRA 1000	1N22.25	P	balloon rocket		
PIRA 1000	1N22.30	P	CO2 cartridge rocket		
PIRA 1000	1N22.33	P	rocket around the Moon		
PIRA 1000	1N22.40	P	ball bearing rocket cart		
		1N30.00	C	Collisions in One Dimension		
PIRA 200	1N30.10	P	collision balls		Two balls or many balls on bifilar suspension.
PIRA 1000	1N30.11	P	bowling ball collision balls		
PIRA 1000	1N30.20	P	3:1 collision balls		
PIRA 500	1N30.25	P	impedance match collision balls		
PIRA 1000	1N30.30	P	air track collision gliders		
PIRA 1000	1N30.33	P	equal and unequal mass air track collisions		
PIRA 500	1N30.50	P	bouncing dart		
PIRA 1000	1N30.55	P	elastic and inelastic model		
PIRA 500	1N30.60	P	double ball drop		
PIRA 1000	1N30.65	P	double air glider bounce		
		1N40.00	C	Collisions in Two Dimensions		
PIRA 1000	1N40.10	P	shooting pool		
PIRA 500	1N40.20	P	air table collisions - equal mass		
PIRA 1000	1N40.21	P	air table collisions - unequal mass		
PIRA 1000	1N40.22	P	air table collisions - inelastic		
		1Q10.00	C	Moment of Inertia		
PIRA 200	1Q10.10	P	inertia wands and two students		"Students twirl equal mass wands, one with the mass at the ends and the other with the mass at the middle."
PIRA 1000	1Q10.20	P	torsion pendulum inertia		
PIRA 200	1Q10.30	P	"ring, disc, and sphere"		"A ring, disc, and sphere of the same diameter are rolled down an incline."
PIRA 1000	1Q10.31	P	rolling bodies on incline		
PIRA 500	1Q10.35	P	all discs roll the same		
PIRA 500	1Q10.40	P	racing discs		
PIRA 500	1Q10.50	P	racing soups		
PIRA 1000	1Q10.55	P	weary roller		
PIRA 1000	1Q10.70	P	rigid and non-rigid rollers		
		1Q20.00	C	Rotational Energy		
PIRA 200	1Q20.10	P	whirlybird (adj. ang. mom.)		A weight on a string wrapped around a wheel drives a radial rod with adjustable weights.
PIRA 1000	1Q20.15	P	flywheel and drum with wieght		
PIRA 1000	1Q20.20	P	angular acceleration wheel		
PIRA 1000	1Q20.25	P	accelerate light and heavy pulleys		
PIRA 500	1Q20.30	P	rolling spool		
PIRA 1000	1Q20.35	P	bike wheel on incline		
PIRA 500	1Q20.50	P	"faster than ""g"""		
PIRA 1000	1Q20.51	P	"bowling ball faster than ""g"""		
PIRA 1000	1Q20.55	P	pennies on a meter stick		
PIRA 1000	1Q20.60	P	falling meter sticks - scaling		
		1Q30.00	C	Transfer of Angular Momentum		
PIRA 200	1Q30.10	P	passing the wheel		Pass a bicycle wheel back and forth to a person on a rotating stool.
PIRA 1000	1Q30.15	P	pass bags o' rice		
PIRA 500	1Q30.20	P	drop bags o' rice		
PIRA 1000	1Q30.25	P	satellite de rotator		
PIRA 1000	1Q30.30	P	catch the bag on the stool		
		1Q40.00	C	Conservation of Angular Momentu		
PIRA 200	1Q40.10	P	rotating stool and weights		Spin on a rotating stool with a dumbell in each hand.
PIRA 500	1Q40.15	P	rotating stool and long bar		
PIRA 500	1Q40.20	P	squeezatron		
PIRA 1000	1Q40.23	P	centrifugal governor		
PIRA 1000	1Q40.25	P	pulling on the whirligig		
PIRA 200	1Q40.30	P	rotating stool and bicycle wheel		Invert a spinning bike wheel while sitting on a rotating stool.
PIRA 1000	1Q40.40	P	train on a circular track		
PIRA 1000	1Q40.45	P	wheel and brake		
PIRA 1000	1Q40.50	P	pocket watch		
PIRA 1000	1Q40.60	P	sewer pipe pull		
PIRA 1000	1Q40.70	P	marbles and funnel		
PIRA 1000	1Q40.80	P	Hero's engine		
PIRA 1000	1Q40.82	P	air rotator with deflectors		
		1Q50.00	C	Gyros		
PIRA 200	1Q50.10	P	precessing disc		Spin a cardboard disc on a pencil inserted in a hole at the center and touch a finger to the rim.
PIRA 200	1Q50.20	P	bicycle wheel gyro		Spin a bicycle wheel mounted on a long axle with adjustable counterbalance.
PIRA 1000	1Q50.21	P	bike wheel on gimbals		
PIRA 1000	1Q50.23	P	bike wheel presession		
PIRA 1000	1Q50.24	P	walking the wheel		
PIRA 500	1Q50.25	P	double bike wheel gyro		
PIRA 1000	1Q50.30	P	MITAC gyro		
PIRA 1000	1Q50.31	P	ride a gyro		
PIRA 1000	1Q50.35	P	gyro in gimbals		
PIRA 1000	1Q50.40	P	suitcase gyro		
PIRA 500	1Q50.45	P	air bearing gyro		
PIRA 1000	1Q50.60	P	gyrocompass		
PIRA 1000	1Q50.70	P	stable gyros		
PIRA 1000	1Q50.72	P	ship stabilizer		
		1Q60.00	C	Rotational Stability		
PIRA 200	1Q60.10	P	bicycle wheel top		Extend the axle of a weighted bike wheel and terminate with a rubber ball.
PIRA 1000	1Q60.15	P	humming top		
PIRA 500	1Q60.30	P	tippe top		
PIRA 500	1Q60.35	P	spinning football		
PIRA 1000	1Q60.37	P	billiard ball ellipsoid		
PIRA 1000	1Q60.40	P	tossing the book		
PIRA 1000	1Q60.45	P	tossing the hammer		
PIRA 1000	1Q60.50	P	"spinning lariat, hoop, and disc"		
PIRA 1000	1Q60.51	P	spinning rod and hoop		
PIRA 1000	1Q60.80	P	static/dynamic balance		
		1R10.00	C	Hooke's Law		
PIRA 200	1R10.10	P	stretching a spring		Add masses to a pan balance and measure the deflection with a cathetometer.
PIRA 1000	1R10.20	P	strain gauge		
PIRA 1000	1R10.25	P	pull on a  horizontal spring		
		1R20.00	C	Tensile and Compressive Stress		
PIRA 200	1R20.10	P	breaking wire		Add weights to baling wire attached to the ceiling until the wire breaks.
PIRA 1000	1R20.11	P	elastic limits		
PIRA 1000	1R20.15	P	Young's modulus		
PIRA 1000	1R20.20	P	bending beam		
PIRA 1000	1R20.25	P	"sagging board

PIRA 1000	1R20.40	P	buckling tubes		
PIRA 1000	1R20.60	P	Bologna bottles		
PIRA 1000	1R20.70	P	Prince Rupert's drops		
		1R30.00	C	Shear Stress		
PIRA 1000	1R30.10	P	shear book		
PIRA 500	1R30.20	P	foam block		
PIRA 500	1R30.30	P	spring cube		
PIRA 1000	1R30.40	P	torsion rod		
		1R40.00	C	Coefficient of Restitution		
PIRA 500	1R40.10	P	bouncing balls		
PIRA 200	1R40.30	P	dead and live balls		Drop bounce and no-bounce balls.
		1R50.00	C	Crystal Structure		
PIRA 1000	1R50.20	P	crystal models		
PIRA 1000	1R50.40	P	crystal fault model		
PIRA 1000	1R50.45	P	crushing salt		
		2A10.00	C	Force of Surface Tension		
PIRA 500	2A10.10	P	sliding wire		
PIRA 1000	2A10.15	P	submerged float		
PIRA 200	2A10.20	P	floating metals		"Float needles, paperclips, rings of wire, etc. on water."
PIRA 1000	2A10.21	P	floating metal sheet		
PIRA 1000	2A10.25	P	leaky boats		
PIRA 1000	2A10.30	P	surface tension balance		
PIRA 1000	2A10.33	P	surface tension disc		
PIRA 1000	2A10.35	P	cohesion plates		
PIRA 1000	2A10.40	P	drop soap on lycopodium powder		
PIRA 500	2A10.50	P	bubbles blowing bubbles		
PIRA 1000	2A10.51	P	rubber balloons		
PIRA 500	2A10.60	P	surface tension bottle		
PIRA 1000	2A10.80	P	charge and surface tension		
		2A15.00	C	Minumal Surface		
PIRA 200	2A15.10	P	ring and thread		A loop of thread in the middle of a soap film forms a circle when  the center is popped.
PIRA 1000	2A15.20	P	soap film minimal surfaces		
PIRA 1000	2A15.21	P	catenoid soap film		
		2A20.00	C	Capillary Action		
PIRA 500	2A20.10	P	capillary tubes		
PIRA 1000	2A20.20	P	surface tension hyperbola		
PIRA 1000	2A20.35	P	capillary action		
		2A30.00	C	Surface Tension Propulsion		
PIRA 1000	2A30.10	P	surface tension boat propulsion		
PIRA 1000	2A30.30	P	mercury heart		
		2B20.00	C	Static Presssure		
PIRA 200	2B20.10	P	pressure independent of direction		Insert a rotatable thistle tube with a membrane into a beaker of water.
PIRA 1000	2B20.15	P	pressure dependent on depth		
PIRA 1000	2B20.16	P	pressure vs. depth in water and alcohol		
PIRA 500	2B20.20	P	dropping plate		
PIRA 1000	2B20.25	P	Pascal's paradox		
PIRA 1000	2B20.30	P	weigh a water column		
PIRA 1000	2B20.32	P	chicken barometer		
PIRA 1000	2B20.34	P	hydrostatic paradox - truncated cone		
PIRA 200	2B20.40	P	Pascal's vases		Six tubes of various shapes are connected to a common water reservoir.
PIRA 1000	2B20.50	P	Pascal's fountain		
PIRA 500	2B20.60	P	hydraulic press		
PIRA 1000	2B20.61	P	two syringes		
PIRA 1000	2B20.62	P	hydraulic can crusher		
PIRA 1000	2B20.65	P	garbage bag blowup		
PIRA 1000	2B20.66	P	weight on a beach ball		
PIRA 1000	2B20.70	P	compressibility of water		
PIRA 1000	2B20.71	P	water/air compression		
PIRA 500	2B20.80	P	hovercraft		
		2B30.00	C	Atmospheric Pressure		
PIRA 1000	2B30.05	P	lead bar		
PIRA 200	2B30.10	P	crush the can		"Boil water in a can and cap. As the vapor pressure is reduced by cooling, the can collapses."
PIRA 1000	2B30.15	P	crush the soda can		
PIRA 500	2B30.20	P	crush a 55 gal drum		
PIRA 1000	2B30.25	P	crush the can with vacuum pump		
PIRA 200	2B30.30	P	Magdeburg hemispheres		Evacuate Magdeburg hemispheres and try to separate them.
PIRA 1000	2B30.33	P	Magdeburg hemisphere swing		
PIRA 1000	2B30.34	P	Magdeburg tug-of-war		
PIRA 1000	2B30.36	P	suction cups		
PIRA 1000	2B30.40	P	soda straw contest		
PIRA 500	2B30.50	P	lift a stool		
PIRA 1000	2B30.55	P	adhesion plates		
PIRA 500	2B30.60	P	stick and newspaper		
PIRA 1000	2B30.70	P	vacuum bazooka		
		2B35.00	C	Measuring Pressure		
PIRA 1000	2B35.10	P	mercury barometer		
PIRA 1000	2B35.15	P	barometer in a tall bell jar		
PIRA 500	2B35.20	P	pull up a mercury barometer		
PIRA 1000	2B35.30	P	manometer		
PIRA 1000	2B35.40	P	aneroid barometer		
		2B40.00	C	Density and Buoyancy		
PIRA 200	2B40.10	P	weigh submerged block		Lower a 3 Kg block of aluminum suspended from a spring scale into water and note the new weight.
PIRA 1000	2B40.14	P	buoyant force		
PIRA 1000	2B40.15	P	finger in beaker		
PIRA 1000	2B40.18	P	board & weights		
PIRA 200	2B40.20	P	Archimedes' principle		"Suspend a pail and weight from a spring scale, lower the weight into water, collect the overflow, pour it into the pail."
PIRA 1000	2B40.25	P	battleship in a bathtub		
PIRA 1000	2B40.27	P	ship pictures full & empty		
PIRA 200	2B40.30	P	Cartesian diver		Push on a diaphram at the top of a large graduate or squeeze a stoppered whisky flask to make the diver sink.
PIRA 1000	2B40.35	P	hydrometers
PIRA 500	2B40.40	P	buoyancy of air
PIRA 1000	2B40.42	P	buoyancy balloon
PIRA 1000	2B40.43	P	helium balloon in a glass jar
PIRA 1000	2B40.44	P	helium balloon in liquid nitrogen
PIRA 1000	2B40.45	P	weight of air
PIRA 1000	2B40.53	P	"water and mercury ""U"" tube"
PIRA 1000	2B40.54	P	buoyancy in various liquids
PIRA 1000	2B40.56	P	floating square bar
PIRA 1000	2B40.59	P	density ball
PIRA 1000	2B40.60	P	hydrometer
PIRA 1000	2B40.61	P	different density woods
		2B60.00	C	"Siphons, Fountains, Pumps"
PIRA 1000	2B60.10	P	Hero's fountain
PIRA 1000	2B60.20	P	siphon
PIRA 1000	2B60.40	P	Maiotte flask and siphon
PIRA 1000	2B60.60	P	hydraulic ram		
PIRA 1000	2B60.75	P	lift pump		
		2C10.00	C	Flow Rate		
PIRA 500	2C10.10	P	velocity of efflux		
PIRA 500	2C10.20	P	uniform pressure drop		
PIRA 1000	2C10.26	P	syringe water velocity		
		2C20.00	C	Bernoulli Force		
PIRA 500	2C20.10	P	Bernoulli tubes		
PIRA 500	2C20.20	P	atomizer		
PIRA 1000	2C20.25	P	pitot tube		
PIRA 200	2C20.30	P	floating ball		A ball is suspended in an upward jet of air.
PIRA 200	2C20.35	P	funnel and ball		Support a ping pong ball by air or water streaming out of an upside-down funnel.
PIRA 1000	2C20.36	P	ball in a stream of water		
PIRA 200	2C20.40	P	lifting plate		"Air blows radially out between two plates, supporting weights hung from the bottom plate."
PIRA 1000	2C20.44	P	coin in cup		
PIRA 500	2C20.45	P	attracting sheets		
PIRA 1000	2C20.50	P	airplane wing		
PIRA 200	2C20.60	P	curve ball		"Use a ""V"" shaped launcher to throw curve balls."
PIRA 1000	2C20.70	P	Bjerknes' tube		
PIRA 500	2C20.75	P	Bernoulli pen barrel		
PIRA 1000	2C20.80	P	Flettner rotator		
		2C30.00	C	Viscosity		
PIRA 1000	2C30.10	P	viscosity disc		
PIRA 1000	2C30.25	P	viscosity of oil		
PIRA 500	2C30.50	P	"terminal velocity in water, glycerin"		
PIRA 1000	2C30.55	P	ball drop		
PIRA 500	2C30.60	P	terminal velocity - styrofoam		
PIRA 1000	2C30.65	P	terminal velocity coffee filters		
		2C40.00	C	Turbulent and Streamline Flow		
PIRA 1000	2C40.10	P	streamline flow		
PIRA 1000	2C40.25	P	Poiseuille flow		
PIRA 1000	2C40.50	P	laminar and turbulent flow		
		2C50.00	C	Vorticies		
PIRA 200	2C50.10	P	smoke ring		"Tap smoke rings out of a coffee can through a 1"" dia. hole."
PIRA 1000	2C50.15	P	vortex cannon		
PIRA 1000	2C50.20	P	liquid vortices		
PIRA 1000	2C50.30	P	tornado tube		
PIRA 1000	2C50.35	P	flame tornado		
		2C60.00	C	Non Newtonian Fluids		
PIRA 1000	2C60.20	P	density balls in beans		
PIRA 1000	2C60.30	P	cornstarch		
PIRA 1000	2C60.35	P	slime ball		
PIRA 1000	2C60.40	P	silly putty		
PIRA 1000	2C60.55	P	ketchup uzi		
		3A10.00	C	Pendula		
PIRA 200	3A10.10	P	simple pendulum		Suspend a simple pendulum from a ringstand.
PIRA 1000	3A10.14	P	4:1 pendulum		
PIRA 500	3A10.15	P	bowling ball pendulum		
PIRA 1000	3A10.17	P	different mass pendula		
PIRA 500	3A10.20	P	upside-down pendulum		
PIRA 500	3A10.30	P	torsion pendulum		
PIRA 1000	3A10.40	P	variable g pendulum		
		3A15.00	C	Physical Pendula		
PIRA 200	3A15.10	P	physical pendulum		Any distributed mass pendulum.
PIRA 500	3A15.20	P	oscillating bar		
PIRA 500	3A15.25	P	oscillating hoop		
PIRA 1000	3A15.30	P	paddle oscillator		
PIRA 500	3A15.40	P	truncated ring		
PIRA 1000	3A15.45	P	oscillating lamina		
PIRA 500	3A15.50	P	sweet spot		
PIRA 1000	3A15.57	P	sweet spot of a meter stick		
PIRA 1000	3A15.70	P	Kater's pendulum		
		3A20.00	C	Springs & Oscillators		
PIRA 200	3A20.10	P	mass on a spring		A mass oscillates slowly on a large spring.
PIRA 1000	3A20.20	P	springs in series and parallel		
PIRA 200	3A20.30	P	air track glider and spring		An air cart is attached to a single horizontal coil spring.
PIRA 1000	3A20.35	P	air track glider between springs		
PIRA 1000	3A20.40	P	roller cart and spring		
PIRA 1000	3A20.50	P	oscillating chain		
		3A40.00	C	Simple Harmonic Motion		
PIRA 200	3A40.10	P	circular motion vs. mass on a aspring		Shadow project a ball at the edge of a disc rotating at the same frequency as a mass on a spring.
PIRA 200	3A40.20	P	circular motion vs. pendulum		Shadow project a pendulum and turntable which have identical frequencies.
PIRA 1000	3A40.25	P	ball on track vs. pendulum		
PIRA 1000	3A40.30	P	arrow on the wheel		
PIRA 1000	3A40.35	P	SHM slide		
PIRA 1000	3A40.41	P	tuning fork with light		
PIRA 1000	3A40.50	P	strain gauge SHM		
PIRA 1000	3A40.65	P	phase shift disc		
		3A50.00	C	Damped Oscillators		
PIRA 500	3A50.10	P	dash pot		
PIRA 1000	3A50.20	P	damped SHM tracer		
PIRA 1000	3A50.45	P	oscillating guillotine		
		3A60.00	C	Driven Mechanical Resonance		
PIRA 200	3A60.10	P	Tacoma Narrows film		A film of the collapse of the bridge due to resonance.
PIRA 500	3A60.20	P	driven glider on air track		
PIRA 500	3A60.30	P	Barton's pendula		
PIRA 1000	3A60.31	P	resonant driven pendula		
PIRA 1000	3A60.35	P	bowling ball pendulm resonance		
PIRA 1000	3A60.40	P	driven mass on spring		
PIRA 1000	3A60.43	P	driven spring weight		
PIRA 1000	3A60.44	P	drunken sailor		
PIRA 500	3A60.50	P	resonance reeds		
PIRA 1000	3A60.55	P	driven torsion pendulum		
PIRA 1000	3A60.60	P	upside-down pendulum		
PIRA 1000	3A60.70	P	lamppost resonance		
		3A70.00	C	Coupled Oscillations		
PIRA 200	3A70.10	P	Wilberforce pendulum		Energy transfers between vertical and torsional modes.
PIRA 1000	3A70.15	P	swinging mass on a spring		
PIRA 200	3A70.20	P	coupled pendula		Hang two  or three pendula from a flexible metal frame.
PIRA 500	3A70.25	P	spring coupled pendula		
PIRA 1000	3A70.27	P	spring coupled physical pendua		
PIRA 1000	3A70.30	P	string coupled pendula		
PIRA 1000	3A70.40	P	inverted coupled pendula		
PIRA 1000	3A70.45	P	coupled masses on springs		
PIRA 1000	3A70.50	P	oscillating magnets		
		3A75.00	C	Normal Modes		
PIRA 500	3A75.10	P	coupled harmonic oscillators		
PIRA 1000	3A75.30	P	masses on a string		
PIRA 1000	3A75.40	P	bifilar pendulum modes		
		3A80.00	C	Lissajous Figures
PIRA 1000	3A80.10	P	Lissajous sand pendulum
PIRA 500	3A80.20	P	Lissajous figures - scope
PIRA 1000	3A80.40	P	Lissajous figures - laser
		3A95.00	C	Non-Linear Systems
PIRA 1000	3A95.10	P	water relaxation oscillator
PIRA 1000	3A95.20	P	wood block relaxation oscillator
PIRA 1000	3A95.33	P	pendulum with large amplitude
PIRA 1000	3A95.38	P	perodic non-simple harmonic motion
PIRA 1000	3A95.45	P	amplitude jumps
PIRA 1000	3A95.50	P	chaos systems
PIRA 1000	3A95.60	P	parametric resonance
PIRA 1000	3A95.70	P	pump a swing
PIRA 1000	3A95.80	P	parametric instability
		3B10.00	C	Transverse Pulses and Waves
PIRA 1000	3B10.05	P	the wave - transverse		
PIRA 200	3B10.10	P	pulse on a rope		Give a heavy peice of stretched rope a quick pulse.
PIRA 1000	3B10.15	P	tension dependence on wave speed		
PIRA 1000	3B10.16	P	speed of torsional waves		
PIRA 1000	3B10.17	P	speed of a slinky pulse		
PIRA 1000	3B10.18	P	speed of pulses on ropes		
PIRA 500	3B10.20	P	slinky on the table		
PIRA 1000	3B10.25	P	standing pulse		
PIRA 200	3B10.30	P	Shive (Bell Labs) wave model		"Excite a horizontal torsional wave machine by hand. The other end is open, clamped, or critically damped."
PIRA 1000	3B10.40	P	Kelvin wave apparatus		
PIRA 500	3B10.50	P	vertical rods wave model		
PIRA 1000	3B10.75	P	pendulum waves		
		3B20.00	C	Longitudinal Pulses and Waves		
PIRA 1000	3B20.05	P	the wave - longitudinal		
PIRA 200	3B20.10	P	hanging slinky		A long slinky is supported on bifilar suspension every four inches.
PIRA 1000	3B20.20	P	longitudinal wave on air track		
PIRA 1000	3B20.30	P	longitudinal wave model (PASCO)		
PIRA 1000	3B20.35	P	longitudinal wave machine		
PIRA 1000	3B20.60	P	speed of particles vs. waves		
PIRA 1000	3B20.70	P	Crova's disc		
		3B22.00	C	Standing Waves		
PIRA 200	3B22.10	P	Melde's vibrating string		Drive one end of a string over a pulley to a mass with variable frequency  SHM
PIRA 1000	3B22.15	P	three tensions standing waves		
PIRA 500	3B22.30	P	Shive /Bell Labs standing waves		
PIRA 1000	3B22.40	P	vertical vibrating bar		
PIRA 1000	3B22.50	P	slinky standing waves		
PIRA 1000	3B22.60	P	longitudinal standing waves		
PIRA 1000	3B22.70	P	soap film oscillations		
PIRA 1000	3B22.90	P	crank slide		
		3B25.00	C	Impedence and Dispersion		
PIRA 500	3B25.10	P	impedance matching - Shive model		
PIRA 1000	3B25.20	P	reflection - Shive model		
PIRA 1000	3B25.25	P	spring wave reflection		
PIRA 1000	3B25.26	P	fixed and free rope reflection		
PIRA 1000	3B25.30	P	effect of bell		
PIRA 1000	3B25.35	P	acoustic coupling with speaker		
PIRA 1000	3B25.40	P	soundboard		
PIRA 1000	3B25.50	P	dispersion in a plucked wire		
PIRA 1000	3B25.55	P	space phone (spring horn toy)		
		3B27.00	C	Compound Waves		
PIRA 1000	3B27.10	P	slinky and soda cans		
PIRA 1000	3B27.15	P	wave superposition - Shive model		
PIRA 1000	3B27.20	P	adding waves apparatus		
PIRA 1000	3B27.30	P	double pendulum beat drawer		
		3B30.00	C	Wave Properties of Sound		
PIRA 500	3B30.10	P	speed of sound by phase difference		
PIRA 500	3B30.20	P	direct speed of sound		
PIRA 200	3B30.30	P	bell in a vacuum		Pump air from a bell jar as a battery powered bell rings inside.
PIRA 1000	3B30.40	P	speaker and candle
PIRA 1000	3B30.45	P	bubbles and bugle
PIRA 1000	3B30.50	P	helium talking
PIRA 1000	3B30.55	P	sound velocity at different temperatures
PIRA 1000	3B30.60	P	speed of sound in rod and air
PIRA 1000	3B30.65	P	music box
		3B33.00	C	Phase and Group Velocity
PIRA 500	3B33.10	P	group velocity on scope
PIRA 1000	3B33.20	P	two combs
		3B35.00	C	Reflection & Refraction (Sound)
PIRA 1000	3B35.10	P	gas lens
PIRA 1000	3B35.20	P	refraction prism - CO2
PIRA 1000	3B35.30	P	parabolic reflector and  sound source
PIRA 1000	3B35.60	P	refraction of water waves
		3B39.00	C	Transfer of Energy in Waves
PIRA 1000	3B39.10	P	water wave model
PIRA 1000	3B39.20	P	dominoes		
		3B40.00	C	Doppler Effect		
PIRA 200	3B40.10	P	doppler buzzer		Swing a battery powered buzzer on a string around in a horizontal circle.
PIRA 1000	3B40.15	P	Doppler whistle		
PIRA 500	3B40.20	P	Doppler spear		
PIRA 1000	3B40.25	P	Doppler reed		
PIRA 1000	3B40.30	P	Doppler beats		
		3B45.00	C	Shock Waves		
PIRA 200	3B45.10	P	ripple tank film loops		A 3:45 film loop shows doppler effect and shock waves.
PIRA 1000	3B45.15	P	shock waves in ripple tank		
PIRA 1000	3B45.20	P	pop the champagne cork		
PIRA 1000	3B45.30	P	solition tank		
PIRA 1000	3B45.40	P	tsunami tank		
		3B50.00	C	Interference and Diffraction		
PIRA 500	3B50.10	P	ripple tank - single slit		
PIRA 500	3B50.20	P	ripple tank - two point		
PIRA 1000	3B50.25	P	ripple tank - double slit		
PIRA 500	3B50.30	P	ripple tank - film loops		
PIRA 200	3B50.40	P	Moire pattern transparencies		A double slit representation of Moire patterns from two sheets of semicircular ruled transparencies.
PIRA 1000	3B50.50	P	double slit transparency		
PIRA 1000	3B50.55	P	interference model		
		3B55.00	C	Inter. and Diff. of Sound		
PIRA 200	3B55.10	P	two speaker bar		Two speakers driven from a common source are mounted at the ends of a long bar.
PIRA 500	3B55.30	P	baffle and speaker		
PIRA 200	3B55.40	P	trombone / Quinckes' tube		"A speaker drives two tubes, one variable , that come together into a common horn."
PIRA 1000	3B55.55	P	diffraction pattern of a piston		
PIRA 1000	3B55.60	P	diffraction fence		
		3B60.00	C	Beats		
PIRA 200	3B60.10	P	beat forks		Two tuning forks differing by about 1 Hz are mounted on resonance boxes.
PIRA 1000	3B60.11	P	beat bars		
PIRA 1000	3B60.15	P	beat whistles		
PIRA 200	3B60.20	P	beats on scope		Two audio transformers are fed thru an audio interstage transformer to an oscilloscope and audio amp.
PIRA 1000	3B60.40	P	ripple tank beats		
		3B70.00	C	Coupled Resonators		
PIRA 200	3B70.10	P	coupled tuning forks		Two matched tuning forks are mounted on resonance boxes. Hit one and the other vibrates too.
PIRA 200	3B70.20	P	coupled speaker/tuning forks		Drive a tuning fork on a resonant box with a speaker.
		3C00.00	C	ACOUSTICS		
		3C10.00	C	The Ear		
PIRA 1000	3C10.10	P	model of the ear		
PIRA 500	3C10.20	P	time resolution of the ear		
PIRA 500	3C10.30	P	bone conduction		
		3C20.00	C	Pitch		
PIRA 200	3C20.10	P	range of hearing		Use an oscillator driving a good audio system to demonstrate the range of hearing.
PIRA 500	3C20.20	P	zip strips		
PIRA 500	3C20.25	P	bottle scale		
PIRA 1000	3C20.30	P	siren disc		
PIRA 1000	3C20.40	P	Savart's wheel		
		3C30.00	C	Intensity and Attenuation		
PIRA 500	3C30.20	P	dB meters and horn		
PIRA 1000	3C30.21	P	dB meter and horn		
PIRA 1000	3C30.30	P	loudness (phones and sones)		
PIRA 1000	3C30.35	P	hearing -3dB		
		3C40.00	C	Architectural Acoustics		
PIRA 500	3C40.10	P	reverberation time		
		3C50.00	C	Wave Analysis and Synthesis		
PIRA 200	3C50.10	P	Pasco Fourier synthesizer		The Pasco Fourier synthesizer allows one to build an arbitrary waveform with up to nine harmonics.
PIRA 1000	3C50.15	P	mechanical square wave generator		
PIRA 200	3C50.30	P	Helmholtz resonators and microphone		Hold a small microphone individually to a set of Helmholtz resonators.
PIRA 1000	3C50.35	P	resonance tube spectrum		
PIRA 1000	3C50.40	P	harmonic tones (vibrating string)		
PIRA 1000	3C50.50	P	noise (pink and white)		
PIRA 1000	3C50.55	P	distinguishing harmonics with the ear		
PIRA 1000	3C50.70	P	wave analysis (PASCO filter)		
PIRA 1000	3C50.80	P	spectrum analyzer		
		3C55.00	C	Music Perception and the Voice		
PIRA 1000	3C55.20	P	pitch of complex tones		
PIRA 1000	3C55.25	P	missing fundamental		
PIRA 1000	3C55.30	P	difference tones		
PIRA 1000	3C55.35	P	beats vs. difference tones		
PIRA 1000	3C55.40	P	chords		
PIRA 1000	3C55.45	P	consonance and dissonance		
PIRA 500	3C55.50	P	musical scale		
PIRA 1000	3C55.55	P	tuning forks on resonance boxes		
PIRA 1000	3C55.70	P	tone quality		
PIRA 1000	3C55.74	P	keyboard and oscilloscope		
PIRA 1000	3C55.80	P	formants		
PIRA 1000	3C55.85	P	filtered music and speech		
		3D20.00	C	Resonance in Strings		
PIRA 200	3D20.10	P	sonometer		"A sounding box with strings, tuning machines, and adjustable bridges."
PIRA 1000	3D20.20	P	modes of string oscillation on scope		
PIRA 1000	3D20.21	P	guitar and scope		
PIRA 1000	3D20.50	P	Aeolian harp		
		3D22.00	C	Stringed Instruments		
PIRA 1000	3D22.10	P	violin		
PIRA 1000	3D22.20	P	cigar box cello		
		3D30.00	C	Resonance Cavities		
PIRA 200	3D30.10	P	vertical resonance tube		Draw a glass tube out of a water bath while holding a tuning fork over one end.
PIRA 1000	3D30.15	P	resonance tube with piston		
PIRA 1000	3D30.16	P	horizontal resonance tube		
PIRA 500	3D30.20	P	open and closed tubes 256/512		
PIRA 500	3D30.35	P	bloogles/kroogah tubes		
PIRA 1000	3D30.40	P	Hemholtz resonators		
PIRA 500	3D30.50	P	Ruben's tube		
PIRA 1000	3D30.60	P	Kundt's tube		
PIRA 200	3D30.70	P	hoot tubes		A bunsen burner heats a screen in the bottom of a large open vertical tube.
PIRA 1000	3D30.74	P	variable hoot tubes		
		3D32.00	C	Air Column Instruments		
PIRA 1000	3D32.10	P	organ pipes		
PIRA 1000	3D32.20	P	organ pipes with holes		
PIRA 1000	3D32.25	P	open and closed end pipes		
PIRA 1000	3D32.30	P	slide whistle		
PIRA 1000	3D32.40	P	demonstration trumpet		
PIRA 1000	3D32.45	P	PVC instruments		
		3D40.00	C	"Resonance in Plates, Bars, Soli"		
PIRA 1000	3D40.10	P	xylophone		
PIRA 1000	3D40.11	P	rectangular bar oscillations		
PIRA 1000	3D40.12	P	high frequency metal bars		
PIRA 1000	3D40.15	P	musical sticks		
PIRA 1000	3D40.16	P	musical nails		
PIRA 200	3D40.20	P	singing rod		Hold a long aluminum rod at the midpoint and stroke with rosened fingers.
PIRA 200	3D40.30	P	Chladni plate		Strike or bow a horizontal metal plate covered with sand while touching the edge at various nodal points.
PIRA 1000	3D40.33	P	thick Chladni plate
PIRA 1000	3D40.35	P	flaming table
PIRA 500	3D40.40	P	drum head
PIRA 1000	3D40.45	P	bubble membrane modes
PIRA 1000	3D40.50	P	musical goblet
PIRA 500	3D40.55	P	shattering goblet
PIRA 1000	3D40.65	P	bull roarer
		3D42.00	C	Percussion Instruments
		3D46.00	C	Tuning Forks
PIRA 1000	3D46.16	P	tuning fork
PIRA 1000	3D46.22	P	adjustable tuning fork
		3D50.00	C	Electronic Instruments
PIRA 500	3D50.10	P	keyboards
		3E20.00	C	Loudspeakers
		3E30.00	C	Microphones
		3E40.00	C	Amplifiers		
		3E60.00	C	Recorders		
		4A10.00	C	Thermometry		
PIRA 500	4A10.10	P	various thermometers		
PIRA 1000	4A10.15	P	mercury thermometer		
PIRA 1000	4A10.20	P	Galileo's thermometer		
PIRA 1000	4A10.50	P	cholesteric liquid crystals		
		4A20.00	C	Liquid Expansion		
PIRA 500	4A20.10	P	Torchelli tube		
PIRA 1000	4A20.30	P	maximum density of water		
		4A30.00	C	Solid Expansion		
PIRA 200	4A30.10	P	bimetal strip		Strips of dissimilar metals bonded together bend when heated.
PIRA 1000	4A30.11	P	thermostat model		
PIRA 1000	4A30.15	P	wire coil thermostat - zig		
PIRA 200	4A30.20	P	balls and ring		"A ring with a set of two balls, one over and one under size. Heat the ring and lslip over both."
PIRA 500	4A30.30	P	break the bolt		
PIRA 1000	4A30.40	P	hopping discs		
PIRA 1000	4A30.50	P	expansion of quartz and glass		
PIRA 500	4A30.60	P	sagging wire		
PIRA 1000	4A30.80	P	heat rubber bands		
		4A40.00	C	Properties of Materials at Low		
PIRA 200	4A40.10	P	"lead bell, solder spring"		"Ring a  lead bell after it is frozen in liquid nitrogen, Cool a coil of solder to make a spring."
PIRA 500	4A40.15	P	solder spring		
PIRA 1000	4A40.20	P	mercury hammer		
PIRA 200	4A40.30	P	smashing rose and tube		"Cool a rose, urffer tube, or handball in a clear dewar of liquid nitrogen and smash it."
PIRA 1000	4A40.35	P	cool rubber band		
PIRA 1000	4A40.40	P	viscous alcohol		
		4A50.00	C	Liquid Helium		
		4B10.00	C	Heat Capacity and Specific Heat		
PIRA 500	4B10.10	P	water and aluminum on a hot plate		
PIRA 1000	4B10.15	P	water and oil on a hot plate		
PIRA 1000	4B10.30	P	melting wax		
PIRA 1000	4B10.60	P	Clement's and Desormes' experiment		
PIRA 1000	4B10.70	P	elastic properties of gases		
		4B20.00	C	Convection		
PIRA 200	4B20.10	P	convection tube		Heat one side of a glass tube loop filled with water and insert some ink.
PIRA 500	4B20.15	P	convection flasks		
PIRA 1000	4B20.20	P	two chimney convection box		
PIRA 1000	4B20.25	P	convection chimney with vane		
PIRA 1000	4B20.30	P	convection chimney with confetti		
PIRA 1000	4B20.40	P	convection currents projected		
PIRA 500	4B20.45	P	burn your hand		
PIRA 1000	4B20.50	P	Barnard cell		
		4B30.00	C	Conduction		
PIRA 500	4B30.10	P	conduction - dropping balls		
PIRA 1000	4B30.12	P	conduction - melting wax		
PIRA 500	4B30.15	P	melting paraffin - sliding pointer		
PIRA 1000	4B30.20	P	painted rods		
PIRA 1000	4B30.25	P	four rods - heat conduction		
PIRA 1000	4B30.30	P	copper and stainless tubes		
PIRA 1000	4B30.35	P	toilet seats		
PIRA 1000	4B30.50	P	heat propagation in a copper rod		
		4B40.00	C	Radiation		
PIRA 200	4B40.10	P	light the match		Light a match at the focus of one parabolic reflector with a heating element at the focus of another reflector.
PIRA 500	4B40.20	P	IR focusing		
PIRA 1000	4B40.30	P	Leslie's cube		
PIRA 1000	4B40.40	P	two can radiation		
PIRA 1000	4B40.50	P	selective absorption and transmission		
PIRA 1000	4B40.60	P	black and white thermometers		
		4B50.00	C	Heat Transfer Applications		
PIRA 500	4B50.10	P	four thermos bottles		
PIRA 200	4B50.20	P	boiling water in a paper cup		"Burn one paper cup, boil water in another."
PIRA 1000	4B50.25	P	water balloon and matches		
PIRA 1000	4B50.30	P	Leydenfrost effect		
PIRA 1000	4B50.35	P	finger in hot oil		
PIRA 1000	4B50.40	P	reverse Leyden frost		
PIRA 1000	4B50.60	P	greenhouse effect		
		4B60.00	C	Mechanical Equivalent of Heat		
PIRA 200	4B60.10	P	dropping lead shot		Drop a bag of lead shot is dropped several times and measure the temperature rise.
PIRA 1000	4B60.11	P	invert tube of lead		
PIRA 1000	4B60.15	P	hammer on lead		
PIRA 1000	4B60.20	P	copper barrel crank		
PIRA 1000	4B60.50	P	bow and stick		
PIRA 500	4B60.55	P	boy scout fire maker		
PIRA 1000	4B60.70	P	cork popper		
		4B70.00	C	Adiabatic Processes		
PIRA 500	4B70.10	P	fire syringe		
PIRA 500	4B70.20	P	expansion cloud chamber		
PIRA 1000	4B70.25	P	pop the cork cooling		
		4C10.00	C	PVT Surfaces		
PIRA 500	4C10.10	P	PVT surfaces		
		4C20.00	C	Phase Changes: Liquid-Solid		
PIRA 1000	4C20.10	P	supercooled water		
PIRA 500	4C20.20	P	ice bomb in liquid nitrogen		
PIRA 500	4C20.30	P	regelation		
PIRA 500	4C20.35	P	liquefying CO2		
PIRA 500	4C20.40	P	freezing liquid nitrogen		
PIRA 500	4C20.45	P	fire extinguisher		
PIRA 1000	4C20.55	P	heat of solution		
PIRA 1000	4C20.60	P	heat of crystallization		
		4C30.00	C	Phase Changes: Liquid-Gas		
PIRA 200	4C30.10	P	boiling by cooling		Cool a flask stoppered flask filled with warm water with ice until boiling starts.
PIRA 1000	4C30.15	P	boiling at reduced pressure		
PIRA 1000	4C30.25	P	geyser		
PIRA 1000	4C30.30	P	helium and CO2 balloons in liquid N2		
PIRA 1000	4C30.35	P	liquid nitrogen in a balloon		
		4C31.00	C	Cooling by Evaporation		
PIRA 500	4C31.10	P	cryophorous		
PIRA 1000	4C31.20	P	freezing by evaporation		
PIRA 200	4C31.30	P	drinking bird		"Cooling causes vapor to condense, lowering the center of gravity until the bird tips, raising the c. of g."
		4C32.00	C	Dew Point and Humidity		
PIRA 1000	4C32.10	P	sling psychrometer		
PIRA 1000	4C32.40	P	condensation nuclei		
		4C33.00	C	Vapor Pressure		
PIRA 1000	4C33.10	P	vapor pressure in barometer		
PIRA 1000	4C33.20	P	addition of vapor pressures		
PIRA 1000	4C33.30	P	vapor pressure curve for water		
PIRA 500	4C33.50	P	pulse glass		
		4C40.00	C	Sublimation		
PIRA 500	4C40.10	P	sublimation of carbon dioxide		
PIRA 1000	4C40.15	P	blow up balloon with CO2		
		4C45.00	C	Phase Changes: Solid - Solid		
PIRA 1000	4C45.10	P	phase change in iron		
PIRA 1000	4C45.30	P	polymorphism		
		4C50.00	C	Critical Point		
PIRA 500	4C50.10	P	critical point of CO2		
PIRA 1000	4C50.20	P	critical opalescence		
PIRA 1000	4C50.40	P	triple point of water cell		
		4D10.00	C	Brownian Motion		
PIRA 200	4D10.10	P	Brownian motion cell		View a smoke cell under a microscope.
PIRA 1000	4D10.20	P	Brownian motion simulator		
PIRA 1000	4D10.30	P	colloidal suspension		
PIRA 1000	4D10.40	P	Dow spheres suspension		
		4D20.00	C	Mean Free Path		
PIRA 200	4D20.10	P	Crookes' radiometer		The fake radiometer is evacuated until the mean free path is about the dimension of the system.
PIRA 1000	4D20.20	P	mean free path and pressure		
PIRA 1000	4D20.30	P	mean free path pin board		
		4D30.00	C	Kinetic Motion		
PIRA 500	4D30.10	P	Cenco kinetic theory apparatus		
PIRA 1000	4D30.11	P	big kinetic motion apparatus		
PIRA 500	4D30.20	P	molecular motion simulator		
PIRA 1000	4D30.21	P	equipartition of energy simulator		
PIRA 1000	4D30.22	P	pressure vs. volume simulator		
PIRA 1000	4D30.23	P	free expansion simulation		
PIRA 1000	4D30.24	P	temperature increase simulation		
PIRA 1000	4D30.40	P	glass beads		
PIRA 1000	4D30.60	P	flame tube viscosity		
		4D40.00	C	Molecular Dimensions		
PIRA 1000	4D40.10	P	steric and oleic acid films		
		4D50.00	C	Diffusion & Osmosis		
PIRA 500	4D50.10	P	fragrant vapor - ethyl ketone		
PIRA 1000	4D50.20	P	diffusion through porcelain		
PIRA 1000	4D50.45	P	bromine diffusion		
PIRA 1000	4D50.50	P	bromine cryophorus		
PIRA 1000	4D50.60	P	diffusion in liquids - CuSO4		
PIRA 500	4D50.70	P	permeable membrane		
PIRA 1000	4D50.80	P	osmosis simulator		
		4E00.00	C	GAS LAW		
		4E10.00	C	Constant Pressure		
PIRA 500	4E10.10	P	hot air thermometer		
PIRA 1000	4E10.11	P	thermal expansion of air		
PIRA 200	4E10.20	P	balloons in liquid nitrogen		Pour liquid nitrogen over an air filled balloon until it collapses and then let it warm up again.
		4E20.00	C	Constant Temperature		
PIRA 500	4E20.10	P	square inch syringe		
PIRA 1000	4E20.15	P	syringe and pressure gauge		
PIRA 500	4E20.20	P	Boyle's law apparatus		
PIRA 1000	4E20.30	P	Boyle's law  with tap pressure		
PIRA 1000	4E20.40	P	balloon in a vacuum		
		4E30.00	C	Constant Volume		
PIRA 200	4E30.10	P	constant volume bulb		"Immersed a bulb with an absolute pressure gauge in boiling water, ice water, and liquid nitrogen."
PIRA 1000	4E30.20	P	constant volume thermometer		
		4F10.00	C	Entropy		
PIRA 500	4F10.10	P	time reversal		
PIRA 1000	4F10.20	P	balls in a pan		
PIRA 500	4F10.30	P	Hilsh tube		
PIRA 500	4F10.40	P	dust explosion		
		4F30.00	C	Heat Cycles		
PIRA 200	4F30.10	P	Stirling engine		Show both a working stirling engine and a cutaway model.
PIRA 500	4F30.20	P	steam engine		
PIRA 1000	4F30.30	P	Hilsh tube		
PIRA 1000	4F30.40	P	refrigerator		
PIRA 1000	4F30.60	P	Nitinol engine		
PIRA 1000	4F30.70	P	rubber band engine		
		5A10.00	C	Producing Static Charge		
PIRA 200	5A10.10	P	"rods, fur, and silk"		"PVC rod and felt, acrylic rod and cellophane, with the Braun electroscope as a charge indicator"
PIRA 1000	5A10.15	P	triboelectric series		
PIRA 500	5A10.20	P	electrophorus		
PIRA 1000	5A10.30	P	electret		
PIRA 1000	5A10.35	P	equal and opposite charges		
PIRA 1000	5A10.37	P	electrostatic rod and cloth		
PIRA 1000	5A10.40	P	mercury-glass charging wand		
PIRA 1000	5A10.50	P	cyrogenic pyroelectricity		
PIRA 1000	5A10.55	P	heating and cooling tourmaline		
		5A20.00	C	Coulomb's Law		
PIRA 200	5A20.10	P	rods and pivot		"With one charged rod on a pivot, use another of the same or opposite charge to show attraction or repulsion."
PIRA 200	5A20.20	P	pith balls		Suspend two small pith balls and show either attraction or repulsion.
PIRA 1000	5A20.25	P	ping pong ball electroscope		
PIRA 1000	5A20.28	P	beer can pith balls		
PIRA 1000	5A20.30	P	mylar balloon electroscope		
PIRA 1000	5A20.32	P	electrostatic spheres on air table		
		5A22.00	C	Electrostatic Meters		
PIRA 500	5A22.10	P	Braun electroscope		
PIRA 1000	5A22.25	P	soft drink can electroscope		
PIRA 500	5A22.30	P	gold leaf electroscope		
PIRA 1000	5A22.50	P	Kelvin electrostatic voltmeter		
PIRA 1000	5A22.70	P	electrometer		
PIRA 1000	5A22.80	P	electric field mill		
		5A30.00	C	Conductors and Insulators		
PIRA 500	5A30.10	P	wire versus string		
PIRA 1000	5A30.15	P	acrylic and aluminum bars		
		5A40.00	C	Induced Charge		
PIRA 200	5A40.10	P	charging by induction		Charging by induction using two balls on stands with an electroscope for a charge indicator.
PIRA 1000	5A40.15	P	electroscope charging by induction		
PIRA 200	5A40.20	P	can attracted to charged rod		A hoop of light aluminum is attracted to a charged rod.
PIRA 1000	5A40.25	P	paper sticks on board		
PIRA 500	5A40.30	P	"2"" x 4"""		
PIRA 500	5A40.35	P	metal rod attraction		
PIRA 500	5A40.40	P	deflection of a stream of water		
PIRA 1000	5A40.60	P	electrostatic generator principles		
PIRA 500	5A40.70	P	Kelvin water dropper		
		5A50.00	C	Electrostatic Machines		
PIRA 200	5A50.10	P	Wimshurst machine		Crank a Wimshurst generator.
PIRA 1000	5A50.15	P	Toepler-Holtz machine		
PIRA 500	5A50.20	P	dirod electrostatic machine		
PIRA 200	5A50.30	P	Van de Graaff generator		Show sparks from a Van de Graaff generator to a nearby grounded ball.
PIRA 1000	5A50.31	P	Van de Graaff principles		
PIRA 1000	5A50.50	P	Franklin's electrostatic machines		
		5B10.00	C	Electric Field		
PIRA 200	5B10.10	P	hair on end		"While standing on an insulated stool, charge yourself up with a Van de Graaff generator."
PIRA 500	5B10.15	P	Van de Graaff streamers		
PIRA 200	5B10.25	P	confetti  (puffed wheat)		"Confetti (puffed wheat, styrofoam peanuts) flies off the ball of an electrostatic generator."
PIRA 1000	5B10.26	P	electrified strings		
PIRA 1000	5B10.30	P	electric chimes		
PIRA 500	5B10.35	P	electrostatic ping pong		
PIRA 500	5B10.40	P	fuzzy fur field tank		
PIRA 1000	5B10.70	P	rubber sheet field model		
		5B20.00	C	Gauss' Law		
PIRA 200	5B20.10	P	Faraday's ice pail		"With a proof plane and electroscope, show charge is on the outside of a hollow conductor."
PIRA 1000	5B20.15	P	Faraday's ice pail on electroscope		
PIRA 500	5B20.30	P	electroscope in a cage		
PIRA 1000	5B20.31	P	electroscope in a cage/Wimshurst		
PIRA 200	5B20.35	P	radio in a cage		Place a wire mesh cage over a radio.	
		5B30.00	C	Electrostatic Potential		
PIRA 500	5B30.10	P	surface charge density - balls		
PIRA 1000	5B30.20	P	charged ovoid		
PIRA 200	5B30.30	P	lightning rod		Insert a sphere and point of the same height between horizontal metal plates charged by a Wimshurst.
PIRA 500	5B30.35	P	point and ball with Van de Graaff		
PIRA 500	5B30.40	P	electric wind		
PIRA 500	5B30.50	P	pinwheel		
PIRA 500	5B30.60	P	Cottrell precipitator		
		5C10.00	C	Capacitors		
PIRA 500	5C10.10	P	sample capacitors		
PIRA 200	5C10.20	P	parallel plate capacitor		Change the spacing of a charged parallel plate capacitor while it is attached to an electroscope.
PIRA 1000	5C10.21	P	battery and separable capacitor		
PIRA 1000	5C10.30	P	dependence of capacitance on area		
PIRA 1000	5C10.35	P	rotary capacitor		
		5C20.00	C	Dielectric		
PIRA 200	5C20.10	P	capacitor with dielectrics		Insert and remove a dielectric from a charged parallel plate capacitor while it is attached to an electroscope.
PIRA 1000	5C20.17	P	helium dielectric		
PIRA 1000	5C20.20	P	force on a dielectric		
PIRA 1000	5C20.25	P	attraction of charged plates		
PIRA 200	5C20.30	P	dissectible condenser		"A capacitor is charged, disassembled, passed around, assembled, and discharged with a spark."
PIRA 1000	5C20.35	P	bound charge		
PIRA 1000	5C20.60	P	displacement current		
		5C30.00	C	Energy Stored in a Capacitor		
PIRA 1000	5C30.10	P	Leyden jar and Wimshurst		
PIRA 1000	5C30.15	P	exploding capacitor		
PIRA 200	5C30.20	P	short a capacitor		Charge a large electrolytic (5000 mfd) capacitor to 120 V and short with a screwdriver.
PIRA 200	5C30.30	P	light a bulb with a capacitor		Charge a large electroylitic capacitor and connect it to a lamp.
PIRA 1000	5C30.35	P	lifting weight with a capacitor		
PIRA 1000	5C30.40	P	series/parallel Leyden jars		
PIRA 1000	5C30.42	P	series/parallel capacitors		
PIRA 1000	5C30.50	P	Marx and Cockroft-Walton		
PIRA 1000	5C30.60	P	residual charge		
		5D00.00	C	RESISTANCE		
		5D10.00	C	Resistance Characteristics		
PIRA 500	5D10.10	P	resistor assortment		
PIRA 500	5D10.20	P	characteristic resistances		
PIRA 500	5D10.40	P	resistance model		
PIRA 1000	5D10.50	P	current model with Wimshurst		
		5D20.00	C	Resistivity and Temperature		
PIRA 200	5D20.10	P	wire coil in liquid nitrogen		A lamp glows brighter when a series resistance coil is immersed in liquid nitrogen.
PIRA 1000	5D20.15	P	flame and liquid nitrogen		
PIRA 200	5D20.20	P	iron wire in flame		Heat a coil of iron wire in series with a battery and a lamp and the lamp will dim.
PIRA 500	5D20.30	P	carbon and tungsten light bulbs		
PIRA 1000	5D20.50	P	thermistors		
PIRA 500	5D20.60	P	conduction in glass at high temp		
		5D30.00	C	Conduction in Solutions		
PIRA 500	5D30.10	P	conduction through electrolytes		
PIRA 1000	5D30.13	P	salt water string		
PIRA 1000	5D30.20	P	migration of ions		
PIRA 1000	5D30.30	P	pickle glow		
		5D40.00	C	Conduction in Gases		
PIRA 200	5D40.10	P	Jacob's ladder		A arc rises between rabbit ear electrodes attached to a high voltage transformer.
PIRA 1000	5D40.20	P	conduction of gaseous ions		
PIRA 1000	5D40.30	P	ionization by radioactivity		
PIRA 1000	5D40.40	P	conduction from a hot wire		
PIRA 1000	5D40.42	P	thermionic emisson		
PIRA 1000	5D40.50	P	neon bulb		
PIRA 1000	5D40.80	P	x-ray ionization		
		5E20.00	C	Electrolysis		
PIRA 500	5E20.10	P	electrolysis of water		
		5E30.00	C	Plating		
PIRA 1000	5E30.10	P	copper flashing of iron		
PIRA 500	5E30.20	P	electroplating copper		
PIRA 1000	5E30.40	P	silver coulomb meter		
		5E40.00	C	Cells and  Batteries		
PIRA 500	5E40.10	P	EMF dependence on electrode material		
PIRA 1000	5E40.20	P	voltaic cell		
PIRA 500	5E40.25	P	lemon battery/voltaic cell		
PIRA 500	5E40.60	P	lead acid simple battery		
PIRA 500	5E40.70	P	internal resistance of batteries		
PIRA 1000	5E40.75	P	weak and good battery		
		5E50.00	C	Thermoelectricity		
PIRA 200	5E50.10	P	thermocouple		"Two iron-copper junctions, one in ice and the other in a flame, are connected to a galvanometer."
PIRA 500	5E50.30	P	thermoelectric magnet		
PIRA 1000	5E50.60	P	Peltier effect		
		5E60.00	C	Piezoelectricity		
PIRA 500	5E60.10	P	quartz crystal scraped		
PIRA 500	5E60.20	P	piezoelectric sparker		
PIRA 1000	5E60.25	P	piezoelectric gun		
PIRA 1000	5E60.30	P	stress vs. voltage		
PIRA 1000	5E60.40	P	piezoelectric speaker		
		5F00.00	C	DC CIRCUITS		
		5F10.00	C	Ohm's Law		
PIRA 200	5F10.10	P	Ohm's law		Measure current and voltage in a simple circuit. Change the voltage or resistance.
PIRA 1000	5F10.15	P	water Ohm's law analog		
PIRA 1000	5F10.20	P	potential drop along a wire		
PIRA 1000	5F10.25	P	potential drop with Wimshurst		
		5F15.00	C	Power and Energy		
PIRA 1000	5F15.10	P	electrical equalivanet of heat		
PIRA 500	5F15.20	P	hot dog cooker		
PIRA 1000	5F15.30	P	fuse with 30v lamp		
PIRA 1000	5F15.35	P	fuse with increasing load		
PIRA 1000	5F15.40	P	voltage drops in house wires		
PIRA 1000	5F15.45	P	IR2 losses		
		5F20.00	C	Circuit Analysis		
PIRA 200	5F20.10	P	Kirchoff's voltage law		Measure the voltages around a three resistor and battery circuit.
PIRA 500	5F20.15	P	continuity of current		
PIRA 1000	5F20.20	P	superposition of current		
PIRA 1000	5F20.25	P	reciprocity		
PIRA 1000	5F20.30	P	potentiometer		
PIRA 1000	5F20.40	P	Wheatstone bridge		
PIRA 1000	5F20.45	P	light bulb Wheatstone bridge		
PIRA 200	5F20.50	P	series and parallel light bulbs		A light bulb board with switches allows configuration of several combinations of series and parallel lamps.
PIRA 1000	5F20.51	P	light bulb board - 12 V		
PIRA 1000	5F20.55	P	series and parallel resistors		
PIRA 1000	5F20.60	P	equalivanet resistance		
		5F30.00	C	RC Circuits		
PIRA 200	5F30.10	P	capacitor and light bulb		"A large lelectrolytic capacitor, a light bulb, and a 120 V dc supply in series show a long time constant."
PIRA 1000	5F30.15	P	RC time constant on galvanometer		
PIRA 500	5F30.20	P	RC time constant on scope
PIRA 1000	5F30.50	P	series and parallel capacitors
PIRA 1000	5F30.60	P	neon relaxation oscillator
		5F40.00	C	Instruments
PIRA 1000	5F40.10	P	sensitivity and resistivity of a galv.
PIRA 1000	5F40.20	P	galv. as ammeter and voltmeter
PIRA 1000	5F40.21	P	loading by voltmeter
		5G10.00	C	Magnets
PIRA 500	5G10.10	P	magnet assortment
PIRA 1000	5G10.15	P	lodestone
PIRA 1000	5G10.16	P	lodestone suspended
PIRA 500	5G10.20	P	break a magnet
PIRA 1000	5G10.30	P	Which is a magnet?
PIRA 1000	5G10.50	P	lowest energy configuration of magnets
		5G20.00	C	Magnet Domains & Magnetization
PIRA 500	5G20.10	P	Barkhausen effect		
PIRA 500	5G20.20	P	ferro-optical garnet		
PIRA 200	5G20.30	P	magnetic domain model		An array of small compass needles shows domain structures.
PIRA 1000	5G20.45	P	induced magnetic poles		
PIRA 500	5G20.50	P	pound iron bar		
PIRA 500	5G20.55	P	permalloy bar		
PIRA 1000	5G20.60	P	magnetization by current		
PIRA 1000	5G20.61	P	magnetization by contact		
PIRA 1000	5G20.62	P	demagnitization by hammering		
PIRA 500	5G20.70	P	electromagnet - lift person		
PIRA 1000	5G20.71	P	electromagnet		
PIRA 1000	5G20.72	P	large electromagnet		
PIRA 1000	5G20.75	P	retentivity		
		5G30.00	C	Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism		
PIRA 500	5G30.10	P	paramagnetism and diamagnetism		
PIRA 1000	5G30.15	P	pull the sample		
PIRA 1000	5G30.20	P	paramagnetism of liquid oxygen		
		5G40.00	C	Hysteresis		
PIRA 500	5G40.10	P	hysteresis loop on scope		
PIRA 1000	5G40.50	P	hysteresis waste heat		
		5G45.00	C	Magnetostriction and Magnetores		
PIRA 1000	5G45.10	P	magnetostrictive resonance		
PIRA 1000	5G45.30	P	magnetostriction of nickel wire		
PIRA 1000	5G45.70	P	magnetoresistance		
		5G50.00	C	Temperature and Magnetism		
PIRA 500	5G50.10	P	Curie point		
PIRA 1000	5G50.15	P	Curie nickel		
PIRA 1000	5G50.20	P	thermomagnetic motor		
PIRA 1000	5G50.25	P	dysprosium in liquid nitrogen		
PIRA 200	5G50.50	P	Meissner effect		Cool a superconductor and a magnet floats over it due to magnetic repulsion.
		5H10.00	C	Magnetic Fields		
PIRA 500	5H10.10	P	magnetic paper clip arrow		
PIRA 500	5H10.15	P	dip needle		
PIRA 200	5H10.20	P	Oersted's effect		Explore the field around a long wire with a compass needle.
PIRA 200	5H10.30	P	magnet and iron filings		Sprinkle iron filings on a glass sheet placed on top of a bar magnet.
PIRA 1000	5H10.50	P	area of contact		
PIRA 1000	5H10.55	P	gap and field strength		
PIRA 1000	5H10.60	P	shunting magnetic flux		
PIRA 1000	5H10.61	P	magnetic shielding		
PIRA 1000	5H10.65	P	magnetic screening		
		5H15.00	C	Fields and Currents		
PIRA 200	5H15.10	P	iron filings around a wire		Iron filings are sprinkled around a vertical wire running through the denter of a pexiglass sheet.
PIRA 1000	5H15.13	P	right hand rule		
PIRA 1000	5H15.15	P	Biot-Savart law animation		
PIRA 1000	5H15.20	P	parallel wires and iron filings		
PIRA 1000	5H15.25	P	anti-parallel wires and iron filings		
PIRA 200	5H15.40	P	solenoid and iron filings		A solenoid is wound through a peice of plexiglass for use with iron filings on the overhead projector.
PIRA 200	5H15.50	P	field of a toroid		Iron filings show the field of a toroid which is wound through a sheet of plexiglass.
		5H20.00	C	Forces on Magnets		
PIRA 200	5H20.10	P	magnets on a pivot		"One magnet is placed on a pivot, the other is used to attract or repel the first."
PIRA 1000	5H20.15	P	snap the lines of force		
PIRA 500	5H20.20	P	levitation magnets		
PIRA 1000	5H20.23	P	centrally levitating magnets		
PIRA 1000	5H20.24	P	linearly levitating magnets		
PIRA 1000	5H20.30	P	inverse square law		
PIRA 1000	5H20.35	P	inverse square law balance		
PIRA 1000	5H20.40	P	inverse fourth law - dipoles		
PIRA 1000	5H20.50	P	inverse seventh law - magnet/iron		
		5H25.00	C	Magnet/Electromagnet Interact.		
PIRA 1000	5H25.10	P	magnet in a coil		
PIRA 1000	5H25.20	P	jumping magnet		
PIRA 1000	5H25.25	P	force on a solenoid core		
PIRA 1000	5H25.30	P	magnetically suspended globe		
		5H30.00	C	Force on Moving Charges		
PIRA 200	5H30.10	P	cathode ray tube		Deflect the beam in an open CRT with a magnet.
PIRA 1000	5H30.15	P	bending an electron beam		
PIRA 200	5H30.20	P	e/m tube		Show the beam of the small e/m tube in Helmholtz coils on tv. A hand held magnet gives a corkscrew.
PIRA 1000	5H30.25	P	magnetic mirror		
PIRA 1000	5H30.30	P	rotating plasma		
PIRA 1000	5H30.50	P	electromagnetic pump		
PIRA 1000	5H30.55	P	ion motor		
		5H40.00	C	Force on Current in Wires		
PIRA 200	5H40.10	P	parallel wires		Long vertical parallel wires attract or repel depending on the current direction.
PIRA 200	5H40.15	P	interacting coils		Two hanging loops attract or repel depending on current direction.
PIRA 500	5H40.20	P	pinch effect simulation		
PIRA 1000	5H40.23	P	filament and magnet with AC/DC		
PIRA 1000	5H40.25	P	dancing spiral		
PIRA 200	5H40.30	P	jumping wire		A wire is placed in a horseshoe magnet and connected to a battery. The wire jumps out of the magnet.
PIRA 1000	5H40.35	P	jumping wire coil		
PIRA 1000	5H40.36	P	long wire in field
PIRA 500	5H40.40	P	current balance
PIRA 500	5H40.50	P	Barlow's wheel
PIRA 1000	5H40.70	P	Ampere's motor
		5H50.00	C	Torques on Coils
PIRA 500	5H50.10	P	model galvanometer
PIRA 1000	5H50.20	P	force on a current loop
PIRA 1000	5H50.25	P	short and long coils in field
PIRA 1000	5H50.35	P	dipole loop around long wire
PIRA 1000	5H50.45	P	spinning coil over magnet
		5J10.00	C	Self Inductance
PIRA 500	5J10.10	P	inductor assortment
PIRA 500	5J10.20	P	back EMF - light bulb
PIRA 1000	5J10.30	P	back EMF - spark
		5J20.00	C	LR Circuits
PIRA 200	5J20.10	P	RL time constant on scope		Show the RL time constant on a scope.
PIRA 200	5J20.20	P	lamps in series or parallel with ind.		Hook light bulbs in series with a large electromagnet.
		5J30.00	C	RLC Circuits - DC		
PIRA 500	5J30.10	P	RLC ringing		
		5K10.00	C	Induced Currents and Forces		
PIRA 500	5K10.10	P	sliding rail		
PIRA 500	5K10.15	P	"wire, magnet, and galvanometer"		
PIRA 1000	5K10.16	P	tape head model		
PIRA 200	5K10.20	P	"induction coil with magnet, galv."		A magnet is moved in and out of a coil of wire attached to a galvanometer.
PIRA 1000	5K10.21	P	10/20/40 coils with magnet		
PIRA 500	5K10.25	P	"coil and lamp, magnet"		
PIRA 200	5K10.30	P	induction with coils and battery		"Attach one coil to a galvanometer, another to a battery and tap switch. Use a core to increase coupling."
PIRA 1000	5K10.40	P	induction coils with core		
PIRA 1000	5K10.48	P	current coupled pendula		
PIRA 500	5K10.60	P	earth inductor		
PIRA 1000	5K10.65	P	jumping rope		
PIRA 1000	5K10.70	P	What does a voltmeter measure?		
		5K20.00	C	Eddy Currents		
PIRA 200	5K20.10	P	Eddy currents in pendulum		"A copper sheet and comb, ring and broken ring are swung through a large electromagnet."
PIRA 1000	5K20.15	P	Eddy damped pendulum		
PIRA 1000	5K20.20	P	falling aluminum sheet		
PIRA 200	5K20.25	P	magnets in Eddy tubes		"Drop a magnet and a dummy in glass and aluminum tubes, then switch. The magnet in Al  falls slowly."
PIRA 1000	5K20.26	P	Faraday repulsion coil		
PIRA 200	5K20.30	P	jumping ring		A solid aluminum ring on the vertical transformer jumps while a split ring does not.
PIRA 500	5K20.40	P	Eddy current levitator		
PIRA 1000	5K20.42	P	Arago's disk		
PIRA 1000	5K20.50	P	rotating ball		
PIRA 1000	5K20.65	P	electromagnetic can breaker		
		5K30.00	C	Transformers		
PIRA 500	5K30.10	P	wind a transformer		
PIRA 1000	5K30.13	P	salt water string		
PIRA 500	5K30.20	P	dissectible transformer/light bulb		
PIRA 1000	5K30.30	P	vertical transformer		
PIRA 1000	5K30.35	P	light underwater		
PIRA 1000	5K30.40	P	weld a nail		
PIRA 1000	5K30.60	P	reaction of a secondary on primary		
		5K40.00	C	Motors and Generators		
PIRA 1000	5K40.10	P	DC motor		
PIRA 1000	5K40.15	P	Faraday motor		
PIRA 500	5K40.20	P	DC & AC generators on galvanometer		
PIRA 500	5K40.25	P	DC & AC generators on scope		
PIRA 200	5K40.40	P	motor/generator		A large AC/DC motor/generator has both slip and split rings.
PIRA 1000	5K40.45	P	coupled motor/generator		
PIRA 200	5K40.80	P	hand crank generator		Use a hand cranked generator to light an ordinary light bulb.
PIRA 1000	5K40.83	P	bicycle generator		
PIRA 1000	5K40.85	P	generator slowed by load		
		5L00.00	C	AC CIRCUITS		
		5L10.00	C	Impedence		
PIRA 500	5L10.10	P	inductive choke		
PIRA 1000	5L10.20	P	capacitive impedance		
PIRA 1000	5L10.30	P	capacitive reactance		
		5L20.00	C	LCR Circuits - AC		
PIRA 500	5L20.10	P	RLC - phase differences		
PIRA 1000	5L20.18	P	driven LRC circuit		
PIRA 500	5L20.20	P	RLC - resonance		
		5L30.00	C	Filters and Rectifiers		
PIRA 500	5L30.10	P	bridge rectifier		
PIRA 500	5L30.20	P	blinky whirligig		
		5M10.00	C	Semiconductors		
PIRA 200	5M10.10	P	Hall voltage		Measure the transverse potential of a large rectangle of biased N-doped germanium in a magnetic field.
PIRA 1000	5M10.50	P	diode		
PIRA 1000	5M10.71	P	brillouin/compass array		
PIRA 1000	5M10.90	P	transistor amplifier		
		5M20.00	C	Tubes		
PIRA 1000	5M20.10	P	glow discharge		
PIRA 1000	5M20.20	P	special purpose discharge tubes		
		5N10.00	C	Transmission Lines and Antennas		
PIRA 1000	5N10.10	P	model transmission line		
PIRA 1000	5N10.15	P	HV line model		
PIRA 1000	5N10.20	P	model transmission line - phases		
PIRA 500	5N10.40	P	reflections in a coax		
PIRA 500	5N10.50	P	Lecher wires		
PIRA 1000	5N10.55	P	microwave standing waves		
PIRA 500	5N10.60	P	radiation from a dipole		
		5N20.00	C	Tesla Coil		
PIRA 200	5N20.10	P	induction coil		The small handheld induction coil.
PIRA 200	5N20.25	P	hand held Tesla and lamp		Light a fluorescent lamp by touching with a hand held tesla coil.
PIRA 1000	5N20.40	P	Tesla coil		
PIRA 500	5N20.50	P	glowing fluorescent lamp		
PIRA 1000	5N20.55	P	tesla coil and spinner		
PIRA 500	5N20.60	P	skin effect		
PIRA 1000	5N20.75	P	Tesla coil and spinner		
PIRA 200	5N20.80	P	Tesla coil and  pinwheel		Place a pinwheel on the secondary of a tesla coil.
		5N30.00	C	Electromagnetic Spectrum		
PIRA 200	5N30.10	P	project the spectrum		Project white light through a high dispersion prism.
PIRA 500	5N30.30	P	microwave transmitter & receiver		
PIRA 1000	5N30.50	P	IR camera and remote control device		
PIRA 1000	5N30.52	P	IR control devices		
		6000.01	C	OPTICS		
		6A01.00	C	Speed of Light		
PIRA 200	6A01.10	P	speed of light		Demonstrate speed of light by the path difference method with a fast pulser and fast oscilloscope.
PIRA 1000	6A01.20	P	speed of light - two path		
PIRA 1000	6A01.30	P	speed of light - rotating mirror
		6A02.10	C	02. Straight Line Propagation
PIRA 1000	6A02.10	P	light in a vacuum
PIRA 1000	6A02.15	P	straight line propagation - shadows
PIRA 1000	6A02.35	P	chalk dust
		6A10.00	C	Reflection From Flat Surfaces
PIRA 500	6A10.10	P	blackboard optics - plane mirror
PIRA 1000	6A10.11	P	optical disk with flat mirror
PIRA 500	6A10.15	P	laser and flat mirror
PIRA 1000	6A10.18	P	microwave reflection
PIRA 500	6A10.20	P	diffuse and specular reflection
PIRA 1000	6A10.22	P	aluminum foil reflection
PIRA 1000	6A10.25	P	ripple tank reflection
PIRA 500	6A10.30	P	corner cube
PIRA 1000	6A10.31	P	large corner cube
PIRA 1000	6A10.37	P	parity reversal in a mirror
PIRA 500	6A10.40	P	angled mirrors
PIRA 500	6A10.45	P	parallel mirrors
PIRA 500	6A10.50	P	full view mirror
PIRA 500	6A10.60	P	cold candle
PIRA 1000	6A10.65	P	half silvered mirror box
		6A20.00	C	Reflection from Curved Surfaces
PIRA 1000	6A20.10	P	blackboard optics - curved mirrors
PIRA 1000	6A20.11	P	optical disc with curved mirrors
PIRA 500	6A20.15	P	parallel lasers and curved mirrors
PIRA 1000	6A20.20	P	spherical abberation in a mirror
PIRA 500	6A20.30	P	mirror & rose
PIRA 1000	6A20.35	P	optic mirage
PIRA 500	6A20.40	P	projected arrow with mirror
PIRA 1000	6A20.41	P	projected filament with mirror
PIRA 500	6A20.45	P	convex and concave mirrors
PIRA 1000	6A20.60	P	energy at a focal point
		6A40.00	C	Refractive Index		
PIRA 500	6A40.10	P	apparent depth with TV		
PIRA 500	6A40.20	P	count fringes		
PIRA 500	6A40.30	P	Cheshire cat		
PIRA 1000	6A40.40	P	variable index of refraction tank		
PIRA 1000	6A40.45	P	mirage		
PIRA 1000	6A40.50	P	"oil, water, laser"		
PIRA 1000	6A40.60	P	Schlieren image		
PIRA 1000	6A40.70	P	short beer		
		6A42.00	C	Refraction at Flat Surfaces		
PIRA 500	6A42.10	P	blackboard optics - refraction		
PIRA 1000	6A42.11	P	optical disk with glass block		
PIRA 200	6A42.20	P	refraction tank		Rotate a beam of light in a tank of water containing some fluorescein.
PIRA 1000	6A42.21	P	Nakamara refraction tank		
PIRA 1000	6A42.30	P	refraction model - rolling		
PIRA 1000	6A42.35	P	ripple tank refraction		
PIRA 500	6A42.40	P	penny in a cup		
PIRA 1000	6A42.43	P	light in a tank		
PIRA 500	6A42.45	P	stick in the water		
PIRA 1000	6A42.47	P	acrylic/lead glass refraction		
PIRA 1000	6A42.50	P	minimum angle of deviation		
PIRA 1000	6A42.51	P	three prism stack		
PIRA 1000	6A42.55	P	paraffin prism and microwaves		
		6A44.00	C	Total Internal Reflection		
PIRA 200	6A44.10	P	blackboard optics		Multiple beams of light pass through large scale optical elements.
PIRA 1000	6A44.11	P	"optical disk with prism, semicircle"		
PIRA 500	6A44.20	P	big plastic refraction tank		
PIRA 1000	6A44.25	P	Snell's wheel		
PIRA 1000	6A44.30	P	ripple tank total int. ref.		
PIRA 200	6A44.40	P	laser and fiber optics		Shine a laser into a curved plastic rod.
PIRA 1000	6A44.41	P	optical path in fibers		
PIRA 1000	6A44.42	P	steal the signal		
PIRA 1000	6A44.45	P	water stream and light pipe		
PIRA 200	6A44.50	P	light below surface		An underwater light illuminates powder on the surface of water to form a central spot of light.
PIRA 1000	6A44.55	P	black ball turns silver		
		6A46.00	C	Rainbow		
PIRA 500	6A46.10	P	rainbow		
PIRA 1000	6A46.20	P	rainbow model		
PIRA 1000	6A46.30	P	optical disc with spherical lens		
		6A60.00	C	Thin Lens		
PIRA 500	6A60.10	P	blackboard optics - thin lens		
PIRA 1000	6A60.11	P	optical disk with thin lens		
PIRA 500	6A60.15	P	ripple tank convex lens		
PIRA 1000	6A60.16	P	ripple tank concave lens		
PIRA 500	6A60.20	P	parallel lasers and lenses		
PIRA 200	6A60.30	P	thin lens projection		Project the filament of a lamp with a thin lens.
PIRA 1000	6A60.31	P	projected arrow with lens		
PIRA 1000	6A60.35	P	lens magnification		
PIRA 1000	6A60.45	P	position of virtual image
PIRA 500	6A60.50	P	pinholes projected with a lens
PIRA 1000	6A60.60	P	paraffin lens and microwaves
		6A61.00	C	Pinhole
PIRA 1000	6A61.10	P	pinhole projection
PIRA 500	6A61.20	P	pinhole camera
		6A65.00	C	Thick Lens
PIRA 500	6A65.10	P	improving an image with a stop
PIRA 1000	6A65.15	P	optical disc - circular glass plate
PIRA 500	6A65.20	P	chromatic aberration
PIRA 500	6A65.30	P	barrel and pincushion distortion
PIRA 1000	6A65.31	P	off axis distortion
PIRA 1000	6A65.35	P	astigmatism and distortion
PIRA 500	6A65.40	P	spherical aberration
PIRA 1000	6A65.52	P	fillable air lens
PIRA 1000	6A65.70	P	Frensel lens
		6A70.00	C	Optical Instruments		
PIRA 500	6A70.10	P	microscope model		
PIRA 500	6A70.20	P	telescope models		
PIRA 500	6A70.30	P	camera model		
PIRA 1000	6A70.35	P	projector model		
		6B00.00	C	PHOTOMETRY		
		6B10.00	C	Luminosity		
PIRA 500	6B10.10	P	checker board		
PIRA 200	6B10.15	P	inverse square model		"A wire frame pyramid connects areas of 1, 4, and 16 units."
PIRA 1000	6B10.20	P	inverse square law with photometer		
PIRA 500	6B10.30	P	paraffin block photometer		
PIRA 1000	6B10.35	P	grease spot photometer		
PIRA 1000	6B10.40	P	Rumford shadow photometer		
PIRA 1000	6B10.50	P	frosted globe - surface brightness		
PIRA 1000	6B10.55	P	frosted globes		
		6B30.00	C	Radation Pressure		
PIRA 1000	6B30.10	P	radiometer - quartz fiber		
		6B40.00	C	Blackbodies		
PIRA 200	6B40.10	P	variac and light bulb		Vary the voltage to a 1 KW light bulb with a variac to show color change with temperature.
PIRA 500	6B40.20	P	hole in a box		
PIRA 1000	6B40.25	P	carbon block		
PIRA 1000	6B40.26	P	carbon rod		
PIRA 1000	6B40.40	P	X-Y spectrum recorder		
PIRA 1000	6B40.41	P	IR spectrum on galvanometer		
PIRA 1000	6B40.45	P	IR camera and projected spectrum		
PIRA 1000	6B40.50	P	IR camera and soldering iron		
PIRA 1000	6B40.55	P	project sprectrum  and change temperature		
		6C10.00	C	Diffraction Through One Slit		
PIRA 200	6C10.10	P	single slit and laser		Shine a laser beam through single slits of various sizes.
PIRA 1000	6C10.12	P	Cornell plate - single slit		
PIRA 200	6C10.15	P	adjustable slit and laser		Shine a laser beam through an adjustable slit.
PIRA 1000	6C10.20	P	two finger slit		
PIRA 1000	6C10.30	P	slit  on photodiode array		
PIRA 1000	6C10.50	P	microwave diffraction		
		6C20.00	C	Diffraction Around Objects		
PIRA 200	6C20.10	P	Arago's (Poisson's) spot		Shine a laser beam at a small ball and look at the diffraction pattern.
PIRA 500	6C20.15	P	knife edge diffraction		
PIRA 500	6C20.20	P	thin wire diffraction		
PIRA 1000	6C20.22	P	shadow of a needle		
PIRA 500	6C20.30	P	pinhole diffraction		
PIRA 1000	6C20.40	P	zone plate lens		
		6D10.00	C	Interference From Two Sources		
PIRA 1000	6D10.05	P	interference model		
PIRA 200	6D10.10	P	double slit and laser		Shine a laser beam through double slits of different widths and spacing.
PIRA 1000	6D10.11	P	Cornell plate - two slit		
PIRA 1000	6D10.15	P	double slit on X-Y recorder		
PIRA 1000	6D10.17	P	double slit on photo diode array		
PIRA 1000	6D10.20	P	microwave two slit interference		
PIRA 1000	6D10.25	P	microwave two source interference		
PIRA 1000	6D10.35	P	ripple tank incoherence		
		6D15.00	C	Interference of Polarized Light		
		6D20.00	C	Gratings		
PIRA 200	6D20.10	P	number of slits		Shine a laser beam through various numbers of slits with the same spacing.
PIRA 500	6D20.15	P	gratings and laser		
PIRA 500	6D20.20	P	projected spectra with grating		
PIRA 500	6D20.50	P	crossed gratings and laser		
PIRA 500	6D20.55	P	two dimensional gratings and laser		
PIRA 1000	6D20.56	P	regular and irregular patterns		
PIRA 1000	6D20.59	P	random multiple gratings		
		6D30.00	C	Thin Films		
PIRA 200	6D30.10	P	Newton's rings		Reflect white light off Newton's rings onto the wall.
PIRA 200	6D30.20	P	soap film interference		Reflect white light off a soap film onto a screen.
PIRA 500	6D30.30	P	air wedge		
PIRA 500	6D30.40	P	Pohl's mica sheet		
PIRA 1000	6D30.60	P	interference filters		
		6D40.00	C	Interferometers		
PIRA 200	6D40.10	P	Michelson interferometer		Use a Michelson interferometer with either laser or white light.
PIRA 1000	6D40.15	P	interference fringes with audio		
PIRA 500	6D40.20	P	microwave interferometer		
		6F00.00	C	COLOR		
		6F10.00	C	Synthesis and Analysis of Color		
PIRA 500	6F10.10	P	color box		
PIRA 500	6F10.20	P	color filters		
PIRA 1000	6F10.25	P	spinning color disc		
PIRA 1000	6F10.30	P	recombining the spectrum		
PIRA 1000	6F10.33	P	purity of the spectrum		
PIRA 1000	6F10.45	P	complementary shadow		
PIRA 1000	6F10.50	P	filtered spectrum		
PIRA 1000	6F10.55	P	band absorption spectra		
PIRA 1000	6F10.75	P	colors in spectral light		
		6F30.00	C	Dispersion		
PIRA 1000	6F30.10	P	dispersion curve of a prism		
		6F40.00	C	Scattering		
PIRA 200	6F40.10	P	sunset		Pass abeam of white light through a tank of water with scattering centers from a solution of oil in alcohol.
PIRA 1000	6F40.20	P	optical ceramics scattering		
PIRA 1000	6F40.50	P	microwave scattering		
		6H10.00	C	Dichroic Polarization		
PIRA 200	6H10.10	P	polaroids on the overhead		Show polarization with two sheets of polaroid and a pair of sunglasses on an overhead projector.
PIRA 200	6H10.20	P	microwave polarization		Hold a grid of parallel wires in a microwave beam and rotate the grid.
PIRA 500	6H10.30	P	polarization - mechanical model		
PIRA 1000	6H10.40	P	polaroids cut at 45 degrees		
		6H20.00	C	Polarization by Reflection		
PIRA 200	6H20.10	P	Brewster's angle		Rotate a polariod filter in a beam that reflects at Brewster's angle off a glass onto a screen.
PIRA 1000	6H20.15	P	microwave Brewster's angle		
PIRA 500	6H20.20	P	polarization by double reflection		
PIRA 1000	6H20.30	P	Brewster's cone		
PIRA 500	6H20.40	P	stack of plates		
		6H30.00	C	Circular Polarization		
PIRA 500	6H30.10	P	three Polaroids		
PIRA 500	6H30.30	P	barber pole		
PIRA 200	6H30.40	P	Karo syrup		Insert a tube of liquid sugar between crossed polaroids.
PIRA 1000	6H30.70	P	microwave optical rotation		
PIRA 1000	6H30.80	P	Faraday rotation		
		6H35.00	C	Birefringence		
PIRA 200	6H35.10	P	two calcite crystals		Use a second calcite crystal to show the polarization of the ordinary and extraordinary rays.
PIRA 1000	6H35.15	P	calcite and Polaroid on OH		
PIRA 1000	6H35.17	P	plexiglass birefringence		
PIRA 500	6H35.40	P	quarter wave plate		
PIRA 1000	6H35.45	P	half wave plate		
PIRA 200	6H35.50	P	stress plastic		A set of plastic shapes are bent between crossed polariods.
PIRA 1000	6H35.53	P	butterfly. etc.		
PIRA 500	6H35.55	P	cellophane between polarizers		
PIRA 1000	6H35.65	P	LCD ellement between polaroids		
		6H50.00	C	Polarization by Scattering		
PIRA 500	6H50.10	P	sunset with polarizers		
PIRA 1000	6H50.30	P	depolarization by diffuse reflection		
PIRA 1000	6H50.90	P	Haidinger's brush		
		6J00.00	C	THE EYE		
		6J10.00	C	The Eye		
PIRA 500	6J10.10	P	eye model		
PIRA 1000	6J10.30	P	blind spot		
PIRA 1000	6J10.40	P	inversion of image of retina		
PIRA 1000	6J10.80	P	resolving power of the eye		
PIRA 1000	6J10.81	P	resolving power with TV		
		6J11.00	C	Physiology		
PIRA 1000	6J11.10	P	retinal fatigue - color disc		
PIRA 1000	6J11.20	P	visual fatigue		
PIRA 1000	6J11.30	P	persistence of vision		
PIRA 1000	6J11.50	P	impossible triangles		
PIRA 1000	6J11.70	P	color blindness		
		6P00.00	C	LASERS - MOVE TO 9B62.XX		
		6Q10.00	C	Holography		
PIRA 200	6Q10.10	P	holograms		Show a hologram.
PIRA 1000	6Q10.20	P	in class holograms		
PIRA 1000	6Q12.10	P	Abbe demonstrations		
		6Q20.00	C	Physical Optics		
		7A10.00	C	Photoelectric Effect		
PIRA 200	7A10.10	P	photoelectric effect in zinc		Use UV light to discharge a clean zinc plate mounted on an electroscope.
PIRA 1000	7A10.12	P	photoelectric charging
PIRA 1000	7A10.15	P	discovery of the photoelectric effect
PIRA 500	7A10.30	P	stopping potential
PIRA 1000	7A10.35	P	photoelectric threshold
PIRA 1000	7A10.40	P	solar cells
PIRA 1000	7A10.50	P	photo conduction vs. thermopile
PIRA 1000	7A10.60	P	carrier recombination and lifetime
		7A15.00	C	Millikan Oil Drop
PIRA 1000	7A15.10	P	Millikan oil drop
PIRA 1000	7A15.20	P	Millikan oil drop model
		7A20.00	C	Compton Effect
PIRA 500	7A20.10	P	Compton effect on MCA
		7A50.00	C	Wave Mechanics
PIRA 500	7A50.10	P	optical barrier penetration
PIRA 500	7A50.20	P	microwave barrier penetration
PIRA 1000	7A50.30	P	vibrating soap film
PIRA 200	7A50.40	P	vibrating circular wire		Excite a circular wire at audio frequencies by an electromagnet drive to produce standing waves.
PIRA 1000	7A50.50	P	complementary rule		
PIRA 1000	7A50.90	P	Mermin's Bell theorem boxes		
		7A55.00	C	Particle/Wave Duality		
PIRA 1000	7A55.10	P	wave/particle sound analogy		
PIRA 1000	7A55.15	P	wave/particle model with dice		
PIRA 1000	7A55.20	P	single photon interference		
		7A60.00	C	X-ray and Electron Diffraction		
PIRA 200	7A60.10	P	electron diffraction		Rings or spots are shown with the old Welch electron diffraction tube.
PIRA 500	7A60.15	P	Miller indices		
PIRA 1000	7A60.20	P	diffraction model		
PIRA 1000	7A60.30	P	"electron ""Poisson spot"""		
PIRA 1000	7A60.40	P	field emmission electron microscope		
PIRA 500	7A60.50	P	microwave Bragg diffraction		
PIRA 1000	7A60.60	P	ripple tank Bragg diffraction		
PIRA 1000	7A60.90	P	x-ray diffraction		
PIRA 1000	7A60.95	P	sample x-ray tube		
		7A70.00	C	Condensed Matter		
PIRA 1000	7A70.10	P	Josephson junction analog		
PIRA 1000	7A70.20	P	Josephson effect simple demo		
PIRA 1000	7A70.30	P	F-center diffusion		
		7B10.00	C	Spectra		
PIRA 200	7B10.10	P	line spectra and student gratings		Have students view line sources through replica gratings.
PIRA 1000	7B10.10	P	student gratings and line sources		
PIRA 1000	7B10.15	P	line spectra with large grating		
PIRA 1000	7B10.20	P	project spectral lines		
		7B11.00	C	Absorption		
PIRA 500	7B11.10	P	sodium absorption/emission		
PIRA 1000	7B11.17	P	flame salts		
PIRA 500	7B11.20	P	spectral absorption by sodium		
PIRA 1000	7B11.25	P	flame absorption projected		
PIRA 1000	7B11.30	P	mercury vapor shadow
		7B13.00	C	Resonsance Radiation
PIRA 1000	7B13.05	P	triboluminescence
PIRA 500	7B13.10	P	iodine resonance radiation
PIRA 1000	7B13.20	P	sodium vapor beam
PIRA 1000	7B13.40	P	UV spectrum by fluorescence
PIRA 500	7B13.50	P	fluorescence and phosphorescence
PIRA 1000	7B13.55	P	luminescence
		7B20.00	C	Fine splitting
PIRA 500	7B20.10	P	Zeeman splitting with mercury
PIRA 1000	7B20.15	P	Zeeman - sodium flame in magnet
PIRA 500	7B20.20	P	Stern-Gerlach
PIRA 1000	7B20.25	P	Stern-Gerlach crystal model
PIRA 500	7B20.30	P	ESR - low field
PIRA 500	7B20.40	P	Mossbauer
PIRA 1000	7B20.45	P	Mossbauer model
		7B30.00	C	Ionization Potential		
PIRA 1000	7B30.10	P	ionization potential of mercury		
PIRA 500	7B30.20	P	Frank-Hertz		
PIRA 1000	7B30.40	P	excited states model		
		7B35.00	C	Electron Properties		
PIRA 1000	7B35.10	P	discharge at low pressures		
PIRA 1000	7B35.40	P	Maltese cross		
PIRA 1000	7B35.50	P	paddle wheel		
PIRA 1000	7B35.75	P	plasma tube		
		7B50.00	C	Atomic Models		
PIRA 500	7B50.10	P	electron orbital models		
PIRA 500	7B50.50	P	periodic chart		
		7D10.00	C	Radioactivity		
PIRA 200	7D10.10	P	gieger counter & samples		Listen to a Geiger counter when radioactive samples are tested.
PIRA 1000	7D10.15	P	coin flip half life		
PIRA 1000	7D10.20	P	half life with isotope generator
PIRA 1000	7D10.25	P	radon in the air
PIRA 1000	7D10.30	P	contamination by neutron source
PIRA 500	7D10.40	P	secular equilibrium
PIRA 1000	7D10.45	P	electrical analog of decay
PIRA 1000	7D10.50	P	dice on the overhead
PIRA 1000	7D10.55	P	coin toss half life
PIRA 500	7D10.60	P	range and absorption
PIRA 1000	7D10.80	P	cosmic rays
		7D20.00	C	Nuclear Reactions
PIRA 500	7D20.10	P	mousetraps
PIRA 1000	7D20.15	P	match chain reactions
PIRA 1000	7D20.20	P	dominoes chain reaction
		7D30.00	C	Particle Detectors
PIRA 1000	7D30.05	P	Ludlum Detectors
PIRA 1000	7D30.10	P	nixie Geiger counter
PIRA 1000	7D30.15	P	thermal neutron detector		
PIRA 500	7D30.20	P	alpha detector		
PIRA 1000	7D30.25	P	spark chamber		
PIRA 500	7D30.50	P	Wilson cloud chamber		
PIRA 200	7D30.60	P	diffusion cloud chambers		Dry ice diffusion cloud chambers.
PIRA 500	7D30.80	P	bubble chamber photographs		
		7D40.00	C	NMR		
PIRA 1000	7D40.10	P	NMR gyro model		
PIRA 500	7D40.30	P	spin echo spectrometer		
		7D50.00	C	Models of the Nucleus		
PIRA 500	7D50.10	P	Rutherford scattering		
PIRA 1000	7D50.20	P	Rutherford scattering animation		
PIRA 1000	7D50.30	P	Thompson model		
PIRA 1000	7D50.46	P	mass defect		
		7E10.00	C	Misc.		
PIRA 500	7E10.10	P	fundamental particles chart		
PIRA 1000	7E10.15	P	fundamental particles software		
		7F00.00	C	RELATIVITY		
		7F10.00	C	Special Relativity		
PIRA 1000	7F10.10	P	Lorentz transformation machine		
PIRA 1000	7F10.20	P	flow ripple tank - twin source		
PIRA 1000	7F10.25	P	foam rubber roller		
PIRA 500	7F10.60	P	Lorentz Transformation		
PIRA 500	7F10.65	P	Hewitt Film		
PIRA 1000	7F10.66	P	Majestic clockwork		
		7F20.00	C	General Relativity		
		8000	C	ASTRONOMY		
		8A10.00	C	Solar system Mechanics		
PIRA 200	8A10.10	P	Orrery model		A mechanical model of the inner planets.
PIRA 500	8A10.15	P	day & night		
PIRA 1000	8A10.20	P	local zenith		
PIRA 200	8A10.25	P	phases of the moon		View a ball illuminated by a distant light with a tv camera as the angle between the ball and light varies.
PIRA 500	8A10.30	P	eclipse models		
PIRA 1000	8A10.40	P	pinhead earth		
PIRA 1000	8A10.50	P	horizon astronomy model		
PIRA 1000	8A10.51	P	Cinhelium		
PIRA 200	8A10.55	P	retrograde motion model		Two balls  connected with a rod fixed through one ball and sliding through the other orbit on common ficus.
PIRA 1000	8A10.65	P	comet orbit		
PIRA 200	8A10.80	P	celestial sphere		A simple model celestial sphere is made from a round bottom flask. Pictures.
		8A20.00	C	Planetary Geology		
PIRA 1000	8A20.10	P	globes		
PIRA 500	8A30.10	P	cratering		
		8B10.00	C	Misc.		
PIRA 1000	8B10.10	P	variable star simulation		
PIRA 1000	8B10.20	P	stellar magnitude simulator		
PIRA 1000	8B10.40	P	forward and backward scattering		
PIRA 500	8B10.50	P	supernova core bounce		
PIRA 1000	8B10.60	P	pulsar recording		
PIRA 1000	8B10.65	P	pulsar model		
		8C00.00	C	COSMOLOGY		
		8C10.00	C	Models of the Universe		
PIRA 200	8C10.10	P	expanding universe		Pull a rubber hose threaded through five large styrofoam balls.
PIRA 1000	8C10.11	P	expanding universe on white board		
PIRA 1000	8C10.15	P	inflating balloon		
PIRA 1000	8C10.20	P	bubble universe		
PIRA 1000	8C10.30	P	galaxy model		
PIRA 1000	8C10.40	P	Klein bottle		
PIRA 1000	8C10.45	P	Moebius strip		
PIRA 1000	8C10.50	P	saddle shape		
		8C20.00	C	Black Holes		
PIRA 1000	8C20.10	P	black hole surface		
PIRA 500	8C20.20	P	membrane table
PIRA 500	8C20.40	P	gravitational lens
PIRA 500	8C20.45	P	galactic lens
		9A00.00	C	FACILITY
		9A10.00	C	Blackboard Tools
PIRA 1000	9A10.10	P	compass
PIRA 1000	9A10.12	P	protractor
PIRA 1000	9A10.31	P	angle templates
PIRA 1000	9A10.35	P	sine wave templates
		9A20.00	C	Audio
PIRA 1000	9A20.10	P	wireless microphone
PIRA 1000	9A20.11	P	multiple wireless mirophones
PIRA 1000	9A20.15	P	cord microphone
PIRA 1000	9A20.16	P	multiple cord microphones
PIRA 1000	9A20.20	P	CD player
PIRA 1000	9A20.30	P	audio cassette
PIRA 1000	9A20.40	P	phonograph
PIRA 1000	9A20.50	P	reel to reel
		9A30.00	C	Slide Projectors
PIRA 1000	9A30.05	P	mobile screen
PIRA 1000	9A30.10	P	35 mm projector
PIRA 1000	9A30.11	P	two 35 mm projectors
PIRA 1000	9A30.15	P	35 mm to go
PIRA 1000	9A30.20	P	lantern projector
		9A34.00	C	Film Projectors
PIRA 1000	9A34.10	P	16 mm projector
PIRA 1000	9A34.20	P	film loop projector
PIRA 1000	9A34.30	P	super 8 projector
PIRA 1000	9A34.35	P	8 mm projector
PIRA 1000	9A34.40	P	film strip projector
		9A36.00	C	Overhead Projectors
PIRA 1000	9A36.10	P	overhead projector
PIRA 1000	9A36.15	P	two OH projectors
PIRA 1000	9A36.30	P	write on film rolls
		9A38.00	C	Video & Computer Projection
PIRA 1000	9A38.10	P	TV table (color)
PIRA 1000	9A38.11	P	TV table  (B&W)
PIRA 1000	9A38.15	P	tripod TV (color)
PIRA 1000	9A38.16	P	tripod TV (B&W)
PIRA 1000	9A38.17	P	tripod TV  (IR)
PIRA 1000	9A38.20	P	video projector
PIRA 1000	9A38.21	P	LCD panel
PIRA 1000	9A38.22	P	color LCD panel
PIRA 1000	9A38.25	P	classroom monitors
PIRA 1000	9A38.26	P	monitor on cart
PIRA 1000	9A38.30	P	video disc
PIRA 1000	9A38.40	P	VHS tape deck
PIRA 1000	9A38.45	P	"3/4"" tape deck"
PIRA 1000	9A38.50	P	IBM clone
PIRA 1000	9A38.65	P	Mac
		9A40.00	C	Photography
		9A50.00	C	"X-Y, Chart Recorders"
		9A60.00	C	Buildings
		9A65.00	C	Museums
		9A70.00	C	Resource Books
		9A73.00	C	Unclassified Demonstrations
		9A75.00	C	Philosophy
		9A80.00	C	Films
		9A85.00	C	Computer Programs
		9B10.00	C	Timers
		9B15.00	C	Position and Velocity Detectors
		9B17.00	C	Sources of Sound
		9B18.00	C	Sound Detectors
		9B20.00	C	Circuits/Components/Inst.
		9B30.00	C	Function Generators
		9B37.00	C	Oscilloscopes
		9B40.00	C	Advanced Instruments
		9B50.00	C	Power Supplies
		9B60.00	C	Light Sources
PIRA 1000	9B60.10	P	eosin mister
		9B61.00	C	Light Paths Made Visible
		9B62.00	C	Lasers
		9B65.00	C	Microwave Apparatus
		9B90.00	C	Computer Interface
		9C10.00	C	Motors
		9C20.00	C	Pumps
		9C25.00	C	Vacuum
		9C30.00	C	Air Support
		9C35.00	C	Ripple Tank
		9C40.00	C	Other

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