millipede flower flower flower
flower birds on the pavilion bird starting out on the snorkel/sail cruise
Bev Wills Martin Elvis Karen Leighly Danish suger mill ruins
sunset after snorkeling refreshments after snorkeling Jo & Mike Crenshaw sunset
ionization cone off the starboard bow Martin Elvis Fred Hamann Paul Green interpretive dance
Sarah Gallagher Mike Crenshaw Patrick Ogle Nahum Arav
Katrien Steenbrugge Marianne Vestergaard Pat Hall Gordon Richards
whoops, forgot some lunches! lunch time lunch time lunch discussion
lunch discussion lunch discussion waiting for Martin to bring the projector Mike Eracleous
Mike Eracleous again Mike Eracleous yet again Anabela Goncalves Daniel Proga comments
Jack Gabel coffee break discussion poster viewing poster discussion
poster discussion Ehud Behar Darrin Casebeer coffee break
the F pavilion Doron Chelouche John Everett Guido Risaliti
Arieh Koenigl view from pavilion Francis Bay Francis Bay
fish in Francis Bay view from pavilion view from pavilion
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