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Welcome to the Photovoltaic Materials and Devices Group website at the University of Oklahoma!

The main focus of our group is to investigate novel materials and structures for next generation photovoltaic cells. Our methodology is based upon investigating the fundamental properties of new materials and systems, through various forms of optical spectroscopy and to correlate this knowledge to the operation of solar cell devices. Through this process we aim to gain a full understanding of the promise of such new materials for high-efficiency photovoltaics, determined by the physical mechanisms driving or inhibiting their operation.

Current projects performed in the group involve investigations of low-dimensional systems for third-generation PV including: quantum dot intermediate band solar cells, multi-exciton generation, and hot carrier cells. Much of the focus of this work is on narrow-gap semiconductors such as epitaxial InAs, InSb, and InN along with colloidal PbS. We, also, have a strong activity to investigate the fundamental limitations of GaInNAs materials for multi-junction solar cell applications. This work is performed in collaboration with industrial partners at Amethyst Research Inc. in Ardmore, OK.

As well as partnerships with industry, the group also collaborates strongly with the groups of Professor Santos (MBE growth), Professor Bumm (Dept. Physics), and Professor Wang (Dept. Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering) at OU. In addition, we continue fruitful partnerships with groups at the University of Oxford, and University College London (U.K.), CRHEA-CNRS, France, as well as here in the United States with groups at the Naval Research Laboratory (Washington D.C.), SUNY-Buffalo, NY and the University of Tulsa, OK.

Thank you for visiting our website - enjoy!

Dr. Ian R. Sellers (Head of Group)

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