First discussions in Caribbean Arrival on St. John Aneta and Guido Gilbert the house "gecko"
Seven-legged house spider Gilbert ponders his reflection Jonah catching some zzz's Karen on her early morning swim
Greetings! Nice view Big Maho bay Warp-speed internet closet
Aneta and Marianne Paola and Jonah Making the baby smile Frogs
Annaberg Nice camera View from Annaberg Paul takes a taste of the jungle
All aboard! 2 and a half poles Ready to sail Learning the ropes
Ahhhh-loooo-raahhh!! Where's the wind? Are we there yet? Nice shades
Patrick and Proga I don't need no stinkin' boat Talkin' NALs The other brave swimmer
Approaching the golden hour Going home Sunset I A well-documented sunset
Sunset II Martin Karen finally gets to relax Ahhh
Guido the magnetic field twists like so Almost home End of the day for the Allura
Jungle kitty Cabin "Low tech" workshop presentation Vino
A well-deserved round of applause Pelican enjoying the sunset After the rain - I After the rain - II
No-see-ums are No-fun Marianne and Guido chillin
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